Sentinels: New Codes are Now Sweeping Across Planet Earth

Sentinels via Karen Doonan

We come to guide and support as new levels of coding now sweeps across planet earth. These new codes will begin to awaken those who are here to move the human race into the new consciousness to a new way of BEing. In essence it will allow more FREEdom of BEing and will see projects get underway. There is more to the new world than a new way of BEing and that will be shown in technicolour as new systems and new ways of living are created and shared across planet earth.

We are fully aware that some of this has been guided previously and that humans expect things to happen at a certain rate of production. We draw your attention most firmly to the expectation and we guide for you to release ALL expectations. To try to second guess a new world is to limit and to contain and that was the reason that expectations have been presented to your race. We ask for you to move beyond this to allow the creation of all that you desire to manifest from WITHIN YOU.

That which is experienced on planet earth is governed by expectation and thoughts, so tightly controlled were the thoughts and expectations of the human race that many have given up believing the distortion that they are not in control. As the new energies flood the planet and begin to loosen up and dissolve that which has been implanted into human consciousness this will be shown for the limiting factors it is in TRUTH.

It is important to realise fully that YOU create, YOU create from the dreamworld and from deep within. That which you focus on will be brought into creation. The ability for the human race to dissolve the chains in which they have lived is exceedingly high, in fact the ability to do this has increased dramatically. It is YOU of the human race who has created this new world by dreaming it into creation. Now we ask that you dissolve the remainder of the chains that were placed within your energy systems to allow for further creation and expansion.

There is no limit to what you can achieve and we guide this will be shown to YOU clearly over the coming weeks and months. The ability to move in vibration is increasing and many of the symptoms that are beginning to be experienced are down to huge shifts. To come into balance and harmony we ask that you go within and that you TRUST and have FAITH in SELF.

The beginning of a new life was always to be considered strange and unfamiliar to the human race for YOUrs is a race that has been denied the excitement of the new. Wrapped in the veils of distortion you have been led to believe that change is something to fear and something to distrust. That distortion must be dissolved in order that you embrace that which is now unfolding across the planet earth and within the universe for the universe is taking steps to welcome you with open arms.

The dissolving and disintegration of the systems in place on planet earth will continue. We ask that you allow the dissolving of that which no longer serves to take place and do not try to blindly hold on to the “familiar” due to anxiety over the “new”. This is what has always been foretold on your planet, the stories that are embedded in your culture talk of the new golden age and we guide it is unfolding before your very eyes. It is not something that is happening TO YOU as much as THROUGH YOU for YOU control each aspect of this unfolding. The more that you can release and the more you can embrace the new higher energies the more smoothly the process will unfold within your individual life journeys.

It is to be remembered dear ones that this was a journey that was chosen by your SOUL on incarnation. The knowledge of what that journey may contain was never disclosed in full, thatis part of the expansion and growth of the human race. To know that the outcome would be something unexpected would not be told to the SOUL, it would know only that this was a timeline and dimension of VAST energetic change. This allows freedom to the SOUL to expand and grow at will for ALL BEings within this universe are on a path of Ascension. All are moving and shifting as well as the human race.

It is to be also remembered that ALL ARE ONE, therefore the changes within the human race also affect all races and realms. They have watched as the human race has fought against its jailers and fought against the control that has been implanted. Now with the new expansion codes anchored within the planet this fight has been won. That which was fought against has been dissolved and the chance to move into harmony fully with the human race is now presented.

The races and realms are in awe of the ability of human kind to move at the pace it has done, the expansion has been impressive and many are now moving into place to further guide and support on a personal level. As the veils are dissolved the ability to communicate directly with those around you increase dramatically. There are what are termed intermediary BEings on planet earth, these are in human form and able to communicate at will with all races and realms in the universe. These are the forerunners to the human race in general as the human race remembers this ability they will begin to step back.

In the opening months and years of the new world these intermediaries will prepare the human race in all ways for what is coming into BEing. They are sometimes called wayshowers by your peoples but they are moved beyond this. Our channel is what is termed an intermediary, she holds the keys and codes to communicate with all realms and all races within the universe and beyond. She will share this information and ways of BEing across the planet earth as required.

She is one of many and they will begin to find and to work with one another in due course. This is necessary to move the human race out of the need to rely on the teachings that were implanted for they contain distortion and cannot be carried forward into the new world.

We are the SENTINELS and we are here to guide and to support. Many questions now arise within the human race and thoee questions will be addressed in due course. For the moment we ask for YOU to walk in TRUST and FAITH of SELF. BEing able to KNOW SELF is a skill that will be needed for those who will walk on the new earth. The ability to discern TRUTH a vital skill on a new planet with new ideas and new ways of BEing.

We guide in relation now to those who have left the new world, those who made the decision to stay in the 3D world that was create FOR them. The ability to dream will be available to ALL on planet earth, there is no governing body that will stop the dreams of those who are in 3D, it is not allowed, FREEDOM is the birthright of all BEings in the universe. We draw your attention to the ability of ALL to dream to explain the reasons for the chaos and the drama that will begin to play out across the planet by those who have chosen to stay in the 3D landscape.

It is not as simple as identifying the 3D humans and not interacting for ALL share a planet, all that is different is the VIBRATION of those who share the planet. Do you understand our guidance? It may be relatively easy for those who have made the choice vibrationally to interact with those of a lower vibration for a number of reasons and it is to be noted that this is an ability that must be honed. To allow your vibration to rise and fall at will is not the way

forward for it will create drama as the two vibrations work to stabilise. We guide for ALL to be mindful when interacting with others in their lives to begin with. Hence the need to KNOW SELF. For when YOU KNOW SELF then the interacting is smoother. To be able to note when your vibration is moving and shifting and when drama is trying to take hold allows for you to move into observer mode, this takes you out of the drama and shows you the teachings that are trying to take hold.

It may be a confusing time for many but the confusion will lessen the more work is done internally to find balance and harmony. Please note dear ones you are no longer the puppets of a race that sought to contain and suppress. You are now akin to toddlers beginning to walk. It is accepted that sometimes in the learning to walk process toddlers will fall down but they get back up again and retry. We guide this to you so that you are aware of this analogy. We do not expect the human race to begin to run before it has learned to walk and to create at will.

The transition stage may be a long one for many but there is no rush for all is perfect dear ones. Take the necessary tools and work with them for they are yours to work with. The abilities that you look to others to show you are available within you, the knowledge is within YOU. It may take time to work through the layers of teachings but underneath them all YOU are a vast BEing of light.

We ask for you to remain in LOVE, to remain in balance and to remain in TRUST. A deep part of SELF KNOWS that all is perfect. To find that deep part of SELF begin to get to know that which is within. For many walk with skills they are unaware of, such is the teachings of the old earth that exploration of the within was never encouraged. We guide for you to look at this and to question this. Why would you be pulled out of SELF and not encouraged to go within?

The race that sought to contain and suppress knew to cloak YOU from you and to keep you in the dark, the darkness is now illuminated and we guide for you to allow your eyes to become accustomed to the new light that is sweeping across the planet. It is not possible to change something that is not seen and we guide for you to anchor this. Do not fall into the lower energetic frequencies when you identify a teaching that is playing out within you. Embrace the knowledge that showed you the teaching and work to dissolve it. LOVE and compassion are the companions that you require on this journey into SELF.

We will guide more as needed and requested by the peoples of planet earth. Enjoy the process dear ones for you have reached beyond the veils and discovered TRUTH. We send the LOVE that IS to wrap itself around you and for you to pour through YOU, for LOVE IS.

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