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“This Is Just The Beginning” As LIBOR-Manipulation Liabilities May Top $176bn

HJ: Big thanks to Tyler at Zero Hedge for keeping the ball rolling on the LIBOR scandal saga.  This is far from over and truly is in need of a major media revival….


NY Attorney General Schneiderman Subpoenas 7 Banks in Growing LIBOR Scandal

HJ: Well this just keeps getting more and more interesting.  Despite a near media blackout on the LIBOR scandal, it keeps growing!  This is the sign of something truly phenomenal.  I can’t say…


JPMorgan Chase Libor Subpoenas Coming From Everybody In The World

HJ: Great to hear that investigators are keeping the ball rolling on this investigation.  After falling off the map for a while, the LIBOR scandal was beginning to look like it was getting…

Wall Street Banks Are Throwing Each Other Under The Bus In LIBOR-Gate

HJ: This article managed to break through the media blackout on the LIBOR scandal.  As the crisis deepens, we see them resorting to the ‘everyone for themselves’ mentality.  What is interesting here is…


Barclays Faces New UK Probe and US Lawsuits

HJ: Again, the momentum continues with the LIBOR Scandal.  The banks are finally losing control of their grip on the world markets.  Another canary in the coal mine signaling the death throes of the…


Zero Hedge: Li(e)bor – The Cartel Emerges

HJ: Another excellent article from Tyler Durden over at Zero Hedge.  His impeccable research brings us another expose on the true extent of the collusion between banks and traders in the ongoing LIBOR scandal.  This…


LIBOR Scandal Escalates: Italian Police Raid Barclays Over Rate-Fixing

  HJ: The LIBOR Scandal continues to escalate, which takes us one step closer to the rise of the new financial system.  I continue to be surprised and impressed by authorities worldwide not…


Royal Bank of Scotland Drawn into Libor Scandal as Banks Learn Scale of Review

HJ: As should be obvious to anyone following this scandal by now, every major bank is implicated and those that have not yet will be.  This scandal is finally shining the light on…

Major Bank Chief Admits Industry is in Deep Crisis

HJ: More collateral damage from the LIBOR scandal.  While news is still surfacing about this ongoing banking enquiry, it is being overshadowed by the Colorado shootings and the Olympics.  Coverage on the Healers…


Tim Geithner Admits LIBOR Fraud and Costing Taxpayers Huge Amount

HJ: As the days go by, the cabal digs themselves further and further into the hole that they have created for themselves.  The question at this point is, it this all intentional or…

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