Orin: Becoming A Source of Light

Orin via Sanaya Roman

Orin / DaBen

You are the healers, teachers, and leaders. You are here to bring through new information, ideas, healing tools, and love to whatever areas you choose to work in. You will be working in many fields, for the new consciousness needs to be built in every area of society. As you grow spiritually and awaken your inner, you will be become a source of light and awakening for others.

You, as your Higher Self, existed in higher dimensions of light before you choose to be born, To live on this planet, your higher self first created a spritual body, and this became the model that set up your chakras, meridians, and energy systems. Then your higher self drew to your spritual body your mental, emotional, and physical energy bodies.

Imagine that one day you put on many layers of shirts, trousers, and socks, then added to those several heavy sweaters and overcoats. How would you feel? This is what it feels like for your Higher Self to come into a physical body. You wonder why you feel so heavy at times! When your spirit leaves your body, you shed this shell and returning to the formless essence of your Higher Self.

Because you came from dimensions of greater spirit and light, many of you find it hard to live in the Earth dimension of matter. Some of you haven’t fully connected to your body yet and prefer to live in your mental world more than in the physical world.You may wish you could create things as quickly and easily as you can imagine them in your mind, for you have faint memories of the higher dimensions where you created things at the instant you thought of them.

As your Higher Self, you had a wide network of like-minded friends, all working together in higher purpose. Many of you came to the earth plane together as a soul-group. You may feel a moment of recognition for each other when you meet in your earth life-as if you are meeting an old friend you haven’t seen for awhile. Some of you have been working for many lifetimes upon Earth plane. Some have come only recently. You were drawn here because of the enormous opportunity these times offer to heal, teach and bring light, which gives your higher self the opportunity to grow even more radiant.

Your Higher Self knew how much courage it would take to come into the dimensions of matter-the earth plane-with its greater turbulance and leave behind the fine, clear, harmonious energies of the higher dimensions. Your Higher Self wanted the growth that comes from learning to bring the finer energies of itself into your earth life and the earth plane. Your Higher Self felt that lessons you would learn by being in the more turbulent energies of the earth would greatly add to its radiance as you learned to hold your light steadily amidst these energies.

Many of you still have faint memories of the constant love and support you had received in the higher dimensions. As a result, you may had a difficult childhood at times, feeling misunderstood or unappreciated by those around you. You may have felt the world should make more sense and that people didn’t need to feel the pain and confusion the experienced. You may have tried hard to please everyone around you, because you wanted others to feel good. You could “feel” others’ emotions and often didn’t know who you were since you became lost in their feelings. You may have even taken others’ pains and burdens as your own and tried to solve their problems for them.

You may have chosen difficult childhood because you knew it would build the strong character needed to accomplish your life purpose. When others don’t recognize you for who you are, you have the opportunity to grow by believing in yourself without needing outside vaildation. This lack of outside validation helps you become more self-sufficient and independent, allowing you to find your own directions without relying on others. It makes you more aware of what others are experiencing and develops your compassion.

As a child, you were not totally alone and unrecognized. Your parents recognized who you were to the degree that they recognized who you were. Many high beings volunteered to come as teachers or put themselves around children being born today are evolved and old souls. Those special people who come to work with children know that a few words of encouragement, a moment of recognition, and a spark of interest can awaken the incoming children of light to their purposes and increase the effectiveness of their entire lives.

You knew how strong you would be inside and the no matter what difficult situation you found yourself in, you would find a way to transform it. The first order of business for all of you has been to heal yourselves, for most of you came into vibrations and energies that were much more turbulent than those you existed in before you were born. Don’t make yourself wrong for feeling doubt, guilt, grief, or fear. Realize that these are the feelings that come with being in a physical body at this stage of mankind’s evolution.

You may have chosen to personally experience some of the areas humanity as a whole has not evolved in-such as fear or doubt-knowing that the ways you find to change them in yourself will be tools you can give to others. For every part of yourself that you bring a higher vibration, you make it easier for others to bring a similar part of themselvesand energetically available to others. Every time you love yourself or express compassion or wisdom you are making a contribution to all humanity.

You are the builders of the new. You are here to assist people in making this transition, and you can start by expanding your own consciousness, healing yourself, and getting your life’s work out to the world.

Times of turbulence, in which things are changing, offer much opportunity for growth. You might think of a bird trying to fly; if there is no current of air it is more difficult to take off. Like the bird, you just need the right amount of movement and change-turbulance-to grow. Many of you began more actively seeking your spiritual growth during times of crisis and change. Although you do not need crises to grow, many of you only make changes when things get stirred up or when the old is no olonger working as well as it used to.


Orin through Sanaya Roman

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