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5 Powerful Practices to Strengthen Your Mind and Amplify Your Courage

HJ: Inner strength is a decision.  A choice to act in a certain way regardless of circumstances.  A commitment to yourself to step outside of your comfort zone when needed and live like…


10 Pieces of Timeless Spiritual Wisdom to Help You Get Through Hard Times

HJ: We all face challenges at various points in our life, but like anything, it’s not the challenge itself, but how you perceive it and go about dealing with it that makes all…


Living Courageously: How to Conquer Your Fears

HJ: Living courageously is the simple act of refusing to accept less than what you are capable of.  Fear is your greatest roadmap to living courageously because it points you in the precise…


How to Manifest Your Destiny With Imagination, Devotion and Courage

HJ: There are certain ‘key traits’ that one needs to develop and cultivate if they truly wish to begin manifesting their destiny and ultimately begin creating their lives according to the larger vision…


Living Courageously: 5 Ways to Overcome Your Fear and Live a Life of Passion

HJ: Fear is a biological mechanism designed to keep us safe and alive, however, when we react fearfully to situations that do not threaten our survival directly, it begins to cause problems in…


How to Use Yoga and Meditation to Cultivate Courage: 5 Steps to Overcoming Fear

HJ: Yoga and meditation are much more than just a way to feel good and stay centered.  They are powerful tools for self healing and transformation.  Like anything in life, we get what…

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