Saul: Upheavals Are Essential

Saul via John Smallman

Many of you are feeling quite depressed as time passes and you get no personal sense of progress on your individual paths to awakening. In fact, everything seems to have come to a grinding halt. It has not; it just seems like that.

Very many of you are on Earth to be energy conduits to assist humanity and the planet in the awakening process. Being an energy conduit is very hard on your human bodies and some of you are experiencing this as extreme tiredness.

You are not alone in this, but it may well be that you have no one with whom you can talk about it, and maybe you wonder if you are not, perhaps, going a little crazy as the world around you seems to be going on as normal – crises everywhere! And everyone is operating as though nothing untoward is happening!

Behind the scenes an enormous amount of progress has been made, while the western mainstream media continue to focus on the economic troubles, the political shenanigans, and the unusual weather that many areas are experiencing. So you are getting a sense that something is up, but you want more – preferably dramatic evidence that the necessary and essential changes for your awakening are happening. Rest assured, they most certainly are, and the physical evidence is beginning to show.

Your expectations have been raised; the Golden Age is supposedly almost upon you, and yet. . . . It is difficult for you to maintain a positive attitude as you experience this sense of uncertainty, but if you will turn inwards and ask for help, you will find some peace and a reduction in your stress levels. The big push is on, and as a result the divine energy flow enveloping the planet is very intense, and all you energy conduits are in flood, hence your tiredness. You are doing great work for which you are highly honored. So hang in there – all is divinely taken care of.

A flood of divine energy is of course totally cleansing, and the cleansing that is going on is the cleansing of all the negative attitudes and behaviors with which humanity has been engaging so enthusiastically for so many eons. Those of you who can sense or see energy can indeed become aware of the cleansing.

Focus on it, and observe how effective it is. You will be able to see the shining auras of those who have released all or most of their unloving baggage as they move forwards towards their awakening, demonstrating to all around them the immense power of that divine energy flow, and encouraging all to engage with it.

This is indeed a time of great change, great upheaval. Changes that humanity has needed to make, has been implored to make, and has avoided making are now occurring anyway, because they can no longer be delayed. These upheavals are essential, and are an extremely positive sign that you are moving forwards towards your divine and heavenly destiny.

Your human condition is quite strange, in that you often know that something needs to be addressed, taken care of, resolved, and you spend much time discussing possible ways to deal with the situation – and then another situation occurs. You then move on to discuss the new one, leaving the previous one forgotten; or at least put on the back burner. And so issues mount with no sign of resolution. Tempers become frayed, and the blame game starts. Strange indeed! But now, with all the spiritual assistance flooding the planet, that is changing.

It is amazing how quickly ingrained and unloving attitudes are being released all across the world.

Humanity has been gripped by a sense of urgency, an increasing awareness that attitudes and behaviors must alter drastically or human existence will become unsupportable on Planet Earth.This awareness is growing rapidly, and quite soon even your politicians will start to become aware, as their constituents demand change more and more vociferously.

All is moving forward very satisfactorily as this awareness of the oneness of humanity – for one to live well, all must live well – spreads and spreads. The divine outcome, which was assured at the moment of separation, is coming to fruition beautifully and perfectly, just as divinely intended.

With so very much love, Saul.

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