Transcript of Archangel Michael from An Hour with an Angel, Dec. 26, 2011

By Steve Beckow

Perhaps I can be permitted a few introductory words to Archangel Michael’s discussion with us yesterday. AAM says that he comes accompanied by the Divine Mother, (1) by which I’m sure he meant that the Divine Mother who in effect is all there is in the material domain (matter, mater, Mother) had adopted a form for this occasion. She often did so to appear before Sri Ramakrishna – usually the form of a young girl.

Such a privilege was it for me to know that the Divine Mother was present that I forgot the questions I was going to ask. And it was a struggle to remember as well. It wasn’t just a simple matter of snapping out of it.

The Divine Mother is the Father in form – not a woman nor he a man. She is energy, movement, sound to his potential, stillness and silence. What can I say? I am still dazzled and I felt reticent to draw attention to her on a general radio broadcast lest anyone say anything slighting, as some people have recently, and I do something I’d regret.

So I more or less kept my silence. At one point I fell off the call and had to scramble to get back in. Graham had my questions and would have been able to continue the call, but there was a degree of drama happening behind the scenes.

There is much more I would like to write, and may later, on how the necessity to allow free will skews all plans the Company of Heaven makes and makes all predictions merely probabilistic. But I’ll leave that for now and only say that we are immensely privileged to have access to these high beings.

Those who cannot see that, well, I suppose I’d only recommend that they hold their peace for now so as not to be as embarassed later than otherwise. When the three custodians and I were talking to Sanat Kumara, he dropped the casual remark that “we all answer to Michael.” And “Michael,” as far as I know and suspect, answers to the Divine Mother, who answers to the Creator. You have the line of authority right there – and not authority out of force but authority out of splendor. Having said that to more or less contextualize what is said here, I now turn the matter over to the Warrior of Peace, Archangel of Love. Our thanks to Ellen for such a speedy transcription.

An Hour with An Angel, December 26, 2011

Graham Dewyea: Hello, and welcome to An Hour with an Angel, a weekly radio program with Archangel Michael channeled by Linda Dillon, the channel for the Council of Love. Steve Beckow, editor of the 2012 Scenario will be asking Archangel Michael questions tonight. So, without further delay I’ll pass it on to you, Steve.

Steve Beckow: Thank you, Graham. Good evening, Lord.

Archangel Michael: Good evening. And I am Michael, Archangel of peace, Archangel of love. And I stand here this night with many – not only with you, my beloved friends, with you, Stephen and Graham, but with Yeshua, with my beloved Archangel Gabrielle, with Raphael and with the Universal Mother. So here we are to begin yet again as we bring to a close one year and begin the opening of the new, and of the final. So, let us begin.

I wish to speak to you this day of peace – of peace on Earth, but more importantly, my brothers and sisters, peace in your hearts. I know. You feel that I have lectured you and that I have spoken to you for eternity about this very subject. But still, I wish tonight to reach into your hearts – yes, as I ignite the blue flame once again of truth, but to truly ignite the flame of inner peace. I ask you, I encourage you, I urge you – I beg you, pick up your sword and shield that I have gifted you so long ago and wield them. This is not simply a defensive posture. It is the declaration of who you are in awakening peace within your heart. I also wish to awaken fully your warrior self. When you are in peace, it is not simply a blissful, quiet place, it is a place where there is no fear, where there is no worry, where there is no anger, where there is no frustration, that there is only the clarity of your soul.

And this is something I wish also to speak to you about. Many of you have spent a lot of time thinking about clearing, and you have integrated your divine self, your soul design, your new grid. How much time, my dear friends, are you spending on discovering the wonder, the desires, the urges, the directions, the guidance of your soul? How much are you allowing that inner peace to anchor and grow? This is a time of duality, but the meaning of duality, my beloved friends, has changed. For the duality right now that you are experiencing is having one foot in the fifth to the seventh and one foot in the third. And in the third, there is the crumbling building of the old paradigm. So you cannot allow that to be within yourself, or you will be part of that crumbling, decaying building in society.

So I’m asking you, do not spend time in worry and fear. And yes, at the same time I am asking your warrior self to step forward, not only your [few?], which is magnificent, but your sweet self. There are still too many of you hiding your light. You are fearful. You do not speak to your neighbors, or the person on the bus or in the line at the grocery store, or, heavens forbid, the bank. You do not talk about what you believe because you are fearful that they will judge you, that they will find you lacking, that they will think you crazy, instead of thinking, maybe I am giving them a ray of hope, maybe I am giving them the very spark that they need to ignite their being, to ignite their peace.

Stop the fear. Stop thinking about, “How am I going to survive?” Because this is a walk of trust. When you get angry, when you get fearful – and I do not say this in any way of judgment or criticism, my beloved ones, I say this to you as the legion that I love! So when you are in that place where you are lacking discernment about who you really are, you are supporting the old way, the way of decay, the way of death, of what we are trying to defeat. So when you are fearful of whether you will be successful, whether we will be successful – this is a partnership; I know you do not understand fully what that means, but I would like also to speak of that tonight; but this is a partnership – so when you turn away, even in the slightest way, instead of facing us and being with us, your energy is depleted. And as soon as that old duality, that old polarity feels it they will suck you dry.

So, my beloved ones, allow us who stand here with you tonight to fill your hearts, your minds, your selves, your bodies, with peace. And within that peace, within that flame of truth, within that flame of courage, let us also awaken your warrior self. There is no more time, either on our side or yours, for hesitation. We understand about time. We know that you think often we don’t, that we don’t get it at all. And yes, there is divine timing, and divine unfoldment. This is not simply an experiment, this is the unfoldment, in divine timing and your timing, of the Universal Mother’s plan. So let us be clear together that we go forward together.

You are never forgotten. And we would ask, humbly, that you not forget us, that when that slight shadow impinges upon you that you turn to us – your favorite archangel, your favorite ascended one – and just say, “help.” We will be by your side before you know it.

I am sorry, Steve, that I rambled. Of course we may begin.

SB: Thank you, Lord. I’m awestruck by your statement that the Divine Mother is with you today, Lord. Could I ask you, does the Divine Mother have form?

AAM: She can assume a form. But, shall we say, she is larger than form.

SB: All right. Okay. Well, I have a number of questions from readers and a number of questions of my own. Perhaps I could start with one about a comment that Ben Fulford made about Japan. Ben said that Japan stood threatened with nuclear bombs that would cause a second catastrophe, and I ‘m concerned that a lot of people out there may feel fear as a result of that statement. Could you tell us if Japan stands threatened by a second catastrophe, please?

AAM: Yes, I can tell you very clearly that Japan does not stand threatened by a nuclear threat – at this time or at any time in the future. Now, there is a great deal of fear woven around this. And it is unfortunate, and perhaps momentarily purposeful, that this subject be brought up, because, of course, Japan has been the trauma center for this kind of abhorrent warfare. And as a result of that, very much, not only in the collective consciousness of the people of Japan, but of course many of those people who suffered and died at that time have chosen to reincarnate elsewhere, much the same as those who survived or did not survive the concentration camps in Europe decided to mostly reincarnate in America. So there is a collective consciousness of fear that is stirred up at this very thought.

The benefit of that, of course, is to let it go, that it is within the being and therefore it can be brought to the forefront and completely released. But that is the only benefit. To keep that on the front burner is just exactly what I was saying. It is feeding the old paradigm. I know there is a place for vigilance. Yes, I have been in charge of many universes, and in charge of peacekeeping. So I am aware of the importance of vigilance. But there is a very large difference between being astute and vigilant and simply being fearful.

The Japanese people are phenomenal. You have seen that in the situation of the tsunami. They are the example of how unity and community can come forth and work, not in chaos, but in serene cooperation. So, look to that example, not to those in dictatorial situations that would like to embed fear in the hearts of many. Because, of course, it would never simply be just Japan who would be injured, it would be Gaia.

You will remember several years ago that Gaia herself spoke through this channel and spoke about perhaps leaving, not ascending, cancelling her part of the plan and simply leaving. But that was changed and that was shifted, not only by this beloved Gaia herself, but by the many, many, many, many light workers who sent her love and healing. And the plan goes forward.

So there will not be a situation where either we or your star brothers or sisters will allow such devastation to occur again. I hope that is clear enough.

SB: That is very clear, Lord. Thank you very much for giving us a detailed response.

There are people who are watching the year 2011 draw to a close and recalling your words on June 16th that disclosure was “going to happen before the end of the year regardless.” Obviously we still have five more days, but can you tell us, is Disclosure going to happen before the end of the year?

AAM: We are still saying yes. We are still anticipating that this will occur. And let us suggest to you that if it does not occur, because in the private conversations that we have had with those who are involved in this arena, and yes, we do mean political leaders, the star brothers and sisters themselves, you see, much of the balance has changed, the balance of fear has changed. That is why we are talking about the eradication of fear tonight, and the birth, the full birth of the warrior self. The star brothers and sisters intend to reveal themselves. If the governments who have agreed to this – which now stands at about 20 governments around your planet – if they agree, then they will make their presence known.

SB: All right. Though there is a divine deadline for Disclosure, is there not?

AAM: Yes, there is.

SB: And I’m not asking you to reveal that, because I’m sure that would not be a good thing. But if terrestrials don’t agree to Disclosure before the divine deadline, what is it that changes at that moment, Lord? What does “divine deadline” signify?

Is it correct to say that the galactics can simply ignore the wishes of terrestrials? Or how – what is it that happens with the passing of a divine deadline?

AAM: We always honor free will. Now, what is interesting about this question is the underlying question, because the concern of the human collective has always been – and by the way that’s how you got in trouble – was the non-interference in that free will. And that is something that we have always honored. But what you do not always fully comprehend – and I do not mean your listeners, I mean perhaps those far beyond, but I am hoping that this message will also reach them – do not think that your star brothers and sisters do not also have free will. Of course they do.

Now, they do not exercise their free will, nor have they, in negative or destructive ways. And that is why they have supported and held the planet in balance for so long, why they have sent gift after gift, whether it is by an individual who has become a plant, as it were. Now, there are, oh, over 60,000 beings on the ground. So there is a lot of work that has been accomplished, all in the most peaceful way.

Now, I want to introduce another concept, an idea that we can talk about. You do not think of us, this Company of Heaven, as the Divine Mother’s source, as having free will, because it is All, it is love. But when there is creation, that is an act that entails the extension of will, of form. So, to answer your question, if the beings of Earth simply choose not to acknowledge their star brothers or sisters, that does not mean that their presence will not be made known and that the plan – because they have come to help with the Ascension process, not only of Gaia, not only of humanity, but the ripple effect for themselves, for their planets, for the multiverse.

You have no idea how far this ripple goes out. It changes everything. It is a repositioning, it is a raising of vibration. And so, even those who have been assigned to alternate universes so they would not interfere with this Ascension will feel it and be raised by it.

So there comes a point in which what you would think of as the divine deadline would equal divine intervention. Now, you were always praying for divine intervention. So think of it that way. There will come a time, if you simply choose not to move, that we will help. We do not come in waves of destruction. This has never been about punishment, Armageddon, or destroying what is valuable and beautiful. We keep saying we are in partnership.

And there are many on Earth who are saying to us, well, we’re waiting for you to step up. And we are waiting patiently for your warrior selves, also, your creator selves – that is your warrior self, you know – to step up. And if not, in this partnership, as in all partnerships, sometimes one partner is not up to doing the full deed, the house needs cleaning and one person has a migraine, and so the other takes charge and makes sure the house is clean. Because company is coming. Is that clear?

SB: Thank you, Lord. Now I’d like to turn our attention to NESARA and specifically the progress of the Bridge Fund. Can you tell us what progress has been made?

AAM: The progress of the Bridge Fund is well underway. And yes, if we are to continue the analogy, we also do not want people to go forward, our warriors, to go forward without equipment. And that includes being able to feed and clothe and house themselves. You did not come to Earth to suffer. That was not this year’s assignment. It was not this life’s assignment. It was not this cycle’s assignment. And the Bridge Money will be there.

SB: Is there any comment you can make about what the apparent hold-up might be attributable to?

AAM: It is attributable to what you think of as human bureaucracy, of human trepidation, of human fear of being exposed, or thought foolish, or declared crazy or insane, incompetent. It is fear about, what about tomorrow? What if I need this? But these people, from the contributors to the bankers to the tellers to the bureaucrats, are being worked on mightily. But – and it is the particular undertaking not only of myself but of Archangel Uriel and Archangel Jophial – but I would ask tonight – and this is a very concrete way in which we can share this partnership – I would ask every single person who listens, either today or in the future, to this message to take one person involved in this process, and they will appear, they will know who to send the energy to.

And I would ask them to put them, to surround them in my blue, which is the blue of change, the blue of peace, and a more vibrant blue of the Mother, and I would ask the listener, on a soul level, to ask this person from their heart, not from the head – this is not a logical conversation, as you are all learning – ask them from your heart to please cooperate, to find generosity in their heart, to let go and to literally allow this to move at the speed of love. And the speed of love is the speed of light squared, so it is instantaneous for all intents and purposes. If each person does this, it will be done in the blink of an eye.

SB: All right, Lord, thank you. A matter of clarification. Many listeners and readers hear that the Illuminati have been defeated, and then we hear that certain events have happened. We hear from Ben and David Wilcock, for instance, that there’s a lot of resistance going on, and, yes, we’re going to be successful, but there still is resistance. Could you make clear for our readers and listeners, please, to what extent have the Illuminati been removed? To what extent do the Illuminati still survive and exist?

AAM: We would be pleased to talk to this. Now, is this not a clear term, Illuminati?

SB: Indeed.

AAM: So, but we all know that we are speaking of those who wish to practice the old ways of control, and control in every way – mind, heart, soul, physicality. It is about the worst form of greed. It is greed for another soul. And that is not permissible. And in this shift that is already taking place, that is already well underway, it cannot survive. So most, I would suggest to you about, oh, 67 percent of your Illuminati have been completely disarmed, disempowered, removed. The others? There are still some kicking and screaming, but also understand at the same time the population of the planet that is ready for Ascension, that is consciously and unconsciously going through this shift, has increased exponentially.

Years ago in the old times, you would have a war end, but then what would happen is the news would not reach some corners of the front, and so there would still be some pitched battles going on. But that is about to come to a halt because it cannot exist. Understand what I say. It cannot exist in the higher vibrations. So yes, there’s a lot of kicking and screaming, and “No, I don’t want to go, I don’t want to do this!” And it does not matter. Because it is over. So it is clean-up.

SB: All right, Lord. Is it accurate to say that – that some Illuminati power exists at some levels, like for instance in local police forces or militia or the financial system?

AAM: It’s accurate to say that, but what we want you to distinguish is situations that we would have called, and do call, this strange term, Illuminati, is very different than those who have what you are saying is Illuminati attitudes, or in other words, puffed-up senses of ego. They are completely in their false sense of power. Now, because everyone has bought into that belief of their power, they wield it. And that is why I have begun tonight by asking each of you to pick up your sword and shield.

No, I am not asking you to go and to confront the corrupt police chief, although some of you already are or to confront the corrupt owner of a bank. But that will fall as well. But those who have wielded the puppet strings are mostly gone. So you know what happens to the puppets when the strings are not working.

SB: True, but at the same time there was a plan to take over the Earth and to put the people who survived the various campaigns that they planned into enslavement. And sometimes it seems to me as if that plan continues to be played out at most local levels. Is that an accurate statement or not?

AAM: It is a statement that is accurate and it is also a statement that is based in fear. It is also a statement that is based in understanding that some people are not going to choose to ascend and will be relocated elsewhere.

SB: All right.

AAM: Let me be quite clear. Yes, there are pockets. And yes, there are people in positions of power that have abused their power. And this goes from priests to parents to police chiefs to presidents, whether it is banks, or corporations, or yes, even countries. It is simply not going to be permitted to continue. We have emphasized that this is Gaia’s Ascension, and yes, you are right, the plan of old Earth was very dark. And that is why it has been so difficult at times, and we are saying, wake up, wake up, please, wake up. Because she’s going, regardless of anything else.

And what that means, my brother, my beloved brother, what it means is those who are not of the vibration to be able to breathe in the fifth to the seventh will suffocate. They cannot go there. So that is why this is a very pivotal time, where so much – and we know this – so much is happening at once. And yes, much of it has been behind the scenes, things that we cannot openly speak of for reasons of everybody’s security. But do not think that things are not being addressed. Yes, it is a big question of faith, and it is a question of trust, but we are also placing our hope, our trust and our faith in you.

SB: What does faith mean, Lord?

AAM: It means the alignment. It means the alignment with what you think of as one source, one love, one beingness, what we have, you have spoken of with Yeshua, the Trinity. What he would like to see as a diamond! But it is the state. It is not just belief, it is knowledge, it is knowing, it is anchoring in wisdom. That is what faith is.

SB: But certainly faith is what I use to overcome the gap or the chasm or the gulf where I don’t know. If I know –

AAM: That is correct. It’s not detailed information. It is not filling in the logic. Faith is the knowing that there is simply more.

SB: So, general outlines, if I can’t fill in the details. I know that there is, for instance, a Divine Plan for this age. And I trust that that –

AAM: That is correct.

SB: – is – So I’m getting close, am I? I’m getting a little bit more on track with that. Okay. My – the next question is that some people say that we could have made it on our own. Earth, the terrestrial population, could have overcome the Illuminati and emerged from this awful time of control and enslavement on our own. Do you think that could have been the case?

AAM: Yes. Yes, we have – we have faith in you. The other element of faith, my friend, is also faith in yourself, even thought you don’t have the details. Just knowing that you don’t know how you’re going to do it, but you’re going to do it.

SB: That’s determination, is it not?

AAM: Now, would it have taken much longer? Would it have been more violent? Yes, it would have been. We do not, and never have had, a desire to overcome what you can do as the human collective. In the third dimension – do not forget, the third dimension was created for physicality, to experience love, joy, peace in physicality. To have the senses, the physical experience. It was the humans who built up all this other density and debris. That did not come from anywhere else.

Could you have overcome it the same way you built it? Yes. But at the same time, for all this time, you have been inhabiting a sentient being, a magnificent being, Terra Gaia, a sister who has her own path, and who has endured and practiced patience and love and nurturing. But in her cycles of evolution, in her cycles of traveling up that spiral, it is her time. So would we say to Gaia – as we have, by the way – can you hold on a little longer while the humans sort it out? We’ve done that, you know. And she has agreed.

But that frame of time has come and gone. And it is not as if you did not know that when you incarnated. For most of you it is the very reason you incarnated, like, this is it! This is the time when we will get to elevate and return to love! There is no being, not even those that you think have the darkest of hearts, that does not yearn for love. There is no being!

And so it would not be fair, it would not be just to ask her again, can you wait for them to sort it out? Do you have the ability to create peace on Earth in the third dimension on your planet, right now? Ten years from now? Twenty years from now? Yesterday? Yes, you do. That has never been the issue. But there are other things, other patterns of evolution that are concurrent and expanding. This is what is so exciting. That you are part of this magnificent expansion. Do you not feel it, my friends? That you are bigger and brighter than you ever have been?

SB: Certainly, but this is attributable in the greatest part to the energies that are flowing here from other regions of space and other beings. How could we have done the cleansing of the Earth without that energy?

AAM: But the key to that, that started this, is that you said, yes, to accept it. You did not say, no, and bounce it back.

SB: No.

AAM: Yes, now there are energies that are flooding the Earth, that it is not whether you say yes or no, it is an equal opportunity energy that is absolutely wiping away what you can think of as the dust, the dark, the smears, the dark corners. But yes, you could have done it. But let us also say that we would not be in partnership, that we would simply abandon you and not be in attendance. That would not be feasible or possible. Just because you would want to sort it out yourself does not mean that we would divorce ourselves from you. That is simply not our way. So when we say yes, you could sort it out, it means that you would not have had the level of partnership with us consciously, and unconsciously, that you do at the moment. But it would have taken a while, and you know what I mean when I say a while.

SB: A thousand years, Lord?

AAM: Yes, about that, if not longer.

SB: Hm hmm. In the few remaining minutes that we have left, could you comment on what is meant by a Divine Plan? From time to time I think you’re meaning that an idea arose in the mind of God. But then I hear of universal councils and various personalities like Sanat Kumara and yourself. How did this Divine Plan for this age evolve?

AAM: It was an idea, an inspiration of light, born of the Mother/Father One. And yes, then it – you can think of it as people, beings, archangels, star brothers and sisters, all volunteering because as this idea – and you see this in your world all the time, an idea is born, and then it spreads, and people think that is a wonderful idea, I want a piece of it.

And so it came to pass that beings such as myself, my sister Gabrielle – not only messenger, but administrator; Raphael – healer, not only of universes, but of human collective and of Gaia herself; Sanat Kumara – volunteering and being appointed as planetary logos; people assumed roles over a very long period of time. So it is the pieces got put in place. But when we talk about our piece of the Divine Plan, we are all referring back, truly, to the Mother’s plan, to the Mother’s idea.

SB: All right, Lord, thank you very much. I don’t think there’s time any longer to ask another question, but as I said earlier, I’m grateful and awestruck at the presence of the Divine Mother at this talk. And –

AAM: Can I say one –

SB: Please.

AAM: Your platform, dear, dear heart, that is part of the Divine Plan. Never underestimate what you are doing in reaching out and allowing the human beings to participate in this unfoldment. And the Divine Mother blesses you, and she blesses all who are present.

SB: Thank you, Lord. It’s been a pleasure to serve. Thank you for being with us tonight. And I look forward to our next program in a week’s time. Thank you, and thank you to all who came with you.

AAM: And it is our pleasure to serve as well. Farewell.

SB: Farewell.


(1)  “On the Nature of the Divine Mother or Holy Spriit,” at

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  1. I checked with Sheldon Nidle during his last Webinar and asked about “Nasara Bridge Loans” and they were puzzled, because they had never heard of this. Their answer was that by Law that no funds could be released until Nasara became Law.

  2. WELL i am more or less speechless, in awe, in amazement, in gratitude, in Love, in Joy, all is very well in heaven and Earth, it’s March 3rd and Spring is in the air these days in Sweden, I am inspired to be even more the Warrior, with no fear, Beloved Divine Mother, Beloved AA Michael, give me the clarity of mind not to hurt others if I feel there is a truth that must be addressed, give me the ability to express feelings , truths, without unnecessarily deriding another, even though my mind might think those thoughts.
    Steve I am so grateful for you having opened this connection.
    I wish you and everyone peace and joy on our wonderful journey ahead.Zumi. Sweden.

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