Traditional African Healing Method

By Lori Robinson

African Healing

Do what the Bushmen in Africa have done for years.

This method of obtaining optimal health is so simple you may discard the idea at first.

But don’t, because the simplest things are often the best.

Nature Cures

We all know that just being in nature can be very healing.

It’s why I go to Africa, the place for an ultimate nature fix, and blog about how we can all get more Africa inside of us.


We also know our bodies are full of free radicals from heavy metals, air pollution, chemicals, trans- fats.

We take antioxidants, remove the mercury from our teeth, eat organic… all in an effort to fight those disease causing free-radicals.

 Earths Ions

The earth is full of negative ions. And guess what negative ions are good for? Yep, fighting free radicals.

The earth’s negative ions are available for free, for the benefit of keeping us in optimal health.

So, how do we get more of what the earth has in abundance to heal us?

How do we soak up those negative ions?

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