Circle of Seven: 11-11-11 and Those Who See


Circle of Seven via Chris Maurus

Teacher Ophelius:

Today we will talk about who will see the 11:11 time prompt and who will not. Most all of you reading this message have experienced, and will continue to experience, the Midwayer’s time prompt phenomena. Although, up until you searched for the meaning of this spiritual wake-up call, you were unaware of the “who” behind the “what” and you soon learned that sharing this information with those who are not prepared to receive it, can leave you feeling quite alone, and to the skeptics, like someone of unsound mind. As a result of this crushing reaction from those who are not ready to receive this information, you soon learned to keep your peace about it and look for kindred spirits for validation.

Those who are skeptical now, may at some future time, be found ready to receive the wake-up call when their Thought Adjusters feel their spiritual soil has been prepared. This state of readiness may not even occur in this life on earth, but will be deferred to the mansion world sojourn where their spiritual deficiencies will be corrected. Blessed are you my friends to be fertile in this life and in this time–the great Correcting Time where you become participants in the forward push for the enlightenment of your planet. You are the co-creators of God’s will for this time.

As we approach the apex of correction about to take place on your world, even those skeptics who once scoffed will take the seed of your “illogic” and ponder the validity of it as the illusion of their world crumbles around them. They will witness things that no human in the history of this planet has ever seen and will begin to realize there are greater things under heaven and on earth than the little illusion they have built up around them.

Take solace in this my friends that all things work to the good of those who persevere and stay the course without waver. The rewards for the Agondontor (those who believe without seeing) are quite honorable and there is a special place and preferred opportunity prepared for those who serve in this time. It is OK to feel “different” from those who still slumber and it is advisable for you to seek out those kindred spirits and share your experiences. It is by the sharing of these experiences that you multiply your spiritual wisdom, and this is the process of perfection attainment–to make mistakes, learn the better way, and then share this experience with others. When this is done on a planetary scale, this is progress.

Be understanding of your fellows who are skeptics and scoffers, for their time will come and they will be given the opportunity to awaken, and may in fact, be knocking on your door looking for the answers to their perplexities. The time lag of eternity has a way of bringing all things to light, for your time in the spot light is now, others will have to wait in the wings until they are ready to step onto the stage. Even now, we in the higher realms, applaud you to a curtain call.

Peace to you,

The Circle of Seven

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