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Master Acupuncturist and Herbalist Shares His Top Recommendations for Improving Health and Digestion

HJ: Both Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine share a strong focus on digestive health because they realize the fundamental truth that nearly all illness begins with imbalance in this area.  Many of the primary…


The Top 12 Health Habits Acupuncturists Wish Wish Everyone Would Remember

HJ: If a master healer, after years of practice and study, gave you their highest recommendation for health, would you listen?  Would you take their advice? I would certainly give the suggestion great…


How Energy Travels in the Body: The Meridian System and It’s Effects on Your Health

HJ:  The meridian system in the human body is the basis for many different healing modalities.  Three that immediately come to mind are acupressure, acupuncture and EFT (emotional freedom technique).  What do they…


How to Eat For Greater Health and Harmony: A Chinese Medicine Perspective

HJ: In the West we are typically focused on the nutritional value of foods.  We simplify everything in terms of vitamins, minerals, fats, protein and carbs and think that balancing these elements with…


How Understanding The Balance of Yin and Yang Energy Can Lead to Greater Health and Happiness

HJ: In the West we tend to view health, nutrition and diet from a purely physical, scientific standpoint.  We often focus on getting the correct amounts of vitamins, minerals, carbs, fats, proteins and…


How to Use Simple Acupressure Points to Overcome Fear and Anxiety

HJ: Fear and anxiety create energetic responses in the body that be controlled and modulated through the use of specific pressure points (otherwise known as acupressure) on the body.  While these will not…

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