Dr. Joshua David Stone: Spiritual Alchemy – How to Turn Negative Experiences into Positive Ones (Part 3 of 3)

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My Beloved Readers, this world we live in has everything completely backwards from the way it really is! This is because the personality and negative ego interprets the reality for mass consciousness instead of the Soul, the Higher Self, The Mighty I Am Presence, the Holy Spirit, and the Spiritual/ Melchizedek /Christ /Buddha consciousness!

Thank GOD for everything that is happening in your life! Thank Him for the opportunity to learn all these wonderful lessons! Focus on what you can do, not on what you can’t do. Focus on what you have gained, not what you have lost! Is the glass of water half empty or half full? Do you look at the donut or the hole? In 1929 the stock market crashes and one person jumps out the window of a building and commits suicide and the other person says, “Easy come easy go!”

One person goes through the Job Initiation and commits suicide! Job says, ‘Naked I come from my mother’s womb and naked shall I leave. The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, Blessed be the Name of the Lord”!

As you can see, my Beloved Readers, I love this quote! Anyone who goes through the Job Initiation is actually more blessed than the richest man or woman in the world. For in going through the Job Initiation one has “found GOD”! Do not try and make the Joe Initiation happen, for that is not the purpose of life. However, if it does happen and that is your fate even though it was not your preference, then use it for the Glory of GOD!

If you have an incurable illness then use it “For the Glory of GOD”! Then GOD will come to you at death and say to you “This is a Soul I am well pleased with, for they bore this cross to my Glory!” Remember the words of Master Jesus who said, “Be ye faithful unto Death and I will give thee a Crown of Life”!

My Beloved Readers, you are now being Spiritually challenged by Spirit and the inner plane Masters to Spiritually, mentally and emotionally perform Spiritual alchemy on whatever is going on in your life in the past, present and in the future and to turn any perceived past, present or future negative situation into a positive! Use your own GOD-given Christed mind to do this and ask for help from Spirit and the Masters to do this! GOD and the Masters will not forsake you! They will turn lemons into lemonade if you let them, and if you will co-create this with them! The most profound thing of all is that this is truly how GOD perceives the situation! All you are doing, in truth, is getting your consciousness in harmony with your God consciousness! There is not any situation that has ever occurred in the past, is occurring now, or will occur for anyone in the future, where this cannot be done! I am not saying life cannot be very tough at times. This, however, is the reason you have come! You are made of a substance stronger than anything life can throw at you and test you with. You are made of GOD! Does not the Bible say, “Ye are Gods and know it not”! Does not the Bible say, “Let this mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus”! You are fully capable of passing any test, for if you weren’t, GOD would not have sent you! Whatever is going on within you or without you, there is a Spiritual way of interpreting the situation that will bring you inner peace, that will help you to pass the Spiritual test you are going through, and will help you to find a way to use what has happened as a means for Spiritual service! If you do take this attitude and perspective as I am suggesting, towards whatever has happened to you, GOD will use it like “fire in a steel factory forges steel,” to fully transform you into a “fully Realized Christ and Realized Buddha” of the strongest and most profound nature! This is the true purpose of all that has happened to you, is happening now, or will ever happen to you! Spirit and the Masters now ask you to fully accept and take on this “Full Mantle of the Christ” and to let GOD now forge you like steel with His Spiritual tests and lessons, so you can develop the Spiritual/Christ/Buddha consciousness to such a degree of self-mastery and dedication that you will live in this world “fully God Realized” for you will have used it for this sole purpose and you will have chosen wisely! In this Spiritually poignant moment you are being asked by Spirit and the Masters to dedicate your life to this noble purpose and cause, no matter what the Spiritual tests and obstacles! If you do this you will achieve God Realization in this lifetime, you will achieve liberation from the wheel of rebirth, you will have Spiritually graduated, you will achieve the Crown of Life, You will have passed the Job Initiation, you will have fully achieved the Spiritual/Christ/Buddha consciousness, you will have transcended your negative ego/fear-based separative consciousness, and you will, my Beloved Readers, have achieved “a peace that passeth understanding”!

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