Dr. Joshua David Stone: How the Negative Ego Sabotages your Ability to Manifest – Part 3 of 4

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The next way the negative ego sabotages is that it creates doubt, fear, and impatience. I say to you, my Beloved Brothers and Sisters, that one of the keys to manifestion is faith, trust, and patience! You must have faith in GOD, the Masters, and GOD’s Laws that I am sharing with you! How could you own your full personal power and positive thinking and feeling, with GOD’s and the Master’s full love, wisdom and power, with the power of your subconscious mind, and with right action and applying all the insights and suggestions given in this chapter not be successful? We are not dealing here with a whimsical thing. We are dealing with Cosmic and Universal laws. If you apply them they work every time! For this reason have faith, trust and patience in GOD and GOD’s Laws! Things work a little slower on this plane than they do on the higher planes when you are not in a physical body!

Another way the negative ego sabotages your manifestation is that it makes you go on automatic pilot, and fall asleep while living your life. The negative ego makes you go unconscious and fall back into self-hypnosis. You must be conscious and aware at all times if you want to be a Spiritual master and master manifestor! The key lesson here is do not lose your “Joyous Spiritual Vigilance” against the negative ego and all its negative thoughts, images, feelings and wrong actions it would try to have you make!

Another way the negative ego blocks manifestation is that it doesn’t have you engage the emotional body in the process. Remember what I said about the subconscious mind being the powerhouse of attraction within your relationship to self. This is because it stores all the feelings and emotions. So to engage the subconscious mind you must manifest and do your Spiritual practices with Spiritual passion, enthusiasm, love, joy, happiness, and Spirit! If you are going to take the negative ego’s view that this is drudgery and just go through the motions, it is not going to work. As A Course In Miracles says, “True pleasure is serving GOD”! What else are you going to do with your time, indulge your lower-self? The negative ego has this backwards as it has everything backwards. This is not drudgery, this is living life in Praise of GOD! It is making your life a Song of GOD! It is making your life a creation like Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel!

I humbly submit to you that I work 100 times harder than the average person, and get about 100 times more done than the average person, however I never ever consider myself working. I can’t wait to get up in the morning! I can’t wait to get out of bed! The more I do my Spiritual practices and work the more energy I have! If GOD gave me a billion dollars I would be doing the exact same thing! Serving GOD is pleasure! Serving the negative ego is work! That is what is draining beyond belief! I love doing GOD’s Spiritual practices and work! I look at it, experience it and feel it as bliss, for what was once self-discipline when the negative ego, subconscious mind and emotional body were in control becomes total joy, bliss and “my cup runneth over” once one develops a habit of living as a Spiritual master and master manifestor! Practicing being a Spiritual master and master manifestor on all levels will not take away energy, it will give you infinite amounts of love, energy, joy and bliss! It will give you a “peace that passeth understanding”! It will bring you success beyond your wildest dreams and expectations in every aspect of your life!

So engage your feelings and emotions in this process, for by engaging the feeling and emotional body this engages the subconscious mind and Spiritually electrifies your whole being, which makes the manifestation infinitely stronger and faster! Look how you feel reading this chapter and entire book. This book does not put you to sleep, for it is integrated and engages Spiritual passion and enthusiasm. There is nothing worse than going to hear a speaker with no Spiritual passion! There is nothing worse than reading a dry boring booking except if you want to use it as a sleeping pill before bed! You also do not want to be a boring person. Master your feelings and emotions in service of GOD. Do not let negative ego feelings and emotions manifest within you! However, fully integrate your feeling and emotions and unconditional love, Spiritual passion, and enthusiasm, for this is a key ingredient to God Realization and a key ingredient to being a master Spiritual magnetizer and attractor!

Another way the negative ego sabotages manifestation is by not having you take care of earthly business. To manifest effectively you must get your Spiritual house in order, your psychological house in order, and your earthly house in order. This means taking care of errands, taxes, phone calls, correspondence, e-mail, faxes, and other earthly things that need doing! If you have to hire someone to help you, so be it. However, stay on top of this thing. The pursuit of excellence must be maintained on all three levels: Spiritual, psychological and earthly at all times at a 100% level to the best of your ability. Do not settle for anything less in everything you do!

The next way the negative ego sabotages this process is by not being in integrity and honesty! Remember, everything in the infinite universe is a part of GOD! So if you are not in integrity, or are dishonest or negatively selfish in your business, you are stealing from God, which is yourself! Even if you have no money, maintain your integrity, honesty, egolessness, and selflessness. “What does it profit a man that he gains the whole world but loses his own Soul”!

Another way the negative ego sabotages the manifestation process is that it tells you that you are working for self instead of GOD! This of course is the great illusion of the negative ego, as if a separate self actually existed from GOD! How can this be when all that exists was created by GOD! We all live and move and have our being within GOD; and we all are Gods! So the concept of the word “work” is an illusion. This is a word that was created by the personality and negative ego thought system. I never go to work; I go to “Service”! It does not matter what you do. You could clean toilets, or collect garbage! This is a most holy and sanctified service of GOD! The “Material Universe” is a Face of GOD as well! All cleanliness and purification on every level is a Spiritual practice! It does not matter what type of work you do, it is the attitude and perspective you take towards it! See each customer as God, which is who and what they are, and treat them as such! See yourself as God! See the process as Son and Daughter of GOD serving Son and Daughter of GOD in service of GOD! Once we become Spiritual masters the main reason for being here is to serve! Taking this attitude makes work not work, but makes work a Spiritual practice which is the joy of serving GOD and the joy of serving your Brothers and Sisters in GOD!

Another way the negative ego sabotages the manifestation process is that it makes you forget to chant the names of GOD inwardly or outwardly in your life! If your mind is always filled with GOD, then your feelings will always be filled with GOD! Then your subconscious mind will only be filled with GOD! Then your actions will only be filled with GOD! Then you will manifest only things of GOD! Let life be a joyous song of love and praise to GOD! In your free time, or if a negative thought, image or feeling tries to get in, push it out, and immediately start chanting the names of GOD! You will find these listed in my books The Golden Book of Melchizedek: How To Become An Integrated Christ/Buddha in this lifetime, and in my book The Complete Ascension Manual. There is a larger list in the first book I mentioned! This is a most wonderful practice that many Westerners don’t think about. The names of GOD can also be put to music in the forms of devotional songs or bhajans! One of the total keys to manifestation I am sharing here is the importance of keeping the mind and attention steady in the Light! What manifests in life is where you put your attention! Keep your attention only on GOD, only on Love, only on the Light! When temptation or negativity arise, one of the many tools I am presenting here is to inwardly or outwardly chant one of the many names or mantras of GOD, which will keep the mind where it needs to be! For as I said before, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop! This bears repeating! Chanting the names of GOD can be an invaluable and joyous Spiritual tool!

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