The Pleiadian High Council: The Hardest Part of Ascension is Accepting That It’s Real

space cloudsThe The Pleiadian High Council via Wes Annac

There is no doubt in our minds that the subtle disclosures you are experiencing with your media are to snowball into a full worldwide disclosure announcement. Your media has even as of late been broadcasting the ‘infighting’ of the last dark cabal to you all*, and if you haven’t noticed local and national reports of our starship sightings have increased tenfold in quite a short amount of time. This is a part of the planning process and we are now entering the period for action, for true changes upon your physical plane. Dear souls, these changes cannot happen without the majority of you breaking free from your personal darkness that you have harbored during your earthly adventures. Now that so many of you have seen past this darkness and transmuted it, the transmutations are now manifesting physically and you are to see more evidence of this in the immediate period ahead. We never know just when the big moment will occur, if we did and if we were sure your dark were not monitoring these channelings (as they are) we would tell you dear souls in a heartbeat! Disclosure and First Contact are very important events on your world, and to the best of our abilities we wish to keep you informed at all times as to what is going on.

The ‘models’ of communication between us at present are previews of the models of communication we are to soon be enjoying with eachother. Make no mistake dear souls, any and every soul reading our messages are communicating with us and connecting to our energy. This has been revealed to you many times, and we wish for some that the ‘realism’ of that truth will set in.  We are with you always, as long as you want us to be. We honestly and openly share with you events as they are to manifest, and we wish we could share more with you but as mentioned before your dark ones are still monitoring these channelings. We speak not of any specific messages or messengers, just know that there are many sites featuring many channeled messages that are monitored by souls who get paid to do the dark’s bidding. Our Divine messages spread far and wide thanks to your internet, regardless of the channeler or website they were originally posted on. There are very few spiritually oriented websites that do not go unnoticed by these divisions of what you would term the ‘private industry’, as there are countless numbers of souls who’s job it is to find these sites and discredit them. The strict and suffocating methods that are used to prohibit you from learning new information and growing as a result are to be transcended in the times ahead. The  illusory power the dark holds over so many will absolutely be diminished shortly after the disclosure event.

Dear souls, First Contact with your space family and the disclosure of our existence and the existence of our technology is quite crucial to your planetary awakening, but we wish you to know that they are only small parts of the awakenings you are experiencing personally at this time. Many have attempted to convince themselves to wait until we arrive on your world as a sign that ascension is real, we wish you to know that you will only be met with difficulty while attempting to follow this path. Growing and ascending past the false teachings and ways of Living you have for so long been immersed in requires a Loving acceptance that the changes you are going through are very real. Many hardworking souls of the Light on your world have still at times found themselves butting heads with doubt, these happenings are necessary to expose those parts of yourselves that still need to be transmuted, as those parts are still based in illusion.

When those feelings of doubt creep up on you, recognize them for what they are and forgive yourself for ever doubting your own personal spirituality. Along with this, transmute those disheartened feelings by affirming that the part of you still based in doubt be ‘moved over’ to the part of you that couldn’t be more certain that ascension is real. There are so many Divine layers of reality waiting to be tapped into, but truly accessing these planes of existence requires a strict belief that what you are experiencing is completely real. Dear souls, the astral planes you visit when ‘dazing off’ are more real than the earthly reality you are immersed in. Bring your awareness to these levels of creation, as your personal astral levels are the levels of existence closest to you beyond your earthly experience of reality, which is why so many of you find yourselves visiting familiar places when in these travels or when lucid dreaming.

With the latest increase in the purity of the energies being sent through your Divine Violet Flame, many are now finding the aforementioned astral levels are getting easier and eaiser to access. This is a part of your ascension process, a huge part might we add, and you consciously returning to these planes in full knowledge that they are real completely solidifies your kickstart to full consciousness.  To all dear souls who are accessing these planes of reality and finding it now so easy to do so, we say to you this is only beginning! There are quite many souls who have been astral traveling for a long time, and even for them the intensity and reality of the experience has begun getting stronger. This is your personal ascension at work, regardless of what level of evolution you find yourselves at.

For those souls who have not yet experienced astral travel or who are hesitant to think in the direction of astral travel, we tell you that it is a very simple and wonderful process to engage in. The hardest part is accepting that the travel you are undergoing is real. We are aware that we have repeated the ‘know this is real’ message quite many times even in this communication, but it is a point that needs to be stressed in these times especially. We are working to root out the seeds of doubt that many have developed towards their Divine abilities. Dear souls there are many reasons this doubt is prevalent in your thoughts and energy patterns.

Many of you found yourselves condemed and even put to death in ‘distant’ times because of your
Divine abilities. Many are aware of the fabled Salem witch trials, your history books have gone a long way in explaining these matters but like everything else the real truth as to what was occuring has been hidden and smeared away from general perception. Your history books tell you that the Salem witch trials were brought about through religion and fear of the unknown, this is only partially correct. The Salem witch trials and subsequently all witch trials of that time had arosen from what you would term ‘spiritualists’ showing off their Divine powers and abilities. Around the times of the beginning fears and trials, there was a huge leap in energy which sent those souls who were already harnessing their
Divine gifts a much needed boost in their healing and Love giving powers. Many if not most of you Lightworkers incarnate on Earth at this time were these very spiritualists that were harnessing the abilities that resulted from these energy boosts.

Like Master Jesus had done long before, many of you as a result of your boost in spiritual energy were preaching your truth and showing others your abilities. The most important teaching you were all trying to get out was that every soul has access to those Divine abilities, and as a result of those preachings many more souls turned away from the religions they had immersed themselves in and fully joined the Light. Those who were keeping a tight grip on the unawakened souls’ energy through religion became aware of what they perceived as this ‘problem’ very fast. They worked very quickly to spread fears among the general populace regarding these healing abilities and the many souls who were now practicing them. Quickly every soul who was taking part in what was supposed to be a Divine gift for all to use and enjoy was branded a ‘witch’ and the dark ones of the time got very many to fear, fear, fear. That has always been their game dear souls, to get you to fear anything you don’t understand. They try to get you to fear death and what may lie beyond, and overall they try to get you to fear us and extraterrestrial presences upon Earth. Back in the ‘witch’ times we were of no real concern to them, as their main focus was on eliminating all of the souls turning toward spirituality and Divine practices.

Dear ones, this condemnation of your abilites and for some, death because of those abilities resulted in many of you burying these abilities and beliefs deep down inside of you. Where at first in those times we were looking forward to many of you ascending personally, instead only a few ascended and most were started on yet another cascading path down into the darker, denser and lower dimensions as a result of the fear created and held within you in those times. Now you have all seen past these fears and recognized them for their true illusory nature, and we are so proud to be seeing this occuring. Dear souls, you have made it!!

We are the Pleiadian High Council, and we quite enjoy coming before you all to share our wisdom and experience with you. We are delighted that so many of you are beginning contact with us, dear souls the ‘channelers’ you see on the internet are but a small, small portion of souls on Earth whom have opened up contact with us and with their personal and spiritual guides. Now is the time to make this contact!! Now is the time to feel yourself on your personal astral planes, and begin exploring a level of creation in which you are infinite!! You will find very soon these higher realities existing ‘side by side’ with your own. Many will not yet understand what we mean by this, but so many more understand us completely as they are feeling this advancement for themselves.

We send all our Purest energies of Love and Light at all times, we ask you to pick up on our Logos and anchor it into your being fully.

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council.

*I believe the ‘broadcasts of infighting’ our Pleaidian friends are referring to are the recent happenings with Dick Cheney and those around him bickering about eachother in interviews.

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