Cosmic Awareness: On HAARP and the Galactic Federation

Cosmic Awareness via Will Berlinghoff

HAARP Technology Used To Intensify Natural Storms 

Questioner: I have the name Lloyd, I do not have a last name. It concerns HAARP. “It is written anybody that has any intuitive skills will know this is true. I have not looked to see if it was true or not but have had the feeling for weeks now that they are using HAARP on us in the USA to cause all the crazy unusual weather as a weapon against the people. The hailstorms in the Southeast are not normal. Some hail is the size of softballs; the tornadoes are not normal in the east either. Maybe if it were Kansas I would not think much about it but now they are all over the place, then the flooding like the Mississippi River and then some brain surgeon makes the public decision to just open the flood gates and flood thousands of more acres and homes to make it better [right]. Meanwhile plenty of FEMA trailers are conveniently ready for the needy. Then we have been hearing the predictions about the attack on the fault line, so here we go. The thing about HAARP is this: it can be used to make weather or cancel it. The problem is the dark side is using it for destruction, when in the hands of good people the same technology could be used to stop or prevent these types of storms. HAARP systems are all over the globe now, not just the big array in Alaska, so it is easy for them to do what they want to cause havoc. They even have mobile units they can now tow into position to attack a given target. His question: it has been said by the Galactic Federation of Light that they have disabled many of the dark cabal’s HAARP facilities but the question begs: why have they not just eliminated them all or what are they waiting for? What is the purpose of letting the dark continue to do damage to the people and the economy? If what the Galactic Federation says is true there should be no earthquakes in the USA.” Added to this is a picture, I’m just holding it up of what the HAARP energies look like in the sky so that the membership can identify these when they appear. image-downloaded-from-austrailian-weathersite/

Cosmic Awareness: The HAARP technology is indeed being used to augment the weather to intensify natural situations, natural storms, and natural occurrences. It can be used for specific targets, such as activating certain faultlines, but it can also be dispersed on a wider scale and over a larger area. It does not attack a certain point, but rather creates a widespread situation of imbalance and disharmony. This is why natural storms are made more intense. The situation of the added HAARP energies in a region amplifies the natural storm, creating something much, much worse. Thus the tornadoes that were viewed as bearing down on the various towns and cities in the United States were identified and even recognized as not quite being correct or right, and something was unnatural about them. Many who have absolutely no under- standing of HAARP technology and what is occurring made such comments, as if they perceived and understood at a much deeper level that the events they were experiencing were not normal or natural. And yet they had no way of understanding what was happening and they still have no way of understanding.

As to the comments made about the flooding, even the releasing of waters to flood even more areas, it must be remembered that the US government does have a plan for mass dissettlement, the creation of situations where many are dispossessed of their homes, their livelihoods, their cities and towns and thus are forced into the concentration camp situations where they at least will have trailers to live in after losing their homes and their businesses. This is part of the situation that does not necessarily 11 relate to HAARP but is involved in the mass unsettling of the American people, the destruction of their civilization, their society, their culture, so the authorities can justifiably step in and control the many who they have in the first place dislocated from their homes and their towns and cities.

The Galactic Federation is Not Here To Rescue the People of the Earth

This is a secondary level of the plan that one could say is not directly involved but most definitely consequential to the HAARP technologies that are being used at this time. As to why it may be that the Galactic Federation is not stepping in, why it would seem that they are ignoring the citizens of the United States of America, allowing them to be so adversely affected – this Awareness reminds one and all that the Galactic Federation is not here to rescue the population or change the course of events that are unfolding. Even though it is tragic, even though it is deeply upsetting for many to think that they could change things and help things and yet are choosing not to, it must be understood that they are coming from a much higher perspective on this matter.

They understand and know that all of humanity is about to go through a major spiritual event on the planet and within the context of human spirit evolution. They cannot simply come in and rescue the many who are choosing to have this experience, for perhaps in the experience itself will be the seeds for which people are seeking to change their lives, seeds of new thought and new consciousness that are planted because of the experiences that they might have that remove them from their present boxes, their secure comfort zones. Often great change comes when there is great upheaval, great destruction.

It is true that many may not survive these events, and may see everything they have worked for all of their lives destroyed in an instant, and may be so affected that they do not ever overcome the experience but rather are destroyed by it, whether instantly in the moment of the destruction they have lived through or later as their lives that were once known are not fully reintegrated and they are taken to the camps to house them. Some indeed will not do well but it is still their soul’s purpose, their soul’s reason to have this experience, and it is with this knowledge that those of the Galactic Federation know they cannot simply rush in like the Calvary and save the day. They need to be invited in.

People need to reach a place in their spiritual evolution where the energies can sustain them, where it is part of the evolutionary process. Thus it is that they need to stay away. Understand that these enlightened evolved beings find this very difficult for they would choose to come and intervene but they know this might have a great price. They also understand and realize that much of what will be lost is illusionary in nature. It is the perceptions of people that ownership of things, material substance is that which gives meaning to life, meaning to an experience, but it is not so. Things are simply things and they can all be replaced.

There is a much deeper level of comprehension and awareness, a deeper level of consciousness that needs to be attained for the soul to have its evolutionary experience, and it is this that the Galactic Federation beings understand for they have had to go through their own Ascension processes themselves and are not seeking to undermine the human experience as the human soul strives for higher comprehension and awareness. Thus it may seem cruel that the Galactic Federation forces, even though they have the capacity to help to avert destruction and disaster, are standing by, are not doing anything.

It may seem that they are being mean-spirited about this and that they have a responsibility to step in to intervene but this is simply not the case. They will indeed help when the Shift comes close to happening and after the Shift has occurred but not at these times. These are the times for individuals to go deep within themselves, to find deeper answers, and to seek the deeper questions that will provoke the seeking of those deeper answers. This is understood and upheld by the Galactic Federation. It is that principle of non- interference in the affairs of people, for they do need to have the experience that is needed for their growth and development.

Questioner: Thank you. When you understand something it all makes sense, doesn’t it?

Giving A Child Everything It Desires is Not Always the Best Way Forward

Cosmic Awareness: Indeed it all fits together. This Awareness would add this at this time. If a child is given everything it wants and desires but never needs to grow up, never needs to take care of things, never needs to share with another, will that child not grow up to be spoiled and deficient in his or her ability to survive at later times? If a child is always rescued, if a child is always given exactly what it wants, will the child learn survival skills, cooperational skills, be able to understand the greater purpose of things and mature as a child, growing into a responsible adult?

Giving a child everything it desires is not always the best way forward. Assisting the child to learn how to appreciate what it is given, to achieve things through his or her efforts, and to share with others, will make the child a much more rounded adult and individual and prove much more beneficial to that child than simply giving it everything it wants. It would simply become a very spoiled child, expecting all others to always give to him or her and this would not serve the higher purpose of a child.

Questioner: Nor the soul.

Cosmic Awareness: Nor the soul, and the Galactic Federation sees that in many ways humanity is still at the child state. While it is difficult sometimes for a parent not to give to the child what it wants or to let a child have a hard experience, an enlightened adult or parent will see that the child will learn through such an experience as long as it does not hurt itself unduly. This is so with the Galactic Federation. They are seeking to help humanity leave its childhood and enter adulthood.

Questioner: And some will be fighting all the way!

Cosmic Awareness: These would be the troubled teens

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  1. Keep up the good work. Have tweeted.

    Steve Willers

  2. i have to wonder about those who feel that traumatic, horrific death is a good thing. under any circumstances. again: under any circumstances. i would rather find a way to cancel myself out as a being than to lend credence to ‘good’ murder.

    wtf happened to us?

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