Ascended Masters: The Time Ahead is Going to be Busy, Uplifting, Energetic and Wonderful

Ascended Masters via Wes Annac

Wes: Hello dear friends. What is transpiring in your realm on this day?

Ascended Masters: Hello dear Wesley, much is and has been happening in favor of the Light. We have beheld the most beautiful of chakra-opening ceremonies that were for the opening of those gates of energy that you all hold inside of yourselves as well as outside of yourselves. Many have yet to fully understand that like you on Earth, your universe is a conscious being that carries the same types of torsion fields that you all carry in your etheric bodes. You are all in fact such torsion fields; you are cells of Gaia and Gaia is a cell of your universe. You all send your Creation-thoughts through to your universe where what you create is then sent back to you. We have been so delighted to see so many more energy gates opening to stream an ever-increasing purity of Love to you all, and it seems from our point of view that many of you are beginning to finally feel this Love. You are finally beginning to feel the underlying sense of peace, calm and happiness that has been kept just under the surface of what you think and feel.

The gates we have opened have served to open your own chakras enough to where this calm and happy energy is coming to you, and you are now able to perceive of it and feel it as you anchor it further into your being and into Gaia’s being. We are so very delighted to see this occurring! This could not have happened had you not all done the work that was required to bring these pure energies to you. You did the energy clearing that has been the foundation of the further opening of your chakras, and we have been glad to do our part in getting the energy to you.

Wes: Ok, thank you friends. So, you say we are cells of Gaia and that Gaia is a cell of the universe. I have to ask, are we cells of the universe by association?

AMs: Close dear soul, but not quite. Yes you are all cells of the universe, but not simply because of your association with Gaia. No, every last bit of Creation down to the last atom maintains a steady connection with your universe. Of course, the more that one exists on the lower dimensional scale, the more extensions they must interact with to receive the energies associated with their universe. Let us explain a bit further. As you have been told dear Wesley, your sun sends the Logos energy that it gets directly from Source to you on Earth right?

Wes: Right friends.

AMs: Wrong! You see, you were not yet in a ready state to break down and understand the information we are about to share with you, but now you are so we will commence with it. Your sun does receive higher dimensional Logos energy that is manifested at its purest forms your universe has seen, but your sun and the Hathors that oversee its higher realms do not receive the energy straight from Source. No dear ones, rather Source sends the energy to the Creator of your universe, which is in effect your whole universe itself; your universe as a whole. Your (universe) Creator then funnels this energy out to each and every star in your universe that is supporting Life. This Love is guided through the various galaxies and their Keepers.

The Keepers of the vast Galaxies of this universe receive the energy from your (universe) Creator, and the Keepers of the galaxies then funnel this energy down further to the stars of said galaxies. It is a difficult concept and process to explain with your words, but nevertheless when viewed from a higher standpoint it is a very simple and natural process.

Wes: Ok friends, thank you for that answer. So, is there any direct interaction between Mother/Father Source and the higher dimensional beings of the higher astral realms of our sun?

AMs: There is interaction between said entities and Mother/Father God, but it is not solely brought about because of the Logos energy that is funneled through. No, these entities communicate with Source because, why not communicate with Source? Mother/Father God is accessible to all beings inhabiting all levels of Creation at all times, because it would not make sense for it not to be so. We understand that many on your world are a bit cut off from contact with advanced beings and especially contact with Source, but this is only because many of you chose to come to the lower realities and temporarily forget that you have a Supreme connection to your universe, to your galaxies and to your very Creator, Mother/Father God.

When you begin to remember the wonderful and sustained connection you have with our Creator, it becomes easier to communicate with Source. Try it dear Wesley. Send out your intent to connect with Mother/Father God, with Source. Do you see how easy that was?

Wes: Indeed I did friends, from the very moment you mentioned connecting with them I could feel a presence, a Divine and Loving presence. I also felt a deep itch in my ear, which I have learned to mean that darker entities are around me. What is up with that?

AMs: You expanded and broadened your perspective very quickly dear one. Though you are in a state of sustained connection with us and as such you are protected from darker beings, the power that came with you expanding your channels so quickly attracted lower beings. They will have no effect upon you, unless of course you allow them to.

Wes: Well I have no plans to do that, so I think we can move on.

AMs: Indeed dear one!

Wes: Man, you guys rock. I gotta say I can really feel this connection with you strengthening by the day. Instead of simply hearing or sensing you in my mind and mental channels, I am really beginning to be able to feel you.

AMs: We are so very happy to see this occurring dear Wesley! We knew, when you were sending us your disappointed prayers on the date that the portals were opened, that you would soon enough be feeling the consequences of such openings for yourself. Your world has truly reached a point of no return; all around souls are demanding their voices be heard, and this energy that has come from the worldwide protests is molding into something wonderful. You are all steering the energy of the 99 percent to productive places, places that are to see your individual freedom and sovereignty restored. Your Creator that oversees this universe hath told the extraterrestrial souls who are guiding you with your ascension and trying to make themselves known, that it was first required for you all to stand up for yourselves, to show a real interest in where your planet and where you as a collective is heading.

So very many souls have wanted to stand up for so long, but they were so worried that they would be standing alone. We can say that it is clear with happenings on your world that nobody will have to worry about that anymore! You are all the keepers of this world; what you have to say regarding your planet is more revered than even what Earth’s highest Council have to say on matters, as this planet is being run by you. At least it is beginning to be.

Wes: I was going to point out, friends, that we have let our world be run for us for quite a while now.

AMs: And look where that has taken you dear one! This is what we are trying to drive home – the fact that you are beginning to no longer let your world be run for you. Many have awoken from their slumbers, and not a moment too soon! Now as you all begin to stand up and let those who were running your world know that their time has passed, you are creating the New Earth in which you are all to be the rulers of!

Wes: I certainly can’t wait for that friends. How will it work, every one of us running this world?

AMs: We are so very glad you asked dear one! As you know, there are various programs for the Light underway that are to restore the wealth of the world to the people, to all of you who very dearly deserve it. The debt forgiveness and returning of wealth to the common man will go hand in hand with the highly revered announcements. You will be let know how you have been manipulated and deceived for so long as you steadily begin to enjoy a better and better Life. Indeed, the time ahead is going to be so very busy, but at the same time it is going to be uplifting, energetic and so wonderful. Many of you will feel for a time like you are in a dream world; a world you could imagine and be called a wishful thinker for imagining, but that would never actually be real or take shape on a world you perceive to be so unfair. The best part will be, that unfair world will have long disappeared!

As you all begin to learn about how you have been deceived and as you start to live better lives, you will find that abundance for all will result in much less crime and the general mood of the world being in a state of calm and peace. This will of course transpire after the hectic period that is sure to ensue when so many realize just how much they’ve been wronged. After those times pass and you begin to enjoy and settle into your new abundant Lives, your dark will naturally be disappearing from your world. By this we do not just mean the dark energy that will be departing, but rather those dark souls on your world who refer to themselves as the elite or the Illuminati. Indeed, many of you who are sensitive to the energies will wake up one day and feel much lighter, much more free. This will transpire when every last dark elite on your world is taken away to the motherships of your extraterrestrial friends, who will then keep them in a simulated environment that will be composed of fourth-dimensional Logos energy.

Do not assume dear ones, that just because your elite will be kept in holographic fourth dimensional environments, that they will be in some sort of mystical and heavenly reality, because this simply is not so. No dear ones, the fourth dimension is a bit dualistic in itself, in that it has established within it the realms that you have referred to as hell. Indeed, when one leaves the plain perspective of the third dimension, it is because they are either ascending with Love and Light, or because they are performing purely service-to-self-acts that are deeply based in darkness. Such souls ascend into the negative depths of the fourth dimension, what some have referred to as fourth density-negative. Those are the realms your dark will be kept in, but this is not to punish them. They will be kept in such realms because fourth density-negative is where they are at in their growth. Many of the elite on your world have fixed themselves on pure service-to-self attitudes and behaviors, and their refusal to give up power on your world is a prime example of that. As such, the holographic fourth density-negative environment on certain Andromedan Motherships is where they will be kept until their trials.

The trials of the elites on your world will be a spectacle that will be seen by all. These trials will take place shortly after the announcement period; the period of you all being informed of what has been happening and the period that you begin to settle into your new Lives. After said period will come the trails, and by then your dark will have learned so very much in their own personal hells, that they will more than likely have many somber worlds of grief and sorrow to share with the souls of humanity that they had lied to, manipulated, controlled and killed for so very long. We ask you all to show them as much compassion as possible when these souls make their sorrows before the world, because you will be able to hear such sorrows knowing that they can no longer manipulate you or your world anymore. You will know that they are truly speaking genuinely, and instead of showing them hate at their trials we ask you to remain compassionate and loving of these souls who will be bearing their hearts, the very hearts that will have been so stricken with grief and regret over what they have done to humanity.

We are not saying this will be an easy task; after you learn what they have done it will be difficult for nearly all of you, even those awakened, to be able to forgive them. Many of you do carry much compassion in you, but when it comes to hearing how much easier your Lives could have been, forgiving the souls that made them so hard will prove tougher than you may realize at present. However, by the time these trials really get underway, you will have been living very abundant and happy Lives while the dark on your world will have been forced to look themselves in the mirror. We do think that it will be easier for you to forgive the dark after you, as a collective have had some time to absorb the truths of what has been done on your world.

Wes: Thank you for that long and informative explanation friends. So what is to transpire after said trials?

AMs: After the trials of your dark, you will all have grown and learned so very much about the power of forgiveness and the power of sorrow alike. The trials will serve to awaken you even more than the announcements and abundance had. We will begin to introduce, once some time has transpired after the trials, the concept of fluid group dynamics.

Wes: Ah yes, fluid group dynamics. You have spoken of this through me before, as well as through Sheldan Nidle.

AMs: That is because it is an important subject for your world ear one. We will be teaching you all to work with each other. There will be worldwide, national and local governments set up, but these governments will in no way match the old governments that you are currently barely tolerating. No, these governments will be comprised of Councils, Councils that you will all be a part of. You will also have various ambassadors to other planets, as by this time Earth will have become a Galactic Civilization. You will all have a choice as to which position you wish to fulfill in your governments, and we know that many of you who live in downtrodden areas will first choose to stay and fix such areas up with the abundance that will have been granted to all, and you may then choose to move on to other things.

Many of you may in fact not wish to stay on Earth, you may wish instead to visit many other planets and realms. It is to be such an uplifting time as we mentioned earlier, and we know you cannot wait for all of this to transpire.

Wes: Thank you dearly friends. I would Love to continue this conversation forever (not sarcasm – I really would!) But I am beginning to grow tired. Do you have one last thing you would like to say to everyone?

AMs: Certainly dear Wesley! We would like you all take it easy these next few days, weeks and months ahead, knowing that no matter what happens that may serve to delay your ascension, the wonderful future you have been promised is very well within your reach. Though things on your world appear at present to be in chaos, everything is being maintained and all is under control by higher forces that were directed to your universe and your world straight from Source, and these souls were not funneled through various outlets to get to you. Rather, these souls arrived straight from the realms of Mother/Father God and are very advanced in helping a planet to ascend. Earth has been a special project, as rarely do we ever have an accelerated ascension of a whole planet of souls who had been controlled for a millennia. Despite all of that, your ascension is in the bag, and letting yourselves believe anything otherwise will serve to hold you back immensely. You are all Creators walking the Earth, we guide to you now to embrace your roles!!

Thank you to the Ascended Masters.

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