Working With The Forces of the Subconscious Mind

HJ: If you are at all interested in working with and clearing the subconscious mind, you are highly encouraged to enter your email address to the right to download the Healers Journal meditation…


Discovering and Working With Your Archetype

HJ: Knowing ones archetype allows for a greater understanding of the personality and self, which is intimately linked to spiritual growth.  Archetypes are classical representations of different personality types who all carry great…

The Art, Experience and Science of Shifting Your Personal Timeline

The Art, Experience and Science of Shifting Your Personal Timeline By Truth | The Healers Journal — While responding to comments on an article that was recently posted on the Healers Journal, I…


Setting the Foundation For 2013 With Spiritual Cleansing

HJ:  There are many ways to engage in spiritual cleansing.  One can meditate, pray, use metaphysical techniques, crystals, incense… the list is endless.  While some techniques are certainly more involved and powerful than…


Your Perception of the Ascension Defines It’s Effects in Your Life

HJ: The concept being explained here is quite simple, really.  Our perception defines our reality.  If you believe something to be so, it is so.  So if you believe that the Ascension has occurred and…


Yahweh: The Work of Building the New World Begins

HJ: A lot of groung is covered in this latest message from Kathryn E. May, PsyD.  Yahweh mentions many world events that have been reported on the Healers Journal and even in the…


Asking Yourself How Many Have I Served and How Well?

HJ: This is a highly thought provoking message from Cosmic Awareness (lets be honest — when aren’t they?).  I think many will be able to take some wisdom that will be of great…

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Emmanuel Dagher: January 2013 Energy Forecast – The In Between Stage

HJ: I am a big fan of Emmanuel Dagher.  His words deeply resonate with me and it is obvious that he is speaking from a place of wisdom and deep caring for all….


2013: The Keys to Healing and Balance

HJ:  Irma Sawyer offers us some general guidance and words of wisdom for the upcoming year as well as a guided visualization practice that can be used to cleanse the aura and balance…


DL Zeta: Our Movement into the New Time is Vertical, Not Linear

HJ: Spiritual growth is based on vibrational frequency.  Take heed of these words of wisdom from DL Zeta: “This new passage we have entered is about raising our vibrational frequency to enter timelines…

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