Cosmic Awareness: Elenin and Nibiru Not to Be Feared

QUESTIONER:  This is from Ted Helinski.  It concerns Comet Elenin, Planet X and Nibiru.  Excerpts from two commentaries by Alexandra Bruce and Mark Brander are offered for consideration and validation. The first one by Alexandra Bruce: “The passage of Comet Elenin later this year with what may be the brown dwarf twin to our Sun; wild speculation about Elenin and Nibiru is an organized disinformation campaign, agreed to by M. Brander who added this to confuse the 2012 pole shifting event.”  Is there any comment on that first part please?

COSMIC AWARENESS:  Not at this moment.  Please proceed.

QUESTIONER:  The comments by Mark Brande, “Nibiru was discovered by NASA and it is estimated to be 5 times the size of Earth. Elenin was discovered just last year and it is a mere 4 miles in diameter.  The images of Nibiru are red and the images of Elenin are green.  The path and projected trajectory of Nibiru is an outer orbit event.  The path and trajectory of Elenin show it to be an inner orbit event that will place it between the Earth and the sun. Elenin arrives this fall in 2011 while Nibiru is scheduled to arrive late next year in 2012. Nibiru is definitely large enough to pull on the earth and cause a pole shift. Elenin will not. I am very suspicious of the new 38,000-mile near-miss trajectory posted for Elenin that was scrubbed from a NASA chat board.  The 18 discrepancy was very substantial and should have been caught sooner than it was.  This certainly could be more disinformation to confuse us, cause a scare, and then put people to sleep when nothing happens with the passing of Elenin.”  Your summary comments please?

COSMIC AWARENESS: There are several comments this Awareness wishes to make at this time.  The smaller planetoid sphere that is approaching the Earth, Elenin, is indeed an inhabited space vessel.  It is of the Galactic Federation forces and its oncoming is seen by those in power at this time as a hostile event, for they understand that the reinforcements being brought on this smaller body of Elenin is of sufficient number to shift the control and balance on the planet and to allow a First Contact event that has been long prophesied.  There are many interesting events relating to this planetoid, this small hollowed out planet that has been converted into a space vehicle.

It is an event that should be celebrated, for with the arrival of the Galactic Federation forces (which have somewhat been stymied from initiating the plan that had been formulated) it will be reinforced to a point where they can overcome the threats that those in power made to the Galactic Federation should they show themselves in First Contact.  The director of NASA recently put out a directive to his employees, to those working in NASA that was filmed and distributed on YouTube, a warning to be prepared for the event of offworld humans coming to the planet.  It was a confusing, mysterious message and directive from the director of NASA, indicating that something was up, and something is about to happen.

This event, of course, is not imminent in the next few weeks but is seen to be an event that will correlate with the energies and upheavals that this Awareness has already spoken of that will occur around the end of October 2011.  This is not an accident, this is not an oversight, but is definitely planned.  The director’s message and warnings can be interpreted as a panic reaction, for he of course is part of the Elite, part of the controllers, and these are the ones fearful of this event, for they know it may well create difficulties for them and the hidden government of the world and the New World Order’s plans for the complete enslavement of humanity, the taking over of humanity.

Therefore, even though this gentleman’s reactions are of a negative nature because he is scared of the implication, this Awareness is saying that for the majority of humanity this is an event that holds much promise, and will indeed help the shift of consciousness at this time.  This Awareness also wishes to point out that one of the planet’s leading science fiction writers many years ago wrote a novel entitled Rendezvous with Rama, where it was postulated that a small planetoid space vessel would approach Earth in 2010 and that the visitors inside would somehow assist humanity in stepping forward, in freeing themselves from their limited ways of thinking and being.

Again, this was an event that was foreseen many years ago that is playing itself out now.  The parallels of a small planet approaching Earth that may well be filled with extraterrestrial humanoid beings is a message that was given to Arthur C. Clarke decades before, for it had always been planned to bring this vessel.  It has been underway for a long period of time, longer than the decades between the book and this event coming to fruition, and therefore Arthur C. Clark was given, through interesting individuals who contacted him, this information and he went on to write this book.  It is not so much that he predicted it as Nostradamus might have predicted future events; it is not of that nature.  It is more that he took information that he was given and formulated his book from that information.

This is often so for many who seem to be ahead of their times in what they are writing.  Often the information is not given in conscious form.  It is not as if an alien knocks on their door and presents this information.  Sometimes it is given to them in the dream state, at the unconscious levels, as a seed, a thought that they work with and develop into a book or into their predictions.  This is often how it has been that new and novel thoughts are introduced into the collective mind, into the consciousness of a select few that then are brought into reality.  Inventions often are of this nature.  The telephone is such. Alexander Graham Bell may have been given credit for being the inventor of the telephone, but in truth several others also were receiving that information, and another also invented a similar device, but he did not patent it quickly enough.

This is all indication of how extraterrestrial beings often implant seed thoughts into the minds of those who are able to receive, even those who are their own agents, who have chosen to live on earth during the times. This all has but little to do perhaps on one level with the planetoid that is arriving in Earth’s proximity in a very short while, but this Awareness is indeed saying that this event will be one to celebrate, for it is of the highest nature and the highest benefit and good for humanity.

The matter of Nibiru is entirely different and it is very much as suggested in this article, that it is an outer path experience or event, although this Awareness will say that Nibiru’s effect on a physical level will not be as devastating as many are predicting.  It will be more that its energies will be in alignment with the planets, the planetary alignment that this Awareness has already spoken of, that which forms the tunnel or corridor through which the energies of the Divine, of the Light, will pass through and inundate the planet, creating a splitting of the two planets, Planet A and Planet B. Nibiru’s influence on this will be like a key that opens the door and allows the energies to flow.  It is as if it will be a type of final magnifying glass through which the energies pass that have an effect on the planet.  This is seen as part of the plan to shift planetary consciousness at that time. This Awareness simply says to pay attention to things that are reported that seem contrary to what one would expect to hear.  For example, the director of NASA speaking out, warning his employees to prepare themselves for an extraordinary event.  Although he did not use these exact words, he did speak in hidden phrases, in cloaked terms, but he was speaking about events that when one truly listened to what is being said are indeed most extraordinary implications and predictions of events about to happen.  This Awareness is complete.

QUESTIONER:  Just one question. Was he directed to speak out or was this on his own initiative?

COSMIC AWARENESS:  It is seen that this was on his own initiative.

QUESTIONER:  Congratulations to him, thank you.

COSMIC AWARENESS:  There is no congratulations necessary for he was warning others who are part of the regime of control. Not all of the employees are in the loop, like most of the higher officials he was talking to.  He was giving a direct message; a warning to those who are not in the loop he indeed felt would never understand what he was talking about.  It was a veiled message to his cohorts that is to help them understand to buy gold, to provide provisions; for in his mind, for those in control there is a danger in this planet that is approaching: Elenin, but this is not seen by this Awareness as being so. This Awareness feels there will be more to be spoken on this matter at a later date

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  1. One thing we seem to be undergoing, regardless of what the future will bring, is compression. Whether by an approaching body, or AGN GRBs, we are seeing our gases compress. NASA says due to the CME but I think more explanation is required.
    But the compression are what makes us uniquely intelligent. All intelligence is local; and this locality undergoes compression of gases and matter. Have a wonderful 2012.

  2. hi , from 15th of May Club in POLAND, in short, several years ago Pleiadians promised to come with help…..15th of May 2012, is exactly 64 years, since State of Israel was created….and that date , 26 000 years in office for YHWH, just expires……take letter of English alphabet, as number, to reveal Universal Chess Players : Y-H-W-H = Z-I-O-N = A-H-R-I-M-A-N = I-S-R-A-E-L = G-A-O-T-U = 64….that is visible element of Universal Plan……………….and Universal Laughter…

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