SanJAsKa: Christ-Encoded Energy is Coming Through the Bodies of Many

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The end of the year festivities and holidays are coming and going and for many of you, you feel as if taking a short break from spiritual disciplines is the right way to go as you enjoy celebrating such festivities. We encourage your willingness to take a rest, as the year 2012 is going to be so very busy. We do encourage you relaxing and recharging your cells, but as always we must remind you that keeping to your spiritual disciplines is of utmost importance, simply because getting used to performing such disciplines will make your continuing ascension process so very much easier. A very big part of your ascension process is learning to let go of earthly attachments and commitments to that which only temporarily feeds your need for materialistic stimulation. You are being tested in quite difficult and sometimes hard for you to understand ways, but when you look for the Love behind the lesson, and when you dig deep down to realize why what you are being shown is happening before your eyes, upon review you will see that in every occurrence, what happened was meant to for your own greater good, for your own learning of lessons.

Again, many of you are being tested in difficult ways. Many of you are receiving and continuing to indulge in earthly things which may serve to keep you down. Do not get us wrong dear souls, there are Earthly things which do lead to enjoyment and an enhanced connection to the Love and Harmonious and Joyus feelings that exist in the realms of consciousness you will soon be inhabiting. Quite a lot of the things that many of you now consider normal and in some cases take for granted, were in fact brought to your world from other worlds, from other Solar Systems and even Galaxies in this universe. Many of the pleasures Man experiences today were brought [to your world] from advanced worlds, whose citizens were perfecting such luxuries before looking to spread the wealth. Many of you are now tempted on a day-to-day basis with earthly things which on the surface, seem to be pleasant and delightful, but that are made up of ingredients which are meant to weaken the body.

This will be one of the harder truths for much of humanity to accept; that many of the foods that are enjoyed the world over, contain  things that are designed to keep the average human who is digesting such foods, in a weaker state. Many of you who are more sensitive have begun to notice a heavy or sour feeling in your stomach when ingesting meats or other heavy and greasy foods. This is because your vibrations are now geared toward ascension, and as such your body is beginning to inhabit increasingly pure realms of consciousness as the Logos energy being funneled through your spirit complexes continues to upgrade your DNA. [You begin to become incompatible with the lower vibrations of the meats and heavy foods as this process continues.]

Some of you feel as if you have no connection to this Logos energy which is upgrading the DNA of many, and we wish you to know that as long as your interest and intent is guided toward the ascension path, as long as you take a real interest in ascension and have made the choice that you do wish to ascend, as long as you have done these things, then you are on a hookup, a steady connection to and flow with the high Logos energy that is coming through your Sun to your world and to all of your bodies. In many cases this Logos energy not only finds a healthy energy gate in your Sun, but now through the spirit complexes of many of you, as so many of you have begun to feel the Divine Violet Flame rising up inside of you, you are proclaiming your continued use of this, your weapon of the Light, [and you are bringing this energy through as it upgrades you and your reality.]

Mass amounts of pure, Christ-encoded Logos energy is now coming through the bodies and spirits of millions of souls on your world, and this Logos is being held in not only the core of Dear Gaia who is using such Love to help heal areas that need is most, this Love is also being steadily fed through your Energy Grid. Mother Earth is keeping reserved vast amounts of Logos energy to help usher in the opening of more pure and sacred gates of energy along the synchronistical aligned dates on the Cosmic Calendar. When one is able to disconnect from the earthly distractions, a big distractions being television, when one is able to simply unplug from all of that noise, from all of the lower frequency tones invading their sprit complex on a daily basis, they will find within themselves the higher realms of Living, waiting to burst forth through them, to the earthly reality that many of you wish now to see upgraded.

When one surrenders the materiality, which we understand is extremely hard for many of you to do, one will find that doing so is so very worth it. One will find a greater and easier access and flow to the heavenly realms, and to us beings inhabiting these realms who Love you all so very much and care for you so very dearly. You are us dear souls, and we are you. We are all One, and saying that is easy, but truly Living it and truly feeling as One with all Life, that is the part which has proven difficult for many on your world. The lower vibrations are quite a convincing illusion, and the many things that you are now being tested to give up are a part of this illusion and are serving to hold you as a conduit for illusory energy.

This denser energy will funnel through your complex as you preoccupy yourself with whatever gadget is producing the mind-invading tones, and you will produce through your natural Creation powers, more illusion rather than unplugging your various earthly devices and finding and maintaining a steady connection to Source, to the higher energies that are serving to uplift your bodies and your entire reality. Once you are able to do this, you will find yourself Creating the New World that we all wish to see, rather than maintaining the old world, the illusory paradigm that is manifested through much of your world’s media. We know that many of you will come to these conclusions and truly feel them in your own time, but we do very dearly wish to see you realize now, before it gets any more difficult trying to exist in and maintain a third dimensional reality that is ceasing increasingly to exist on this world, that maintaining a healthy connection to Source and to us, your brothers and sisters from the stars and for many of you, your guides, will see you better equipped and well-ready for the sweeping changes at hand.

Thank you to SanJAsKa.

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