Hilarion: These Times Require Complete Self Honesty

Hilarion via Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

May 27, 2012


Beloved Ones,

This is a time for deep inner contemplation and the discerning of that which still exists within yourselves that no longer serves the Path you have chosen.

These times require complete self honesty and the making of further choices that will set free that which has not been resolved to this time.

Many times it is in One’s perspective that the change has to take place and when clarity comes, it is usually when One has let go of the need to know the definitive answer and just allow what was and is, in One’s current situation with acceptance.

The road before you becomes ever narrower in terms of what must be done and conversely, it broadens your horizons as to possibilities. Many of you have been juggling your personal relationship issues with your deep desire for greater God connection and this has created inner conflict – for when One is faced with the sacrifice of all that One holds dear in order to connect to God within, it is most difficult to take that step.

We say the times of martyrdom are over. It is not always necessary to effect drastic changes in your life in order to progress on your Path of Ascension.

If One would look at the issues with greater detachment and a sense of deep Love, a way can be opened to have both. Some Souls are not meant to be in the front lines but rather to live gently in harmony and joy with those whom they love.

The time of sacrifices such as was required in days of old are no longer necessary; all that is necessary is a heart based desire for deeper communion with the God within and for a deeper communion with those who support you in your daily living. The important thing is to establish and maintain balance between both desires.

God expresses through you in every moment and every facet of your life. It is God who speaks through you, acts through you and if you can bring this realization fully forward in consciousness, you can give yourselves permission to have the best outcomes for yourselves and for your Loved Ones through the Grace of God’s love for you all.

This is what is being asked of you in these times, to come together in love, peace and harmony, to express the higher qualities within you and by your example, inspiring others to do the same. A life well lived is a life of Mastery.

Find your passion and focus on this and all else shall fall into place in Divine order. If it fills you with joy and enthusiasm, then do it and the good feelings it brings out from within you by following your heart’s desire will bless you and those around you each day.

Love is the greatest force in the Universes and miracles can and do occur when this force is employed. Love one another as God loves you and all will be well.

The outer ego will try to dissuade you from pursuing the higher aspects and attributes because that was its role of protection in your life, but in these new times, the ego must be loved into wholeness and fully integrated with all aspects of yourselves.

To fully integrate with your higher aspects, your human ego requires your love and compassion too.

Until next week….

I AM Hilarion

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