Archangel Michael: Emissaries to Earth, Bring Forth Your Light

Emissaries to Earth, Bring Forth Your Light

Archangel Michael channeled by Meredith Murphy

Saturday, 17 September, 2011  (posted 23 September, 2011)

The Golden Dome of Light that exists as your multidimensional Stargate, is coming online. What this means is that each of you have access to greater amplifying capabilities of your own internal harmonics.  This is important for it is your own harmonics which broadcast and magnetize across dimensions, that which has harmonic resonance with you.  It’s how you create the experience of manifestation—the physical convergence of your experience with desires you have within your heart.  The increased amplification of your inner light temple.

I invite you to relate to your own sacred energy system as a temple—for you One with All-That-Is, with God, with Source Creation; sacred and holy.  Your energy system is the dwelling place of your consciousness, your awareness and also the means by which you are able to exist as a multidimensional energy systems capable of both interfacing locally and non-locally, meaning—with the whole vastness of being.

The amplification of your inner light temple allows you to let go of doing in ways that was not that easy for you to understand in the past.  It allows for creation in new ways.  Today I wish to explore this dynamic further and create greater understanding for you in opening yourself to this doorway of light.

We call this a doorway of light for light is energy and in your experience your ability to conduct and transmit light, of increasing intensity and of higher frequency is what creates enlargement of awareness and elevation of experience.  There is an opening to vaster light that is available to you, to merge more fully with the stream of aliveness which you already experience and it is calling out to you!

It is these waves of incoming light and your increasing ability to integrate and vibrate in resonance with them, that allows you to ride the ascending energies as part of the vector, as one with the energy–rather than having an experience of the energy, rather than being a more dense, rigid energy system which experiences as separate from itself and the knows the energies in ways that create great challenges and potentially great discomfort.

Stored within your DNA are elements of past civilizations and cultures.  We repeatedly remind you that these exist and that they emerge in divine timing.  In the Omni-verse, divine timing refers to alignment—geometric, galactic, cosmic–an energetic alignment.   What this means is that when you exist energetically at a frequency and within a compatible energy system, then this level of vibration automatically releases stored aspects of your DNA which are now able to be realized, understood, integrated, worked with, lived from.  It is these budding moments of time which are creating your continual experience of newness and of blossoming into your fuller self.

There is great joy and a thrilling sense of upliftment when one remembers key aspects of experience; for the energy system inherently recognizes the value of this information being re-instated.  This occurs in sequential fashion, although not in a linear fashion—sequential in terms of vibration, in terms of frequency—and it occurs in a spherically expanding fashion accessing various corridors of light, creating radiance, as your field spins and gathers itself into fuller awareness and opens to glimpses of infinite time.

One of the challenges you face increasingly in these coming days, is to take yourself and your awakening seriously.

The gap between those of you who have been the way showers, the early awakeners and the waves that quickly followed, and those who are still not aware of the broader dynamics in play and affecting their experience and the worldly events around them, is now quite enormous.

The challenge arises as you are increasingly called to bring your lifestyle into greater alignment with your vibration and your knowing.  Each of you are growing in your capacity to claim what you know and thiscreates a sacredness to your experience.  This appreciation of what is taking place is made by possible by embracing and trusting in the reality of the planetary ascension process, and it brings the element of the sacred to your lives and into your energy field.  It brightens the very nature of your energy.  It is this awareness which facilitates your ability to most fully engage with solar flares, with the energy transmitted by sacred places and ley lines of the planet, the fertile quality of water and the contact you have with your own multidimensional extensions of light.  This sacred tenor of your vibration is urging you to bring your material expression into full alignment with your spiritual essence.

Knowing how to do this, in a family, community, in society and in a world in which many are still unaware of the presence of these ideals and experiences you know to be quite real, requires bravery, courage, wisdom and most of all faith.

One of the primary things you may do which will nourish your faith is to take yourself and your experiences seriously and to cultivate the things in your life which validate and encourage you in doing so.  This may include building relationships with other Lightworkers who you resonate with—near or far, reading inspirational information, creating rituals and practices—avoiding habits, but returning to a reverent, focused, sacred orientation and appreciation–on a daily basis being present in ways which keep you connected to your stream, regardless of the way people around you live.

You cannot hold other people to your ideals and values; for this will only create conflict and suffering for both of you.  Instead, using the enormous strength which you may underestimate and yet has been amply demonstrated throughout your own courageous awakening, release any last remaining vestiges of ego-dominance and engage your mind in finding ways to be loving and peaceful to these other beings, while living life on your own terms.

See them in your mind-heart vision as allowing you to be in your own energy field and you allowing them theirs.  You will very naturally entrain them to your higher frequency as they are able to shift toward it.  So that which you are capable of offering to them, in a desire to share your bliss, happens organically and with no need on your part to exert an effort.  The focus that will benefit you most, is to create a joy-filled life that reflects these indisputable values you hold so dear and realize the impact that will truly have energetically throughout the cosmos.

The sacred dome of light opening within you is a virtual antennae; used for broadcasting and receiving multidimensional communication.  It is a vertical conduit for energy which exists within you and it open to the vastness of being.  The sacred dome is an etheric opening to the planes of light that exist beyond your local experience on the Earth.  This energetic transmitter resides within your energy field naturally, nestled within your heart chakra and it is the sacred multidimensional temple of your being.  Each of you exists as an energetic temple of light, embodying the potent uplifting energies of Source Creation as filtered and configured by your own energetic blueprint.  This energetic genesis point can be expanded into a Stargate.  It can allow you to travel and transmit between points and beyond dimensional boundaries.  It facilitates expanded communication with your star, angelic, or other soul and start families and allows you to use your physical body as a means of bringing the energy from these other locations into the Earth plane.  It is an expansion of the very channeling you innately do by conducting your own life force energy.  It is an enlarged capacity of your human vessel and it places you in a powerful position to participate in creating the New Earth.

The doorway to this Stargate within you exists in your heart chakra and is enabled by your clearing of this as well as your solar plexus and throat chakras.  Your will and your voice are essential to actualizing the potential of this functionality.  The capability is also facilitated by the sacred perspective toward your life experience as well as the refinement of your energy field to actualize your own living Merkaba in expanded ways beyond the initial potential of this configuration.  Not all of you are preparing to open your field yet in these ways, but for many of you it is being initiated as you are preparing to become the multidimensional embodiment of your expansive focus, grounded and flowing through the focus of your human energy field.

The meditation process that opens you most easily to discovering, connecting and further opening the presence of this Stargate is toning.  The process of intuitively toning your own sound.  By playing the vibrational keys which open you to expanded awareness and then once you have discovered and established the resonant tones, repeating these, using them to cultivate a state of  great bliss and expansiveness while remaining grounded.  This is a process of synching yourself and opening and connecting various grid alignment points and etheric energetic overlays.  You will know when to stop and once you have activated your field through this process, you may initiate communication and/or travel to Cities of Light of your choosing.  Although many of you may travel to Cities of Light in meditations already, you are creating an access point within, you own portal in this process that allows you to access many points and cities of light.  Cities of Light may also be accesses powerfully and directly while visiting sacred sites where Cities of Light exist, and to invite or request access.  You may also request to be allowed entry and to travel there in your dreams.

This process of learning and establishing a reliable connection with yourself in this fashion and to begin, then to consciously explore the Cities of Light connected with your own lineage is an important element to embracing your role as a multidimensional emissary of your own soul family, on Earth.

I invite you to begin this process by joining with me in the Etheric Temple located at Lake Louise in Canada.  The vortex system located there is my Earthly refuge; it is a powerful sacred location and you may visit this by asking three times to enter and stating your desire to receive whatever experience, activations, information and connections that will benefit you at this time.  I welcome you there and am available at any time that you would wish to commune with me– with the Legion of Michael or in a more intimate setting.  The most beneficial arrangement will come forth unless you specify your intention.  It is a great joy to share the energetic frequency of this place with any of you who wish to become familiar with the gifts present and to commune there with me.

You are going to discover in the coming months that the call to open up and create a multidimensional lifestyle is urging and pressing from within you in all kinds of ways.  2012 is a year in which the emergence of the multidimensional lifestyle will be visible in those of you on the leading edge as you begin to remember the ancient ways and teachings of collaboration and co-creation and refresh these anew with the modern, divine knowing of your true nature.

You will experience this as pressure–for it will be increasingly difficult and you will find old ways of living incompatible with your vibration which is increasingly refined.  It will be felt as pressure because you are feeling the impulse, strongly, to express and create in ways that are not already apparent.  You will feel yourself and this strong energy urging to be given form and focus.  So this is the source of the pressure–do not concern yourself with this feeling in a way that is negative or of concern; recognize it as the impulse to birth something new!  Simply allow yourself to be altered and remade by the flow of your own energy and the transformative powers of your own inherent light.

You have made this possible through your impeccability and your faith.  It is the immense passion for life and love along with your endurance and self-love throughout the difficult moments, which is preparing you for initiating the New Earth through your own example of multidimensional living.  The Earth is comprised of secret agents!  Emissaries from many star, angelic and other families of the vastness of being.  Realize that your focus is a convergence point facilitating your own lineage flowing into, merging and participating in the creation of the New Earth.  Allow your lifestyle to begin reflecting that which intuitively speaks to you.  This will shape your environment, the way you relate to all of life on Earth, the care of your body and mind, the expression of yourself through work and relationships, the things that you are drawn to as experiences of ease, joy, fun and adventure, the level and quality of abundance which resonates and supports your thriving—all of this will be unique and reflect Spirit as flowing through the particularity of you.

So remain steadfast in your faith.

Remind yourself that you are the energy—the energy is not happening to you.  And return to an awareness of this next stage of embodying your fullest light.  It is far more than you may realize what takes place by your conscious awareness of the procession of evolution taking place upon the planet.  It creates a collective awareness of the possibility of understanding life and of being; so you being conscious and returning to a clear, aware understanding of what is underway, makes that viewpoint more accessible for others.  I invite you to reflect upon this transmission, particularly beautiful would be to reflect upon this in communion with nature, and to discern your sense of its relationship to your aliveness at this point.

I welcome even greater communion and collaboration with you!  I am available to you in all ways and at all times.

I AM Archangel Michael.

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