Montague Keen: Ireland is Leading the Way For Change

Montague Keen via Veronica Keen – November 13, 2011

Website: The Montague Keen Foundation

My dear, you are living in a time of endings and new beginnings: as more people wake up, they make a stand against the corrupt. It shines a light on the mind control that has been used, and is still being used, to keep you as slaves and under control. The two bastions of control have always worked together but managed to keep their connection secret from mankind.

As more information flows out and questions are being asked, they are at a loss as to how to deal with this unexpected situation. They will create ‘problems’ that they hope will take your minds off their corruption. You are now sufficiently awake and aware to refuse to fall for their lies. Remember that the corrupt are finished, so they will attack recklessly to try to hold on to what they have illicitly acquired. They are desperate.

You have the upper hand. Know who your are. Stand together in the Light, for we in Spirit will stand alongside you every step of the way. Remember, the knowledge has always been there but it was kept hidden from you. We continue to work on energy. I never dreamed so much could be achieved just using energy and soundwaves. The man-made barriers are coming down. Man will have a new understanding of life and the body and how it can work when it’s not interfered with by those who control you.

You are embarking on a glorious adventure. Earth will be transformed into a planet of light, love and peace. Remember through this struggle that the end result will be permanent, it’s not just a short-term thing. You – all of you who work in the Light – are the creators of the New Age of Enlightenment. You are making history – real history – not the lies that were taught to you as history. Everything that you have been taught is the opposite of the truth. What you are told is good for you, is actually bad for you. Yes, it is a shock to learn that those who control you are actually that EVIL !

The young man that you meet next week, you meet with my blessing. You have each come from very different paths to the same conclusions. Together, you complete the picture. What he states, fits in with the information that I am constantly feeding you. It all fits together as the pieces of life’s puzzle. Together you will shine the light on the truth.

I took you by surprise as you washed up. Your mind was wandering when I said loudly in your ear that “IRELAND IS THE KEY THAT WILL UNLOCK EVERYTHING.” I have since explained everything to you and you know who you must speak to. The information you were given on the 11/11/11 is of great importance – use it wisely. It’s all coming together nicely, my dear, just as we planned as we walked on that heavenly beach in Inch, Co Kerry (Ireland), all those years ago. Though we talked of how we would communicate, at that time we had no idea how fruitful our plan would turn out to be. Never underestimate the power of love. With love in your heart, everything is possible.

The banks continue, through their puppets, to try to bring about the New World Order. Again, it was Ireland’s Mr Kenny who has insisted on PROOF. He wants to see real EVIDENCE. It will be interesting to see what happens there. They now no longer mention Ireland, in case they are asked awkward questions. How interesting is that, my dear? Mr Kenny has set a good example that should inspire others. An honest politician is a rare commodity in your world. He is an example to everyone who wants truth and honesty to prevail. Ireland is leading the way, once again, as it did in ancient times.

The energy changes affect people in different ways. It depends how open they are, and of course, how advanced. Most have experienced some changes. It has become so much easier to communicate from this realm. It is exciting for us to be able to be so involved in this Great Shift. I would not want to miss one moment of it. I want to share it with you: to feel your excitement as everything changes for the better for all humanity. This is our purpose and we will fulfil it. Support all those who seek justice in your corrupt world, where justice is stifled and truth is hidden. This cannot and will not be allowed to continue.

I will remind you, once again, to ensure that you all have sufficient food stored, as the Evil Cabal will try to control the food supply. This will be temporary, as once you are in the New Energy, food will not be necessary as it is now. Food will become a pleasure, as chocolate is now. Remember how I loved my chocolate every day.

Life will be so much easier. I know it is difficult to imagine everyone living in harmony but when religions and banks are removed, equality prevails. Then, living on Earth becomes a joy, as opposed to the struggle it is now. No more illness – it’s mostly man-made anyway – the aging process will be totally different. I never thought of myself as old. The conditioning of the mind will no longer happen. The mind will be used, it will be explored to the full. All limitations will be removed when the full power of the mind is restored.

Your friend Tom (TOTAL MIND DYNAMICS) has talked with you about the power of the mind: how illness, paralysis due to stroke, etc., can be reversed just using the mind. Those who set out to control humanity will answer for what they are responsible for. They have committed the greatest sin against the human race in the real history of the universe. Life will become the beautiful experience it was meant to be. Love will be the norm. Imagine it ! The energy of your thoughts will speed it up. You get what you expect in life. As the placards state . . . You are the 99%. You have 99% of the ENERGY. Need I say more? Together, you will succeed. It is written thus.

My dear Veronica, trust me to guide you. I will not fail you. Together, we have achieved so much. We will continue to do so.

Your adoring husband, Monty.

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