Melchizedek: Listen, You Can Hear the Crystalline Grids Hum in Harmony with the Universe

Melchizedek via Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana

April 10, 2012

Beloved Ones,

We wish to impart to you the need and necessity of maintaining grounding into the Earth during these times as the higher energies continue to flow through every particle of sentient life upon your planet, for it is most important to be fully present and awake within your incredibly made biological computer system that you know as your physical body.

It is important to take charge and to find the tools necessary to keep awake in the coming days. The changes within your bodies are increasing and opening up pathways that have not been used since the beginning times.

Everything upon your planet is in the process of transformation and transmutation as you already know and each of you is an integral part of this process, for as you create change within yourselves and in your daily lives, so too, you create change within the larger fields surrounding your planet.

Spend as much time as you can outdoors amongst the trees, the flora and the fauna. Sit on rocks, touch and commune with all that surrounds you, for all is alive and is a part of you. Learn to focus on one thought at a time so that in every moment of Now, you experience connection to the crystalline grid that is gearing up and vibrating at an ever higher rate of speed.

All is quickening and opening to you now. The very air that you breathe is filled with particles of Light substance that is in alignment with the higher frequencies that your planet now emits. If you take the time to listen, you can hear the crystalline grids hum in tune and in harmony with the Universe.

Allow yourselves to become a part of this flow, for it is in this way that your biological form is informed and kept alerted to the changing tides of energy. Learn to tune into the crystalline grid, Beloved Ones.

Follow your instinctive inclinations no matter how your human mind questions your actions. You are embarking upon a path that has never before opened and the possibilities and potentials are ripe for the picking.

Become absolutely clear on what you want in your life as what you want will now manifest for you in surprising quickness and wonderful synchronicity. We caution you to be careful what you ask for, that all your thoughts be focused on achieving and experiencing your highest good with harm to none.

We say this for we see that many of you are still immersed in bringing into balance within yourselves the opposing forces that have been challenging you on a daily basis.

These forces exist in the field of thought that surrounds the Earth that holds the thoughtforms of Humanity from times long past to the present. As this field encounters the greater Light substance, it creates friction and can create imbalance within your biological systems.

Each of you is acutely sensitive to the energetic flows that occur around you and so you pick up this friction within your own system. It is difficult, we know, to discern which energies are your own and which energies belong to this field of thoughtforms that is swirling around you.

By your adherence to your disciplines of bringing greater Light substance into your own fields, you are assisting in the transformation and transmutation of the larger field to which every Human on Earth is connected and affected by.

Together, your efforts are creating new fields that are supportive of all that you are striving towards. All that you do and all that you are as you move about your daily activities has an effect upon this new field.

This is where the friction can be felt as opposing forces, for your powerful thoughts are transmuting the ages old thoughtforms that have kept Humanity in bondage to the cycling effects of these old paradigm ways of thinking. You are creating change. You are the change makers.

Remember this as you continue upon the path that you have chosen. This is why you endure and persist in your efforts. This is the reason you are here upon this planet.

You have the ability, you have the inner resources and tools within you and as you use them, wondrous changes are wrought in the greater fields of energy. We encourage you and support you in your efforts and together, we are making a huge difference in unison with the Divine Plan for your planet.

I AM Melchizedek

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