Ashtar Command February 22nd, 2012

Ashtar Command via Greg Giles

Care is called for at this time as we proceed with the many plans to free your world from your oppressors. The speed at which these events proceed is not important at this time, although we do strive to maintain forward momentum as we push ahead with the many scheduled phases of this, as well as other aspects of the overall plan. We see we remain on schedule, and we also foresee no delays to this operation. Remain ever patient as you will experience the fruition of this plan, as we will not permit any obstacles to stand in our way.

Many of you are waiting to see action, and it is action you shall see. By now many of you know what is asked of you, but these tasks do bear repeating. Please look after your fellow human family members as many may experience fear and confusion upon seeing so many political and financial figures taken into custody simultaneously and also in rapid succession. The arrests will climb high into your political arenas, and it is here where we foresee the bulk of those who fear suffering a greater emotional toll.
No one and no office within your world governments are off-limits, and legal indictments have already been prepared against some of your most powerful political figures. They will be taken into custody just as anyone who commits a crime against another has in your legal systems, and they will enjoy no luxuries due to their alleged stature or wealth. They will be removed from their offices and positions within your governments and financial systems and will be arraigned in a court of law at which time the charges against them will be made known to them and to the public as well. You are the victims in these cases, and therefore you will be kept abreast each and every step of the way throughout these prosecutions.
We ask you to assist to spread the news of these pending arrests as to strengthen the impact of what they will mean to the people of your world. It is not overestimating these connected events when declaring humanity will finally be free from the tyrannical rule of those who have oppressed you for so very long. We see this day as your true Independence Day, and we see this day replacing in stature many of your current holidays which may have little to do with important matters of your world. This day will be remembered and celebrated by all throughout your world no matter one’s nationality or religious background, making this a truly global holiday celebration.
Many of you are impatient at this time awaiting action, and we say to you action is what you will see. You will not be let down in this regard, as nothing can or will delay these proceedings any longer. We see a date when you can begin to witness these events for yourself, and on this day this is what you will see. Get ready, as this day is not far off.
“What then?” many of you are asking. Upon these arrests we, along with our allies, will begin the next phase of the overall operation which is to make our presence known to all of your planet who will not turn a blind eye to us. We have a very meticulous plan that we see successfully reaching its desired outcome, and upon our readings that a suitable number of you understand who we are and why we are here, we will immediately proceed with the next phase of the operation which is the landings of many of our ships and personnel that will interface with you, the people of Earth.
These introductions are necessary as many projects must get underway and it is you that will be undertaking them, with our assistance. These projects must be completed according to a restrictive time schedule, so as you can see we must begin these series of events as soon as is possible.
Remain vigilant, for these arrests will be the catalyst for the many events to quickly follow. There will not be long delays between each successive project, as once the Cabal is obliterated there will never be a reason for us to slow our progress in any way. You will witness a meticulously laid plan unfolding with precision each day throughout the rest of this year leading up to your ascension, and it is your ascension that necessitates the undertaking of many of these projects.
Many of you will be taking a hands-on approach to many of these projects, and we look forward to working with you in the near days ahead. There is much to do and as we said little time to do it, so prepare yourselves for your new careers with us, the Ashtar Command. We have been journeying throughout this universe on missions of peace and liberation for many eons, and through our travels and work we have enlisted many beings from throughout the cosmos who share our passion to assist worlds in their times of need.
Not all of our crewmembers and officers are of the humanlike species, and many of you will soon be meeting many different beings from many different star systems. Some of these beings will appear quite different to you and even sometimes what you have least imagined. We say to you that all the members of the Ashtar Command are ascended beings, which is only accomplished through love and spiritual understanding. There is never a reason for you to be fearful or concerned with your safety when interacting with any of these beings, and you will find that many different beings interact not only professionally, but socially as well, and many close friends have been made throughout our command.
We look forward to enlisting humans from your planet to join us as new recruits ready to begin your new careers that many of you may find quite satisfying in so many different areas. We also look forward to welcoming back some of our crewmembers who have incarnated into the physical to carry out their duties as our agents in the field. Your positions and stations await your return, and your careers will pick up just where they left off no matter how long it is that you have been gone.
The Ashtar Command plans to see humanity’s ascension through, and remain here with you for a time afterwards ensuring the safety and well-being of the newly ascended human. Upon the decision that our work here is done we will move on as there are many other worlds that can benefit from our assistance. We will never be far from you, and possess the means to travel back to these universal coordinates in quick time. Many of you who will become members of our team will continue to call this planet your home and you will have the opportunity to travel back here for visits and rest and relaxation.
You will also have the ability to visit many other planets throughout this universe with your fellow crewmembers, and we feel you may enjoy these trips very much as well. There exists such a blessing of variety throughout this universe and there is something for everyone no matter what your particular tastes may be. There are sandy beaches and snowy mountains and everything in between. There are scarcely populated locales as well as bustling communities if this better suits your liking. Your adventure will only be beginning once we make contact with you as a new life and a new career awaits you.
This moment is just up ahead as events are moments away from unfolding in blissful excitement. Your buildup of anticipation has been long, and this also suits a very important purpose. All has been for a reason, and we see many of you understand this clearly. Your experience every step of the way has been carefully designed and implemented, and this is just as true for these last years and months as it ever was. As a matter of fact, your recent history has been more meticulously orchestrated than any other time in your history. Nothing has been left to chance, and nothing about your experience has been overlooked.
Some of you may feel certain aspects of your recent experience has been nothing more than a waiting game, but we assure you that it is we who have been waiting on you. As we have often made very clear, it is your world and it is up to you. We are assisting, this is all we have been permitted to do and we cannot overstep our bounds. We await you to reach certain levels of understanding and consciousness, and we also await certain actions to be undertaken by you. Upon the reaching of these milestones, we can then assist you to reach another.
At this present time we are focused on the arrests of the men and women of the criminal Cabal and we await the actions of our human Earth allies in the field. Again, you’re not waiting on us or our signal that it is time to proceed. This signal has been given by all parties involved, terrestrial, as well as extraterrestrial, and we see the successful implementation of this carefully laid plan at any moment. We hope you enjoy this moment, you assuredly earned it, and as we have said, this event is merely the beginning as the fireworks will continue unrelenting for many months to come.
Your world will experience wonderful advancements throughout this period in your history and your world today will barely resemble your new Galactic society we will begin to create together. This would surely be a wonderful and exciting time to be here, and this is why many of you chose to be here today. You felt it was worth all what you knew you would have to endure to reach this point, and yet you made the decision without hesitation. This is what awaits you dear ones.
It is quite appropriate for you to display a childlike expectation of excitement, as this will all be new to you and you have not experienced anything new such as this since you were a child. Feel free to enjoy this moment and celebrate it, for it has taken you many long years to get here and you have earned every part of it. Enjoy this moment, for it is your moment, as each and every one of you has contributed to your journey in one way or another. Your achievement has truly been a team effort, and all deserve to take part in your celebration.
We are your Family of Light from the stars.
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