SaLuSa: You Bring Yourselves Closer to Transformation

SaLuSa via Mike Quinsey

Nov. 23, 2011

People power is growing and what you are seeing around the world is how successful you can be when you group together in a common purpose. It may take time to achieve complete success, but once you set the ball rolling its momentum will carry it forward. Governments will take note of your demands or ignore them at their peril.

You have created the conditions that allow us and others to come to your aid, and naturally we work behind the scenes, and our influence helps direct activities in a way that is beneficial to you. As you know we monitor what is happening now, and also what is planned by the dark Ones.

We endeavour to set you on a path that is the least volatile, and likely to avoid violent confrontation. The more the authorities clamp down on peaceful demonstrations, the more support they [the demonstrations] gain. The world population is waking up now as to how it has been enslaved for eons of time, and will not cease its claims for change until the people’s sovereignty is returned.

So the fight goes on, with the Lightworkers bringing more and more Light to Earth that is raising the vibrations to new heights. Be assured everything is on course as planned, and the point has been reached where some firm action is to take place. Our allies work hard but need our support from time to time to achieve the targets we set them. As previously indicated we would like to see a step forward by the end of the year, that will open the way for a greater leap forward.

At all times use your intuition where you are personally concerned, and where you see a need to take steps to protect yourself against the outcome of any action taken. We are thinking in terms of possible food shortages, and power interruptions that may in some areas temporarily inconvenience you. Bear in mind that in the near future we will be much closer to you, and will most likely be able to directly assist you. No problems that you experience will affect you for very long, as they have been anticipated well in advance and allowed for.

You are beginning to realize that in spite of the dire forecasts of catastrophe coming with the end times, so far there has not been anything like that prophesied and you can take credit for the changes that have taken place. Over a long period of time you have successfully worked hard to raise the vibrational levels, and that has overcome the need for drastic changes. Although cleansing and physical changes are still required, instead of dramatic wide-scale ones they have become more localized.

When we can join you we will work together, and make short work of the challenges that face you. Much of the cleansing does not even require us to be on Earth, and can be readily carried out directly from space. Indeed, we have done that for quite a long time, which is why some of your major mishaps have only caused you limited inconvenience. In the era of nuclear tests that polluted your atmosphere, we were responsible for clearing it away.

We have much admiration for you all inasmuch that you took on the challenge of duality, knowing it would be a an extremely hard experience. It is only now that many of you have awakened to your true identity, and the fact that you are not your physical bodies but Beings of Light. After thousands of years and many lifetimes, you have found your ability to set your intent on what you really want, and that you are not dependent on any other person.

You no longer have to accept being enslaved as your lot in life, and more and more of you are taking responsibility for your lives. In time you will become totally independent and allowed the freedom to choose your own experiences, and that day is not that far off. It is a matter of lifting yourself up so that you become a Being of the higher realms, and Ascension is part of that journey.

For the time being take the problems of your everyday world in your stride, knowing that they are a means to an end which will see you enter a new period of experience. You will not need to go through lengthy recovery periods, as the work of rebuilding will be very quick. By then we will have arrived on Earth, and together we shall prepare the stage for the closure of the cycle of duality.

We of the Galactic Federation have been long prepared for the part we are to play very shortly, and we know that generally speaking you are ready to join us. The consciousness levels of many of you has reached the point that makes you sufficiently aware, that you understand the higher purpose for Man and work towards that end.

The coming year will be one of immense achievements, not least of all the breaking down of the barriers that have kept you apart,  whether it be because of political, religious, or racial reasons. The natural inclination of Man is to be benign and peace loving. As a stop will be put to war and the threat of war, you will be able to work together without being in a state of fear, and trust between people will return. Justice will also return and where possible all acts of injustice perpetrated against innocent people, will be made good. We know that many of you have been the victims of fake charges, and if you are still in custody or imprisoned, you will be released.

Politics will change so much that there will be no place for bribery or corruption, and honesty and transparency will ensure that you can have full faith in those elected. We have already approached those politicians who are of the Light, and can be totally trusted to have your best interests at heart when they are appointed to the interim governments.

There is a lot to do but the planning has been going on for quite a long time, and those who will work with us are trusted and know what is expected of them. In future the political system will operate differently, and you will have much more influence as to what will take place, and it will work for the people.

Dear Ones, your wait will soon be over and the past will seem just like a bad dream. Life will be quickly transformed into one that is enjoyable, and at last fulfils your expectations. Already there is a calmness entering some people’s lives as the new energies take effect, and a knowing that beneficial changes are in the air. Keep your focus well ahead and do not let the present chaos get to you, as it will not last anywhere near as long as you might expect.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and thank all of you that have put in the effort to bring the Light to Earth, and one day you will find that is what you came for.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.

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