Message from the Ashtar Command March 28th, 2012

Ashtar Command via Greg Giles

We would like to revise history here, and that is the purpose of our mission. There were events in your past that saw the destruction of an entire continent and millions of lives lost in this catastrophe. It is our intention to replay this event, but this time we wish to achieve a different outcome. This is the basis for our presence here in you world, and as we move forward more of what we intend to do will be revealed to you. As more information is shared with you, you will understand better your reasons for being here as well.

Many lives were lost when your planet experienced great seismic activity and your oceans became mountains of water rushing over continents. What we intend to do is prepare your planet and your people for these events this time, and spare as many lives as possible from these consequences. We have a plan and we have greatly advanced technologies than what you possess today here in your world, and we will share these technologies with you to better prepare you at this time for this seismic activity which again will result in rising sea levels. There is no reason to panic or be fearful. Instead, this is a time to remain balanced, calm and courageous, as together we will work to prepare your world for these eventualities. In time, we will disclose our plans for your people and give everyone an opportunity to prepare themselves for these seismic events. Everyone, with no exceptions, will be given the opportunity to relocate to what we refer to as safe zones.

These safe zones will be scattered around your planet and they will be accessible through technological means that we will reveal to you at the proper time. Once within these safe zones you will be safe from harm’s way as your planet restructures herself for her new beginning as a 5th dimensional world. When these events culminate and your planet rises in her frequency, you will be free to leave these safe zones and behold your new home within the higher realms. There will be plenty of notice and time given each of you to relocate to these safe zones, and there will be proper housing facilities available to all of you which will be provided through the advanced technologies that we have come here to share with you. These areas will be safe harbors for you and your family, and no harm will come to you as long as you remain within these boundaries during these seismic upheavals.

Great care has gone into the planning for these events, and again we wish you to understand there is nothing to fear and we do not wish to create a panic. We feel the time has come for you to begin to understand better the events of your year of 2012 and why we are here. You, our Lightworkers in the field, will be called upon to do your best to maintain the calm of your brothers and sisters. This is one of the more important reasons you are here incarnated within the human vessel at this time. As the beings you are, you will be able to remain calm, and we wish for you to act as Wayshowers to lead your fellow humans and to demonstrate for them that there is no reason to panic or fear these events.

These events are necessary on several different levels and they must transpire. There is no choice in that matter, but how you as an individual and you as a people live through these events is a matter of choice, and we are here to offer you one of those choices. We offer you the opportunity to triumph over these events by coming together as one without fear, without panic, and courageously face these changing times knowing that what awaits you on the other side is glorious and the new beginning that so many of you understand is necessary for your race and civilization.

We wish you to understand that events like these do happen from time to time throughout this universe due to many different contributing factors. The factors that are the cause of this event to come have been contributed to by the damage that has been done to this planet in the name of profit and greed. Your planet has been harmed in ways that can only be repaired by breaking out of her current 3rd dimensional shell and being birthed anew like the morning sun. This will happen within this calendar year of 2012, and we wish to have the relocation programs completed before these seismic events begin to grow powerful enough to cause widespread damage and flooding.

Looking at our timeline we would say that we would like to have your populations relocated to the safe zones by fall of this year. This will give us time to introduce ourselves to your people and build an adequate trust between ourselves before the initiation of these relocation programs, and we will make announcements through your media outlets once they are freed from the control of your dark Cabal. These announcements and explanations of these geophysical events will be broadcast repeatedly for months until we are satisfied that everyone around your planet has received adequate notification. We, of course, have alternative means to reach individuals without access to popular media, and we will see to it that everyone around your planet has access to this information in one way or another.

For now we ask you, our Lightworkers, to discuss with your family and friends your understanding of these events to come. We wish you to do this without causing any panic and to do your best to explain these events without causing them to fear them in any way. We understand that this will not be possible with all the individuals you speak to about this, and we ask you to do your best to calm their fears and assure them that there is an evacuation plan and there are dedicated teams of very large numbers who are highly trained and very capable to carry out these migrations that will ensure the safety of everyone willing to participate. We foresee there will be those who refuse our help, and we must honor their free will choice to experience these events the way they wish to. We cannot and will not force anyone to relocate from wherever they are. We can only offer our assistance, our advice, our expertise and our help. This is all we can do, and we will not do anymore.

There will be those who see these events and our plans to relocate you to safe zones as some kind of trickery or deception in some way. There will be debates among you about whether to trust us or not, and we say to you to rely on your intuition and your inner guidance and follow where this inner voice leads you. Whether this voice leads you to the safe zones, or this inner voice convinces you that this is all part of some evil plot, we will honor your decisions. These will be challenging times for you, we wish to make that clear, but we also wish you to know that we see this as a wonderful opportunity for all of the people of your world to come together in support of each other, in assistance to each other and in love for each other, and triumph over these adversities. What awaits you beyond these challenges will be a glorious new beginning for you, and you will emerge into your new home together as one.

We wish to say that we see these events as humanity’s shining moment, and we have confidence that you will triumph over any challenge set before you. You have all gone through so much through your many incarnations, and we see these events as one last challenge for you to conquer before the blessings of Heaven are bestowed upon you. We are here to assist you, and together there is no challenge that can defeat us. Fear is your biggest obstacle now, and only fear can stand in the way of you and your new world. We have shared with you how we felt fear would play such a large role in the coming days, and it is here that fear will present its greatest challenge for many of you. It is your task to overcome any fear you may have, and it is your mission to help others overcome fears that they may succumb to.

Many of you have trained extensively over many lifetimes to be of service in these challenging times, and you will be called to the forefront to put all your training and your gifts to use in service to your brothers and sisters of your world. We ask you to be there for others and be a pillar of strength and calm reassurance through these challenging times. We will begin our announcements in the days ahead and it is here upon these initial announcements that fear will present its greatest challenge for many of your world, and so it is here that we ask you to rise to the occasion and do what it is you do best.

We see these events and how you will triumph over them as the guiding light that will shine upon your new world. This event will be eternalized within your history books, your artwork and your song for eons of time to come, and all future humanity will learn of the birthing of your new Earth and of the men and women who came together and made it all possible. This will be the story of the creation of your new world, and each of you will play a starring role in your saga.

We are your Family of Light from the stars.

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  1. What if I am not a lightworker? What happens to me?

  2. This message has caused quite a stir in the light worker community. I personally do NOT resonate with this message, at ALL. And there are others saying the same.

    Basically this messages makes it sound like we have to choose between going to an ET run FEMA camp or be destroyed. I don’t see any more catastrophic earth changes, and we’ve been told by others that there will be no catastrophic earth changes. It’s not part of Gaia’s plans.

    This message is not in alignment with divine plan or what’s been stated by other sources. All of this source’s previous messages were about things changing for the better, and all of a sudden we get this kind of message out of left field. This is why I really urge discernment with channeled messages.

    I really look forward to the time when channeled messages are passe and not needed.

  3. 1st April 2012 Sweden
    The first question i have for Greg Giles is, 1)Do you honestly believe that it would be the intention of our Family of Light from the stars to replay the event of the destruction of an entire continent? My sources inform me that the so called destruction of an entire planet is a huge exaggeration. ( It is true that millions died.)
    2) How come in one breath you speak of “seismic activity which will cause rising sea levels” and in the next breath you say “together we will work to prepare your world for ” these eventualities “.??
    3)It sounds like people everywhere will be relocating to safe havens in your interpretation of things? I too believe that there may be parts of Gaia where people will be offered to relocate if necessary but definitely not on the entire planet. Wisdom Keeper Keisha Crother ” Little Grandmother” has about 75 million Internet followers worldwide. Keisha is one of 12 Wisdom Keepers working on Gaia at this time and I have no doubt that the other 11 are working equally as hard as K in their Parts of the World. Over the past 18 months Keisha has mentioned the” Time of the Shift “and said something to the effect of ” At that time we should gather together with our families at home (One of our homes ? unless informed to relocate) and we should relax and have fun ,play games with our children, simply be together in love at that time until we know it is safe to “go out “as there might be some 3 ? days of darkness” Personally i have gathered stones and shells already on a beach on Crete last October to bring along in case we need to relocate so that myself and my 2 year old grand daughter can play with (mostly me as I seem to be the most childish of the 2 of us, she will be 3 in July and is already teaching herselt to read since she was 2 yr and 4 mths.)
    4) Greg you say that ” these events are necessary on several levels and they MUST TEANSPIRE. !!??”AND YOU ADD ! ” THERE IS NO CHOICE IN THAT MATTER.”.?
    I am sorry Greg but in my book only Mother and Father Divine ( God ) knows what events will transpire. Neither our Beloved Archangels Michael, Metatron, Gabriel, Urial, and many others, nor our Beloved Ascended Masters such as Jesus Christ Sananda, Jogananda, St Germaine,and many others, nor for that matter the Ashtar Command, Grener on the Neptune, SanJaSka and othersknow exactly WHAT will transpire. The reason thet do not is that as we have been informed time and time again the following.
    As the collective Light rises each day on our Beloved Mother Gaia ( Who is a very very revered Sentient Being ) the Light rises from sources Within and Without and not in least from the rising Light from all of our Greater I am`s as we maturein the realisation of who we are. As this Light grows in intensity the need for seismic upheavels etc,decreases.
    Gaia our Beloved Mother is relaxing more each day as she assimilates more each day of our feelings of love for her.
    5) Finally as for discussing “these events?? that we do not know will even happen” with our friends and family, well I for one will not be doing so.
    The attempts i have already made to even explain to people in general (and i am good at explaining things) that we are in the middle of an Ascension process on our planet right now, are not exactly met with enthusiasm.? Why ? I believe that people in general right now are extremely busy with their own lives.WHICH INDEED THEY SHOULD BE .People are going through major changes in their lives, their relationships,their feelings, their Hearts. In other words they are going through the Ascension Process, as we all are.
    A few days ago I wrote a few pages info on the FACTS I knew about re Bank resignations, probable arrests etc claiming by my own deductions that by Midsummer ( big celebration here in Sweden ca 21 st June) there would no longer be room on our amazing planet for con artists, deceptors, fraud, etc in the Financial World and not in least ther will no longer be room for CORRUPTION like that going on in places like Tchad and other African countries, Russia, China,and in Syria (with ROBOT leader) I also told my colleagues that Our Star Family were nearby, and that they should check out CROP CIRCLE vides on U-Tube and likewise B Obama´s “State of Union speech. If Cabal had any power Obama would be dead.! I WAS NEARLY FIRED SOMEONE COMPLAINED !! Imagine if i had told them to prepare to relocate !?
    luckily my bridges are not completely burnt for future ev;”needs” Sorry Greg i´m not interested in any news from Ashtar Command via you.Zumi in Sweden.

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