El Morya: There is Divine Intervention All Around You Now

El Morya via Bella Capozzi


☽  There is Divine intervention all around you now, though in your current state of awareness it is often difficult to perceive.  This assistance comes in many forms, be it in the form of a warning, a sudden rush of love, a bright new idea or a remembrance.  You carry with you the assorted memories of many lives lived constrained within the guise of the human person, and it is now that these recollections are beginning to surface.   They come in varied forms; dreams, passing sparks of recognition, a moment of deja vu.  Expect that this shall happen in the days and months to come, as this is a pleasant byproduct of the dismantling of the walls between us.  Expect it and it will never knock you far off from your center.  Yes, you are weary.  Weary of the constant battles and the illusion of being separate from Creation.  Remember that the more you seek the knowledge locked within, the more your heart shall heal.  Some of what you are to learn about yourselves shall bring your heart to singing, while others shall test you and require much reflection and self-forgiveness.  But do keep in mind that each chapter of your story is an essential lesson that you yourself made the decision to learn.  Know that even though you may not see us or feel our presence, you are surrounded at all times by loving Angels and Masters who are at the ready to soothe you and lift your spirits high.  We come in large numbers, into your field of awareness, in order to aid and assist you in these final stages of your incarnational experience;  to strengthen your resolve to see it through.

☽  You have worked for this over the course of many millennia, and the time is soon upon you to reap the benefits of all of your sacrifice and hard work.  And thus the final stages commence.  June marks the halfway point in the year of 2012, and this is a point in which it is appropriate to take a step back and assess the progress we, all of us collectively, have made.  It is a time for all secrecy and mystery to fall aside and make way for clear communication and interaction among all the existing Realms, both within, upon and outside of  the body of Earth.  Yes, take heart that you are not alone.  You never are, nor ever were.  You have always worked in harmony with many.  Speak our names and we are instantly beside you.  Reach out to us and we enfold you in our warm embrace.  There are no battle-scars so angry that our powers of love cannot heal them.  However dark the day, never for a moment should you think you are abandoned.

☽  You must know that you are beings of great bravery and power.  Many sought to be where you are today, yet just a fraction were considered strong enough to take on even the simplest act you perform each day.  This work is crushing to the soul at times and you are buckling under from exhaustion.  The Realm of the Masters is here to work with you in these last days, throughout the culmination of your mission.  We dwell not upon some lofty perch, my friends.  We have lived the lives you’ve lived.   We have walked the walk and played the game-and for that matter, not so very long ago!  How well we understand what you are going through, and this, firsthand.  Use us as a sounding board for all of your ideas and concerns, and allow us to assist you when you are faced with difficult decisions.  Make good use of our expertise. There is nothing out there facing you,  that we have not encountered in our own human lifetimes.  I implore you never to lose sight of your goal.  Be steadfast in your faith.  You are ascending.  So now it is time to open your hearts to your beloved Mother Gaia.  To help her ascend and guide her gently upwards to her rightful place in the 5th dimension.  The time is now upon us when both you and she shall reach for the stars.  Let us do this together, shall we?
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