Archangel Michael: Ascension Draws Near

Meredith Murphy via Archangel Michael

Telepathic Transmission – 1 February 2012

The Energy this Month will Flow in Waves

The energy this month may fool you.  It will let you believe you are opening to Oneness and then it will lead you into a new configuration in which you will feel a bit like you can’t feel your connection to things.  Don’t be concerned about these waves of experience; you are being substantially upgraded this month and with each alteration to your structure, your energetic interfaces to Gaia, your higher-self, the crystalline Earth grid, to your soul family and other versions of you, are being enlarged and elevated.

You will discover with each shift that takes place that you exist as a more refined expression of you.  You will feel very much like you!  Just continually enlarged, expanded and dare I say it: improved.  Not that you are actually improved upon, which is not necessary, but your experience will get better and so you will feel an improved life expression here on Planet Earth.

As Your Vibration Rises New Currents of YOU Will Arise in Your Awareness

Doorways to infinite time are leading you into an expanded convergence with key lifetimes in your own experience.  These particular aspects of your Higher Self are relevant fragments to the whole that you wished to tap into here and now.  It is the current of these aspects of experience that will increase in your awareness, and clarify your ability to live as the purpose you intended upon entering this particular time/space location, or this Earth game. And it is with increased capacity to understand and liberate your own energy to flow into this purpose that you will find yourself entering the second quarter of this year.

You Are Being Drawn into Synchronized Movement

You are in a particular arc right now which leads you to the March Equinox. The precession of the Equinoxes and the Solstices is becoming increasingly obvious as catalyst points in your experience, and thus the movement to and from these alignments, creates certain types of openings and change and you each are beginning to realize the depth of this as your alignment with Gaia grows closer.

Your connection to Gaia, the sentience which holds your planet in her energy field, is your ticket to ascension.  It is this, combined with a desire to live an authentic, love-filled life, which aligns you with the ascension timeline.  Once you are clearly in this state of being, the focus you elevates your vibration. This higher vibration makes new information and knowing available and initiates bodily and energetic changes supporting your ascension.  There are many who may not realize they are participating in this, yet who are indeed heart-centered and opening just as you are. Realize this and celebrate the fullness of humanity that are indeed transitioning into this new band of energy as it unfolds and becomes manifest.

Be Your Own Authority for Caring for Your Body-Temple

Infinite time is important to you because it allows you to realize the innate well-being of your vessel in harmony with the galactic forces of light that you are one with and which are coherently also aligned with the Earth’s ascension.  It is imperative that you allow your body to transcend it’s prior ways of being and to listen to the urges that it creates within you.  Diet and rest, hydration and movement, limberness and relaxation–all of these are important in supporting your body as it integrates huge waves of energy.  If your body was to assimilate all of the necessary energy at once, it would destroy your body.  It must happen gradually and there are behaviors which are supportive and you will know these for yourself by listening to your body.

Trust yourself and allow your own feeling state to tell you if you imagine doing/eating/being in a particular way, whether that way of being opens you to joy or brings forth distortion, confusion, congestion or resistance.  You want to choose toward continual flow of openness, flow, ease, peace, harmony and what feels good will lead you there.  No one is exactly the same and your bodies are all different based on the DNA and the cosmic lineage you are embodied through and as.  Realize that medical science likes all of you to have the same metrics for your body when this is not really wellness in all the same ways for all of you.  Trust your own sense of what is right and what feels good and increasingly this relying upon your own authority in all things will guide you safely to your intended new home!

Cultivation of Your Connection to the Group Mind

The trimester you are in makes relevant to you the true nature of ascension which is the emergence of the group mind.  The group mind is a telepathic energy field which enables ascension.  It is this ability to focus upon and interface to this field that will prepare you for ascension with confidence and grace.

The Earth is one such conduit for connection–meaning that as you come into a group mind with Gaia, you are connected to the sentient field of the planet. Then you, as always, open to a connection through your crown chakra with your higher self; your I AM presence.  You place your focus upon the crystalline Earth grid and open up a connection there, and then ultimately you open and choose to connect to a field of all participating in the Divine Plan for ascension on this planet–the Cetaceans, the other human beings ascending, the non-physical energies and entities supporting and energizing your experience through transmissions of light.  And you rest in this configuration, amplifying the non-local energy within you by focusing upon the space within you and within all that is.  It is this focus and the amplification of the energy in this field through feeling love, that generates the energy necessary for ascension.  You must build your energy field toward this experience, becoming familiar with the feeling and connections and through practice growing your confidence in establishing this arrangement, energetically.

Ascension Preparation will Liberate Great Bliss

Not only will this experience of meditating this way for 20 minutes or more each day prepare you for ascension, it will also fill you with great happiness and bliss.  Soaring energies will flow into your body and your heart will open wide.  You will discover the great joy of Unity experientially and you will begin to remember all that you need to know to open yourself up to the energy that YOU are here and now.

Dear ones, Luminous Beings of Light and Love, the time for ascension draws near, and the preparation of your energy and your heart is the sweetness of aliveness.  Waves of love to you my soul friends!  Waves of love!

I AM Archangel Michael

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