Pleiadian High Council: Rest and Relaxation are Key

Pleiadian High Council via Karen Doonan

We are here to help guide and support ALL as the changes are now coming through and being integrated by YOU. For many of YOU the time has now come to realise that ALL that is guided is REAL. Many of YOU have until now been reading but not digesting and we guide that for many of YOU the time of digesting, of absorbing and of processing is now. This is needed for the changes that are about to become more apparent for YOU. For to not process the change in the way that YOU are is to walk in illusion. YOU are more than the reflection that YOU see in the mirror. Many are now beginning to FEEL this difference and to accept who they are.

We are the Pleiadian High Council and we come to guide ALL at this time. Many realms have guided and supported with words that are designed to help YOU question the reality that is all around YOU. It is more important than ever that ALL information is processed through the heart and not accepted at TRUTH without this processing. Illusion will make attempts to further push YOUr vibration back down to slow down the process of awakening and this needs to be highlighted and detached from. As many are now realising the ability to create the human life experience that YOU dreamed of is a reality. We note that many human BEings are now in control of the human life experience and as this expands and more and more human BEings begin to awaken at ever deepening levels this will accelerate.

The energies that flow across and within the planet have a direct affect on ALL life upon that planet. Many are now finding that they are able to see the patterns of how the human life experience works and are now harmonising with this pattern. Each human BEing will have their own cycle of energy and it is important to acknowledge and accept this cycle of energy. There will be times when YOU are full of energy, this is the creation stage of the energy cycle, other times YOU will feel drained and tired and this is the processing stage. BEing alert to the cycles, to work in those cycles will reduce the frustration that is arising within many across the planet. Illusion will teach at all times that human BEings must be DOING something and we guide strongly to detach from this illusion. If YOU are in the processing stage of human energy cycle and YOU continue to DO instead of honour the body and rest then the levels of frustration within YOU will rise sharply. This is a dance with illusion and may see the vibration of that particular human BEing fall as illusion once more takes hold of the reigns of the human life experience.

Rest and relaxation are key to moving through vast energy shifts and we cannot guide strongly enough to honour the body when going through these shifts. A new way of BEing is coming through for ALL humans across the planet and new ways of living must begin to emerge. This cannot happen if ALL cling to the old and the “usual” ways of living the human life experience. Human life experience is not a series of disappointments with tiredness and numbness as the key components, if this is YOUr life experience then illusion has taken hold once more.

We are keen to guide on the new energies that are coming through and to alert the human BEings across the planet of the new emerging in ways that will be much more obvious. We are aware that for many human BEings it is akin to living in two different worlds as those around them who are asleep do not notice or FEEL any difference to the world other than the raging chaos. When the new is embedded into the planet earth then the difference will become much more obvious to ALL. Even those who are only just awakening will be able to FEEL that much has changed. For many of YOU reading our words this will be the confirmation that YOU so long for as many around YOU who are asleep may constantly refuse to accept who YOU are. This will change, for the new earthis nearly here. We fully acknowledge that these words have been used by others and that many simply do not believe that the new will arrive. We guide that if this is YOU then please take this into the silence and process for the new FEELing is getting stronger. The new way of living is from the heart, YOU will not be able to FEEL from the mind, we guide ALL to detach from mind centred living as it no longer serves.

Many are now beginning to find that emotions that need clearing are coming to the surface at ever rapid rates. Many human BEings are in confusion as to all the hard work of clearing that has gone previously to find more is coming up to be cleared. We guide strongly to go with the process, the levels of cleansing will deepen as the level of awakening deepens. As the new energies embed and anchor across the planet earth then more and more human BEings will be able to connect to emotions from other life times, many situations of emotions that come to the surface are from these other life times and we guide ALL to be aware of this. When YOU cannot find a source for the feeling then take it into the silence, meditate and ask to be shown what it is that YOU wish to heal from, for YOU make the decision to heal and when it is time to deal with that healing YOU will have access to it.

We note that many who walk in the role of light worker still do not reach out to those around them who also work in the light worker role, to these human BEings we ask why? Who does it serve for YOU to struggle on and not enlist the help of YOUr fellow human BEings. ALL ARE ONE and separation is duality. Nothing is written that states that a light worker is somehow immune from the energy fluxes and dips and settling of vibration. It is important when FEELing off balance to rebalance for how do YOU help others in YOUr role of light worker if YOU are not balanced? Do not define YOUr capabilities through others, for this is to dance with illusion. It is not a reflection of YOUr abilities to enlist the help of others, for ALL ARE ONE.

We note that many are now realising the power of themselves and are now accepting that what they have FELT for years is TRUTH. We would like to guide on this, for many are making the decision that to have endured levels of TRUTH and to have done work on themselves on the ascension process somehow places them above other human BEings who share the planet with them. This is illusion dancing with the ego of the human BEing. For there are no levels as such of the ascension process, the ascension process is a play on words by illusion when it teaches. It will teach hierarchy and separation. The process is YOU unveiling TRUTH to YOU. That TRUTH was always within YOU, for YOU were seeded with TRUTH on incarnation, it is a remembering. ALL human BEings will remember at varying levels, with some leaping ahead and then taking time to process with others who process as they move through the levels. There is no ONE way to process TRUTH just as there is no one way to move through the ascension process.

Many of YOU left clear anchors and markers throughout this human life experience to enable YOU to find the way forward, many of YOU are now realising that to find an anchor is to remember. We guide that not ALL human BEings have done this and illusion will step in to guide that everyone has. Many are involved in long drawn out scenarios of uncovering information that has no relevance to who they ARE. We are not sure we are clear on this so we will guide further. Many human BEings believe that the more information that they can store within their BEing the more ascended they are, this is illusion and should be detached from. Human BEings are seeded with TRUTH, that TRUTH is YOUrs, it is not found in books, whilst books may help the remembering process, the actual memories are what is helping unveil TRUTH. Many are confused and frustrated and this is down to the teachings of illusion which has taught for long enough

on the planet earth that there is one correct way of BEing. This is a journey out of TRUTH if it is connected with. For many spend years and years of the human life experience drenched in the words and the experiences of other human BEings. Who does this serve to have YOU side tracked and not fully in the moment? Who does it serve to keep YOUr mind occupied and studying at all times? FEELings are held in the heart and not in the head. YOU are more than what is reflected in the mirror, this human life experience is a but a stop on the journey of YOU, know this.

Illusion will teach that knowledge is power and to a certain extent this is TRUTH but it has been distorted for the knowledge that is needed is that which is WITHIN YOU. The access to this knowledge is unlocked by the keys that YOU find within the human life experience, these keys are people, places, events that are experienced that help the memories to resurface. These are not always found in books, which again can be distorted as much has been distorted throughout the history of the human race. Words are played with by illusion, words are turned into smoke and mirrors and we guide strongly that information in any form is processed through the heart. For just as it is written in a form that commands attention does not mean it is seeded in TRUTH. Many human BEings across the planet still engage in the war of words that sees the vibration of both parties plummet. Realise that this is how illusion teaches and detach from this, to make a judgement on another is to be in separation, which is duality, illusion. There is NO right or wrong way to move through the process of ascension. It is vital that YOU stand in the power that is YOU. This does not mean shouting down those around YOU, it means that YOU are anchored in TRUTH, YOU are grounded in TRUTH and can clearly see ALL ARE ONE.

We are the Pleiadian High Council and we guide and support ALL at this time. Connect with the heart to the human life experience and FEEL the difference. This is time of vast change and the process is about to accelerate once more. BE grounded, be balanced and be in the heart. ALL ARE ONE.

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