Akashic Wisdom Keepers: An Explanation of the Cabal

Akashic Wisdom Keepers via Irma Kaye Sawyer

Q: Why would something like the cabal be able to exist? For some it is hard to believe in a beneficent God when such abuses are happening on the planet. What purpose do they serve and why were they here in the first place?

A: We will not go into the ET/alien lineage too much here, but just know that it is indeed true that there is a race of beings that has sought to overtake this planet and enslave its citizens for some time. This has been propagated to a certain extent due to “free will” that has been extended. Part of the explanation as to why certain members are born into such families has to do with both karma and consciousness level. Despite what some other popular religious teachings suggest, what happens around someone’s death is much more in alignment with Buddhist teachings in that one will experience the level of consciousness one had while embodied. One does not “get their wings” for example, if they led a life full of negative actions and was still in that consciousness when they pass over. On the other hand if someone has led a primarily negative life but consciously changed into a more positive person, this will have an effect on their consciousness after death and will positively effect their future incarnations.

It is indeed difficult to understand such a deep mystery as negativity existing on a level as the cabal. Be mindful to note why abuse and other methods are used to cause a split or disconnection in the personality. Human beings are born with an essential nature of light and good, a “Buddha nature.” This is why fear and abuse are used to move the individual away from this nature. It is well known that pain along with fear is a powerful aspect of the “dark” side of the universal energy. For many, they have been confused as to why Source has not stepped in and put a stop to this beforehand. We are not entirely clear as to why this negative “show” has been allowed to continue for such a time. We are clear that it is coming to an end and that is why the light workers, Adult Indigo and star beings of all kinds have incarnated on your planet and are continuing to do so. Just as there are those in times of war that need support and reorienting to a new way of life in peacetime, it will be the same with some of the cabal who have chosen to break away from their power and control. It is true what your David Wilcock and others have said, the souls that are carrying a much higher ratio of dark than light energy and show no remorse or desire to change, will at some point incarnate elsewhere. Yes there are planes of existence that are denser than your planet, especially now with all of the Light energies being shared with Gaia, in a steady flow.

As far as to what purpose they serve, they are a powerful impetus for you to gain sovereignty and personal freedom. Though dis-empowerment ultimately may be an illusion as you are all sparks of the Source, your planet for some time has been rife with distortions and illusions of all kinds. Ignorance of your own divine nature has been a large part of this, and a system has been put in place by the cabal to perpetuate their ends. This is also why we have been speaking about generating abundance and breaking free of poverty which can lower your vibration through fear by keeping you in “survival mode.” Beings are much easier to control and manipulate when they are preoccupied with their daily survival, and the cabal are well aware of this.

It is also helpful to view God/dess, Source as growing and expanding just as you are. It is evident that your planet is not entirely “perfect,” especially not at a 3D level. As we have often said; you are the hands, brain and heart of Source in this place. It is up to you to make positive changes, and many of you are doing this. The Wayshowers and other light workers upon the planet are creating pathways and other avenues for others to walk through. Know this, the days of the cabal are numbered, and you are among the ones that are making this so by your light, love and conscious awareness of the truth. Do not buy into the attempts of the dying empire to “divide and conquer.” Separation, along with fear have always been their greatest tools. You may be asking why we are speaking of them in terms of separation as there is only ONE of you here. This is true beloveds, but their karmic actions have been a “game changer” for them. This is spiritual law. It can be no other way. Go Shining. Shanti. ~ The Keepers, 10.15.11

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