DL Zeta: Meltdowns, New Focus Identities and Evolving-Door Realities: Answering Spirit’s Call to World Service

By DL Zeta

DL Zeta

It has been said we are never given a challenge we don’t have the resources to handle. While it is wise to have faith in one’s self, it also helps to understand the inner workings of consciousness that allow us to move through seeming obstacles with ease, confidence and grace of spirit.

This understanding is especially helpful now as we encounter unparalleled winds of change carrying us to new and uncharted realms of our being where we daily come face to face with situations that seem to stretch us to the limit. During times of quantum change, we may experience major underpinnings of our lives falling away. Relationships may end, careers crash to a screeching halt; other life circumstances may transform themselves with such speed and precision it is as if the road ahead of us crumbles before our eyes.

It is good to know at such times that our present-moment self does not have to know how to navigate unprecedented change; all that is needed is a willingness to work with parts of ourselves that already know how to traverse the realities we encounter.

 New Manifestations Incubate Accompanying Focus Identities
By the time a situation turns up in your life, you are equipped and ready to embrace it. That is, by the time a scenario emerges into physical reality, there is an “accompanying energetic field” incubating an aspect of your consciousness that is well-versed in the new reality. This aspect of your being is growing and gaining strength and fully ready to guide you through a new and unknown timeline.

Anytime you manifest a new reality, you are simultaneously incubating a facet of your being that is aligned with this impending manifestation. During this time of rapidly-shifting realities, you will find this to be more true than ever before. Remember this when it seems the world you have known is crumbling around you. When something is de-magnetized from your field of energy, you step into the ensuing void and wonder what’s next. You may ask yourself how you will cope with unexpected dissolution of familiar touchstones. Thoughts along these lines swirl in your mind. There is no need to panic, judge yourself or blame others. If something or someone is leaving your life, it is a given that you yourself have been leaving all along. If you examine how this may be the case, you will find answers and clues.

Inside a place of “no-thing-ness”, you’ll meet the aspect of yourself that has been gaining traction and strength “behind the scenes”, so to speak, and is now ready to illuminate the way ahead. This aspect naturally knows the steps to take, has insight into the nature of this change, including why it’s taking place, and the opportunities it contains. Merge with this identity. Allow this aspect of yourself to guide you through the coming days and weeks.

Even the Noblest Path of Service must Evolve

The fact that something is de-magnetized from your life is not a sign that there’s something wrong with it. Even when you are following the noblest, most fulfilling path of service, there will come a day when this path falls by the wayside. This often happens as a new spiritual contract is activated, calling you to new experiences, challenges, realizations and understandings.

Each person passes through many variations and frequencies of their spiritual purpose; each person experiences an “evolving door” of life experiences so they can grow, expand and come to know new facets of their being. This constant growth and expansion is the nature and purpose of life itself.

Many now are experiencing quantum growth and change due to the amping up of energies. These changes may seem to test us beyond our ability to cope. In fact, shakeups and meltdowns are increasingly common as old ideas about who we are dissolve, leading to a sense of loss and broken-ness. At times it may seem that a part of us is dying; in a sense, our old identity self is fading to make way for the new. To release the “pressure valve,” embrace, allow, and accept these feelings. If you are experiencing a building of tensions and stress beyond what you previously perceived to be your capacity to endure, ask yourself if there are any areas where you are resisting change or attempting to hold onto old identities and ways of being. Resistance will magnify any tension we are feeling; acceptance will magnify the blessings and opportunities of this time.

Stepping into Expanded Venues for World Servers

Some lightworkers feel responsible for the well-being of those they have served and for this reason may resist the idea of leaving them behind. In fact, even as one willingly moves into new areas, new lightworkers step forward to serve in their place. Those of you who have served as healers, teachers, seers, wayshowers and guides may find yourselves called to share what you have learned in a broader forum. This sharing will be in venues such as writing, online sharing, workshops and even interdimensional settings. By sharing what we have learned, we create a space for other world servers to step into. In this way, each person who needs assistance is served and each person who needs to serve answers a call for assistance.

It is not that you are leaving those you have served. When we answer spirit’s call for evolution and growth, we follow the soul’s path of expansion. When we do what makes our heart sing, we serve the highest good of all. Your greatest strengths, your greatest gift to share is the gift of your life working. This can only happen when you follow spirit’s constant call to serve and grow and to step into spaces of greater joy, love and bliss – feeling states that only come when we are divinely centered on the chosen path of our soul.
For more on identity shifts, see Timeline and Identity Shifts: the New Science of Reality Creation by DL Zeta

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