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How to Majorly Shift Your Level of Happiness in Just 3 Days

HJ: From one moment to the next you can become an stay ecstatically happy.  All it takes is a shift in perception and how you live your life… – Truth The 3-Day Happiness…


The Law of Manifestation: How to Turn Your Thoughts and Dreams into Reality

HJ: Manifestation is an art and like an art, it requires practice to master. Most people forget this fact. Furthermore, there is far more to it than just thinking positive thoughts and visualization….


How to Access Your Soul Consciousness

HJ: Most people live from their mind… very few live from their soul consciousness, which is most in alignment with your true divine nature. – Truth Trusting Your Soul To Produce The Outcome…


5 Powerful Ways to Get Rid of Negative Thoughts and Enjoy Lasting Peace of Mind

HJ: The quality of your life is a reflection of the quality of your thoughts and so look not without but within to make your shifts. – Truth 5 Easy Ways to Uncomplicate…


How to Let Go of Expectations So You Can Experience Deep Peace and Joy in Every Moment

HJ: Let go of expectation and the beauty and wisdom of life comes pouring in to your experience, bringing with it great peace and joy… – Truth How Expectations Undermine Our Relationships and…


The Art of Self-Love: How to Put an End to Negative Self-Talk

HJ: Negative self-talk is a sign of deeper emotional wounds and limiting beliefs that need to be cleared out.  When you do that, EVERYTHING shifts—your thoughts, your physiology, your mood and most importantly…


A Powerful Guided Meditation For Awakening and Activating Your Chakras

  Guided Meditation to Open Up Your Energy Centres By Marc Allen — Meditation is simple. In fact, one of the most difficult things about it is that it is so simple. Most…


How to Silence Your Inner Critic and Free Yourself From Negative Self Talk

HJ: Your inner critic is the voice of your subconscious, which harbors all the limiting beliefs and emotional wounds you’ve picked up in a lifetime.  As you work through these, removing them and…


10 Ways to Get Your Life Unstuck and Move Back Into the Realm of Infinite Possibilities

HJ: You only get stuck when you momentarily forget that anything is possible at all times.  It’s a trap of the rational/logical mind and one that you can shift out of by reconnecting…


The 12 Keys to a Deeply Nourishing and Loving Relationship

HJ: Your relationship will always be a reflection of you.  Of your greatest qualities and attributes and your most unhealed wounds and beliefs and everything in between.  Look not without, but within and…

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