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New Study Proves Our Brains are Intricately Connected to the Universe at the Quantum Level

By Truth | The Healers Journal — Oil painting by Urs Schmid (1995) of a Penrose tiling using fat and thin rhombi. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) At a fundamental level, your brain and the…


The Holographic Nature of the Universe: Understanding How Reality Works

HJ: What we experience as day to day reality is not what it seems to be at first glance.  Our ideas about the world and our place in it are culturally and socially…


The Basics of Quantum Healing: Understanding the True Nature of the Human Body, Mind and Spirit

HJ: If you are at all interested in understanding how reality operates and specifically how the human body, mind and spirit fit into this framework, then read on.  Deepak Chopra demonstrates here why…


Biophoton Research Proves That the Human Body is Actually Made of Light

HJ: This is truly a case of science catching up with spirituality.  Spiritual masters throughout the ages have long been alluding to the fact that the body is made of light and the…


The Role of Quantum Physics in the Mystical State of the Near-Death Experience

HJ: Quantum physics is beginning to offer explanations of some very interesting areas of the experience of consciousness.  What we are witnessing is the bridging of science and spirituality, which is long overdue.  While the…


The 7 Quantum Physics Theories That Explain How Everything is Made of Energy

HJ: It’s pretty common to hear people tossing around the idea that everything is made of energy and that thoughts can create reality, but just what is the basis for these ideas and…


What Do Quantum Physics and the Ancient Philosophy of Tantra Have in Common? Everything.

HJ: Science has taught us that what can’t be proven is suspect, but what if science is only now able to prove what the ancient mystics knew all along? Does that then change…


Using Matrix Reimprinting to Rewrite Your Past and Transform Your Future

HJ: We typically think of time as a linear experience, when in fact it is multidimensional in nature.  The past, present and future all exist simultaneously and we can alter both the past…


The Quantum Physics Behind the Power of Positive Thinking

HJ: In the ever expanding community of conscious individuals, the idea that thinking positively has very real effects has grown in popularity quite wildly over the last few decades, and for good reason….

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Cell Biologist Proves How Emotions Can Change Your DNA

HJ:  The irony of the title to this article is that science is not really ‘proving’ anything, it is simply offering an explanation for a timeless spiritual truth that exists as a fundamental…

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