Saul: Peace and Love are Arising from the Grassroots of Society

Saul via John Smallman

November 23, 2011

Humanity’s decision to awaken from the dream into Reality has been greatly welcomed in the spiritual realms where we watch over you constantly with loving compassion.  The dream has caused you much pain which your awakening will bring to an end.  It has taken eons for you to reach this evolutionary turning point at which you eschew violence and conflict in order to work cooperatively and harmoniously to provide abundance and security for all.  The awareness of the need for this essential change in attitudes is of itself a most remarkable sign of evolutionary development from which you will not retreat, as the benefits of this more enlightened way of thinking and acting bring stunning improvements to the quality of life for all of you.

Peaceful cooperation for the benefit of all, instead of defensive cooperation to protect one group from the expected attacks of another group, will free up the enormous resources of all kinds, available to you from the limited, short-sighted, and damaging ways that you have been using them up until now.  Consequently, very rapid and vast improvements to the living standards of those who presently exist in a state of poverty or privation will be brought about as you find yourselves with the time, the capability, and the enthusiastic motivation to bring to an end the inhuman conditions in which so many have been trapped for so long.

The changing attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors that are starting to occur worldwide, enabling the development of amicable relations among all of humanity, are the first link in a great chain of love that will draw all together and bring to an end the divisive and painful conflicts that have seemingly engulfed humanity throughout its dark and destructive history. Despite the confrontations in which so many remain engaged across the planet, the tide has truly turned as more and more of you put your energy into peaceful discussions and negotiations to resolve issues and areas of disagreement in a fair and just manner, to ensure that there are no losers either in personal relationships or in relationships between nations, cultures, or religious groups.  The end to allconflict is far closer than you might believe, especially if your usual source of information is the mainstream media.

Peace and love are arising from the grassroots of society all over the planet because they have had enough of the suffering that conflicts cause and of which they have had to bear the brunt.  One of the main influences bringing this about is the voice of women who are at last being listened to, heard, and honored. Without the growth of rights for women, followed by the rights for various minority groups, which have only been intelligently addressed within the last one hundred and fifty years or so, and which have only really been put into effect during the last two or three decades, the spiritual evolution of humanity would have effectively stalled.  The awakening process, in which humanity is presently engaged, owes much to the fortitude, persistence, and courage of women all over the world, and to the men who have encouraged and supported them.  This is bringing into general awareness the knowledge that all humans contain both male and female aspects, and that to crush one in order to promote the other is terribly damaging for society as it destroys the balance that is essential for the maintenance of a fair, just, and compassionate arena in which all can engage in fruitful discussions, and in which all are equally honored.

As love, compassion, reason, and honesty in all human interactions continue to move more firmly into the mainstream, softening discussions and negotiations in every area of your lives, the benefits will amaze you.  Remember that you are constantly lovingly supported by those in the spiritual realms, and that the power of the divine energy field enveloping the planet is infinite, and that its influence is all pervasive.  In fact, the Love now sweeping across the planet in vast waves of compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness makes your awakening into Reality assured and inevitable.  You are all dearly loved, and you are frequently beginning to sense this in the most unexpected places – no, it is not a figment of your imaginations!  What you are beginning to sense is very real.

With so very much love, Saul.

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