Healing From Within: How to Awaken Your Inner Healing Abilities

HJ: Everything you need to thrive is within you.  Your health (mental, emotional, physical) is simply a reflection of your internal dynamics.  Your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, diet, etc.  If you seek true healing look not without, but within.

– Truth

Healing From Within – How To Awaken Your Inner Light

By Áine Sands | Wake Up World


It seems that there comes at least one time in almost every person’s life when they live in a state of depression, or experience a constant sense of anxiety or dread — enduring a deep sense of unhappiness, or feelings of being completely lost, confused and ‘out of place’ in life. Out of touch with their true self, that is.

Some try to find a means of escape by masking their unhappiness (drugs, alcohol etc), and sadly, some can’t continue at all with their agonising way of living, and may even make the extreme and tragic decision to “end it” altogether. Others may use certain actions as a “cry for help” from those around them, many simply find themselves utterly at a loss to understand what they are feeling, why they are feeling it, what to do, or how to cope.

It is my Intention in writing this article, to reach out to anyone at all who is having such delicate difficulties at this critical time here on Earth – and this is indeed a critical time on Earth. As I have personally heaved myself out of deep depression, made it through living in a constant state of fear, anxiety and paranoia, overcome compulsive habits, and risen above intense self-hatred, my intention is to be of pure and genuine service to others who may be in similar places in their lives right now. This isn’t an article you are going to be able to skim read, so relax for a little while and stick with me — and we’ll try and figure this out together.

What is Causing So Much Sadness, So Much Stress?

Right, in my view, this sense of unhappiness (in any way, shape or form) arises in many young adults in our ‘Western’ culture, usually for the first time in their early twenties, sometimes younger. For others it slowly creeps up on them as they grow older after years of feeling personally unfulfilled. I find that a lot of stress comes from that snare of an idea that we call “money” – the constant bills, ‘earning’ a living, the need forenough money to do this or that, before being happy, and so on – but that’s a topic for another day.

So, you feel like you’ve done what society has asked and expected of you. You’ve completed your formal education (school, university – whichever) or you’re still in the process of its completion, you’ve got a job or you’re at least trying your best, you’ve found a compatible partner, and possibly “settled down”. You’ve maybe had a child or you have a family of your own that you love, care and provide for. Or perhaps you are “young, free and single” with nothing much to complain about. So then you might wonder ‘what right have I got to feel unhappy in life‘, especially if you are viewed by others as being successful. Perhaps it was a specific incident that set it off, or nothing at all in particular.

For what reason do you feel so incomplete; unfulfilled? What is it that is missing from your life? Does your sense of happiness truly come from employment, from relationships, from a ‘party lifestyle’, from how much money and material goods you have, from being viewed as “successful”? Or are you simply masking the discontent which seems to always be there behind the not-so-real smiles and laughter? Why does there seem to be a constant sense of unease, despondency, anxiety and at times sheer panic within you, as you make your way through your day-to-day life?

Well Let’s Break This Down, Shall We?

Lets open it up by taking a look at a couple of the well-known Natural Laws of the Universe. [1]

Firstly, the Law of Correspondence [2] is that which is known as, and explained by, the statement:

“As above, so below; as below, so above“,  also known as, “As within, so without; as without, so within”.

Now, whether you are familiar with this understanding or not, we are currently experiencing a HUGE shift in the reality paradigm on our planet, and all of this commotion reflects right down to YOU, the individual, as well as up through a Universal scale. As above, so below.

We are genuinely living through a very crucial time in Earth’s history right now, and this is clearly evident to anyone with eyes to see. Things like changes being seen in the planet’s biosphere, the fact that so much in our lives has become increasingly controlled and influenced by so-called ‘governments’. Perhaps it is most clearly demonstrated through the arising of human Conscious Awareness of ourselves and our own predicament and fate, which is now giving way to positive and unified action on all parts of the globe.

The world has seen more rapid change (technological, industrial etc.) in the last century than it had in any one previous century. Things have unmistakably accelerated in many ways on our planet and, unfortunately not all of it has been good for us, other living creatures, and our Mother Gaia. We have seen more power structures in play, and so much harm inflicted on Nature. Most of us instinctively feel our Home needs a complete makeover, so-to-speak.

Whether you fully understand it or not, all of the talk you hear about involving ‘conspiracies’ associated with multi-national corporations and governments, are not merely theories. All of that talk and action you hear about that’s needed to ‘protect the environment’ and ‘save the planet’. It is not just some hippie crap – it is REAL – it is URGENT – it is NECESSARY – it is CRUCIAL – it needs to HAPPEN NOW – and it HAS TO BE DONE!

How do we expect future generations of humanity cope in the future if these things are not taken care of right here and now? How can we say with any conscience at all that we don’t really care that much because we won’t be around at that time? Do we see that the time is NOW to act, if there is any chance at all for a  future generation? Do we understand that we must ALL act now, rather than turning to our children as we prepare to leave this world, saying, “Uh, sorry kids. Good luck cleaning up our mess.”?

Wouldn’t we ALL prefer that we be known as the generation who woke up to the mess humanity created, and finally instigated the changes that formed the beginning of a whole new planetary way of living altogether? A life of living in unity and harmony with each other, the planet herself, and all her other species?

Isn’t THAT the way life is intended to be lived on this planet – a life lived consciously to accommodate for our own continued evolution as a species?

Breaking Point

We are fast approaching the ‘point of no return’, so if we don’t make the changes that need to be implemented now, then it is inevitable that the Earth’s self-regulating nature will manage its own self-preservation and restore her natural atmospheric Balance – with or without our help!

This is already observable through the occurrences of natural “disasters” happening all over the planet. This is not to be ignored as we allow ourselves to be constantly distracted by the ‘cult of celebrity’ – who’s had a recent sex-change and what they are wearing – all truly unimportant propaganda being fed to the population through controlled mass media bullshit!

As things stand right now, without our full co-operation and assistance, the Earth’s natural restoration will roll on, as we face a possible extinction of the human race (Noah’s Ark, anyone?), so we are truly being called to duty.  Pay attention – we MUST answer this call while we still can!

What Are You Feeling Right Now?

You may be sensing a lot of “stuff” coming to the surface in your reality, as right here and now, the entire energetic frequency of Earth is steadily increasing, corresponding to the galactic events surrounding our solar system, and transmitting through to your own individual Being.  As already stated, the natural Universal Law of Correspondence expresses this: “as above, so below”; “as without, so within”.

Seeing the Bigger Picture

To get back on point – BIG things are happening, on a macro-cosmic level, a global scale, and consequently, on the personal level too. This is a result of the undeniable interconnectedness [3]of ALL things, the fields of Quantum Mechanics and new physics now confirms. Therefore, perhaps without you even realising it – all current happenings have been, are, and will continue to affect YOU right now. In the fractal sense (i.e. ‘within each part exists the whole’) we are all experiencing the somewhat frenzied events occurring all around us right now to a certain degree, in our own inner worlds and unique ways of manifestation.

As a result of the increasing frequency of the planet, many find themselves ‘awakening’ to the Higher Truths of reality and existence (and beyond), discovering the new-found correlation between science and spirituality, and we commit to methods of increasing our own Energetic Frequency accordingly.

However, I witness that many have become somewhat ‘lost’ in the madness of our current paradigm. Western societal expectations adds to that sense of disorientation. Whilst all of this energetic shifting is occurring within all of us, those who yet remain ‘asleep’ (or are otherwise unaware of the true nature of ONEness of self and reality) are feeling unclear and unsure about themselves, about what they are feeling, or why.  They know deep within, that there is so much wrong with this ‘post-industrial’ / ‘post-modern’ society – which is based on separation, fear and competition – that its this deep knowing that tells them that there is so much more to life than that of paying bills, following rules and orders, growing old and dying!

Does This Sound Like You?

Essentially, if it applies, the above reasons are why you may be feeling a little, shall we say, chaotic, lately. You may be feeling depressed, panicky, deeply confused, perhaps even all of the above, going around in circles. So here’s what you do: you HEAL.  And, in order to heal, you must first break that cycle!

Although it is known that the pressure of suffering can lead to personal breakthroughs, followed by a huge influx of Consciousness i.e. an ‘Awakening’ (speaking from my own experiences), it is likely that, if you are reading this article, then this is what you are in need of – to make a start on that first initial break from your own cycle of dissatisfaction, misunderstanding or hopelessness. Perhaps a little guidance might help.

This is owed to the fact that again (whether you believe / understand it or not), this reality is itself an unfathomably intelligent, wholly interconnected, conscious energy field – known in physics as the “Matrix of all matter”, the “Unified Field” or, as Stephen Hawking himself refers to it, the “Mind of God”.

I myself found that this article you are now reading simply arose in my mind ‘out of the blue’, and I simply started writing, allowing the Creative force of the Universe to flow through me with ease. I now realise that this is because I sense the discontent among so many people around me, and I wish to help; to heal; to serve – the Highest Good of All. This is the catalyst for change that is breaking through our collective consciousness, and it is exactly what the planet so palpably needs right now – from all of us.

What is Our Connection to Each Other?

There’s no doubt about it – we are all ONE – with each other, the planet, and the Universe and beyond. You are One with all that is. Every single particle in existence originates from the One single Source of all Creation and, as demonstrated through Quantum Entanglement [4] in Quantum Physics (i.e. the instantaneous communication between particles at vast distances), all particles remain connected through an intelligent and conscious energy field outside of space and time. That’s us! Particles are what we’re made of, meaning that every fibre of our current being is right now and always interwoven with every other strand of existence itself.

Let’s leave that Rabbit Hole for now, and get back on topic again.

What Are You Attracting Into Your Life?

Well now, take a look at another Universal Law that seems to get tossed around and quoted quite often: the Law of Attraction [5]. This law simply states that we attract into our lives that which we think about most, or believe in most deeply. Obviously, it relates to the Law of Correspondence in that they both illustrate how our outer reality is merely a reflection of our inner state of Being (another thing science is in the process of confirming). It’s as though our whole outer world is the mirror with which we see the state of our own inner world. Therefore, if you are stuck in that cycle of negative thoughts, emotions, words, actions, feelings etc. then, naturally, life will present you with more situations which match the frequency of your energy signature. As you draw this frequency towards you (or reflect it from within you), you are thus continuing that cycle. Hence the aforementioned need for a break in the cycle.

So, How Do We Break this Cycle?

If you are having a rough time with yourself right now, the first step which I can advise you about from the Heart, is to practice something simple: ACCEPTANCE.

This could be a case of ‘easier said than done’ for some people, and yet it is logically the only option one can take to begin the journey out of darkness and into lightness.

Think about it – you cannot escape what is already happening in your life or how you are feeling right Now – what is currently happening – is simply just how it IS. Whatever it may be, it’s what is existing as your reality right here and now. You may be able to change your circumstances or situation, and you can certainly change how you think and feel about your circumstances or situation, but first you must simply acknowledge things as they are, and ACCEPT it – as it is – so that you may let go and move on from it. So that you may grow.

You may be facing difficulties from life, or the difficulties may only be a ‘thing’ of your own mind creating unexplainable emotions, i.e. negative thought processes, misunderstanding, a sense of bleakness or restlessness etc.

Well, what you can do right here and right Now – in this exact moment – is just simply look at those apparent difficulties. See the struggles that seem so real and heavy in your life right now. Realise the issue(s). Acknowledge it all – and say to yourself “This is what is happening with me right now. This is how I am feeling. This is my situation. This is just what IS – for now”. And now that you see and acknowledge the issue(s), you can accept it. “I am OK with it. I ACCEPT the situation, right now, as it is. I ACCEPT myself, right now, as I am”And from here, we make the change, the ‘Break Free’.

What Are You Feeling Now?

Notice if there may be a part of you (in your mind) that doesn’t want to accept what is. You could find yourself thinking thoughts like “I just don’t want it to be this way”, “I shouldn’t even be feeling like this / things shouldn’t be like this”, “I still don’t understand” or even, “It’s all just so shitty” and so on.

This is normal enough – it’s the cycle of negativity trying to continue its own existence in your mind and life. It is what is known as the human ego, trying to stay in control, especially now that you are taking back control by having made the first step of Acknowledgement and Acceptance. It’s interesting to realise that the unhappiness in you was the ego all along, and then to observe it in you as it makes futile attempts to loop back into a sense of gloom, isn’t it?

You can Acknowledge that, then realise that you can witness your own thoughts without believing them to be true or without BEING what those thoughts are, or try to convince you to be. That ‘unhappy little me’ in the mind is merely that which we all must eventually Transcend. It’s the false identity of self that creates disharmony in and around you, and who you truly are ismuch stronger and much more powerful than your thoughts would have you believe.

ACCEPT THAT: Thoughts can be constant, like a continuously flowing river – it is simply up to us to control what those thoughts are. As you observe your unhappy reactions and thoughts about things that arise in your life and mind – KEEP PRACTISING ACCEPTANCE: “OK I see what is happening right now – around me and in my own mind and emotions. That’s OK. It’s all OK. I accept it”.

Only from that space can you open up to Create and Be the Change that you so crave and require. Make peace with Life so that you can begin to Heal. Accept the situation. Accept how you feel about it. Accept that you may need to take appropriate action to resolve the situation – from a calm place of Acceptance. Accept that your thoughts probably need to be re-trained, so-to-speak, and then proceed in doing so, with your own pure Strength and Will-Power.

You may face adversity, either from the outer world, or from within yourself (note; any part of you that seems it want to continue being unhappy is not you – it’s that pesky ego, i.e. that which you can overcome). Positive self-talk and positive thinking can help re-programme your thoughts!

Of course, with the Law of Attraction ALWAYS in play – the more you practice Acceptance and Positive thinking, the easier it becomes – then the more you will attract easy to accept and positive energy into your reality in the form of situations, emotions and events etc. This is the nature of the interconnected Energy Field that is our collective reality.

And so begins the new cycle. You are re-building – so give a lot of focused attention and energy to your personal growth and fulfillment. Commit to your own True Happiness. This is your Healing. Remind yourself often that it’s not just you (like that little ego likes to have you believe), but this is a whole global, galactic, Universal shift of energies that we are all experiencing and working through in our own ways. And this is your subjective Journey.

Also, with the Law of Correspondence ALWAYS in play – the more you see and Create the positive change within and around yourself, the more you are contributing to the positive and Healing energy that is much needed on our home planet right now. We must first Create that positive and Healing change within and around ourselves (as within, so without). The power is ours, and it is our duty – it is our PRIVILEGE – to ensure the continuance of our planet and species, and to be instruments of the Evolution of Humanity and Consciousness itself, through our own everyday actions.

Feel Yourself Expanding — Create the Ripples

Raise your own personal energy Frequency and expand your own Consciousness by performing random acts of Kindness. Create something wonderful. Contribute to the world, in any way you can, even if it is simply by being a loving, kind and positive person.

By helping yourself and others, you create ripples (like the domino effect) of good, and you’ll be helping to lift the whole planet out of our present shared ‘messy situation’. And it starts with Healing yourself from within, right here and right now – mentally, physically, emotionally, Spiritually. And (as cliché as it may seem) it all stems from a place of Love of Oneself, for people around you, and of all Life in general – unconditional, unyielding and unceasing. Once you open to up to Love, its Healing Light flows through you and to you in magical ways!

Living in a society like today’s (soon to be yesterday’s) which has been based on domination and separation and control – a society that doesn’t encourage true, deep, creative, spiritual and personal growth – is difficult enough without all of this current energetic commotion. A society that aims to ‘conquer’ Nature when we cannot live without Nature is simply absurd! It’s a culture which has put profit before people, and overlooked the magnitude of the importance, and the deeply significant Value of true Passion, real Purpose, actual Health, authentic Joy, genuinePeace, pure Truth and unconditional Love.

Being Here in the Now

Isn’t it amazing that WE – all of us here alive now – have the honour of being a potential initiator of huge and IMMENSE change in our world? Scientific advancements and studies have now brought ‘us’ back into the equation. The understanding that we are the conscious creators of our reality is deepening in all areas and at all levels. Aren’t we so fortunate to have been granted the opportunities and the Power to BE the change – the people to appropriately take matters into our own hands once and for all?

Won’t it be awesome to be a part of the ancestry of Earth that lived through this remarkable time? Isn’t it exciting to actually be part of something bigger, i.e. the movement that has commenced making those necessary decisions, from an individual point to the global scale, once and for All?  I hope so!

Now Let’s Take a Look at Those Questions I Put Forth at the Beginning of This Article.

For what reason do you feel so incomplete; unfulfilled?

Well, this is because your deeper Consciousness – your Soul as-it-were – knows the truth of the need to serve a purpose in our world at this time, and is crying out for the fulfillment of that purpose and you’re awakening to service. Deep within you is the intelligence which longs to be a part of something bigger than the small ‘dramas’ of everyday living that your mind has been conditioned to. Your true self is buried beneath previous held beliefs about reality and any close-mindedness, and it is slowly approaching the surface. It is now time to Heal from Within.

What is it that is missing from your life?

What has been missing is that deeper connection and understanding of yourself. It is Truth and purpose and passion and all of the beautiful things mentioned above. It is your personal search of Self, or your soul-journey, i.e. your own unique experience of your life on this planet at this time.

Ask yourself: Who / What Am I? And allow the answers to come to you. Inquire within yourself and all that you seek will manifest for you to experience, as your own reflection. This is your time – your journey – your Awakening. Enjoy!

Does your sense of happiness truly come from employment, from relationships, from a ‘party lifestyle’, from how much money and material goods you have, from being viewed as “successful”?

Never has. Never will. Happiness comes from within. At all times. We all know that.

Are you simply masking the discontent which seems to always be there behind the not-so-real smiles and laughter?

If you have, it is time to address your own personal issues with a new understanding and with a positive mind-set. You don’t always have to put in the effort to fake-a-smile through social situations – that can take a lot of energy. It’s OK to be quiet and reflective at times. Don’t be afraid of coming across as ‘rude’ by not forcing a laugh or smile. If it’s time alone that you need, take it, and make the most of it. Take care of yourself so that you may be more genuinely happy.

Why does there seem to be a constant sense of unease, despondency, anxiety or almost sheer panic within you as you make your way through your day-to-day life?

It’s a worldwide energetic issue, as discussed above. Actually it’s deeper and higher than that, but we’ll keep it down-to-Earth for now. Thus, as we Heal ourselves, we also contribute to Healing the world. No pressure though! It is a matter of choice to switch of the thoughts which create these feelings and to enjoy every moment as much as you possibly can.

Methods to Help You Create a Life of Peace, Joy, Fulfillment, Healing and Expansion

Once you accept your life as it is, then you accept the ultimate decision to make the necessary changes in order to create a life of peace, joy and fulfillment for yourself, and subsequently others around you. So, for the second half of this article, I’d like to share a number of methods that you can try out as you begin to enhance your personal inner healing and expansion. Things which you can do in order to practice feeling healthier and more at ease, being happier and more positive and altogether raising your energetic vibrational frequency as you go about your life and journey. There are also relevant quotes to guide and inspire where necessary. I hope you enjoy the read and take what you need. Thank you.

But before I begin, I’d like to offer the words which most often helped me through hardships on my own journey:

  • Remember: This too shall pass.
  • Nothing you are experiencing is permanent.
  • Be Still.
  • The storm is passing.
  • We are One.

1. Gratitude

This is perhaps the most simple and effective way to re-wire your thought processes. When you are truly thankful for the little things and the bigger blessings in your life, I mean really actually appreciate them – from the Heart – then you can’t help but feel good as you go about your day. And this positive thinking gives way to more positive thoughts, speech and actions from yourself.

Be grateful for having a bed to stretch out on and sleep in each night. Appreciate the abundance of useful technologies in your life as you use them. Do not take warmth and comfort for granted. For your own benefit, and for everyone else’s – stop complaining! It really does absolutely no good, in any way, at all. Constant complaining maintains a steady low vibration, and that’s not what we want or need. Instead, find something positive to chat about, or even remain quiet.

Be appreciative of all those little luxuries that you DO have without thinking about what you ‘don’t’ have, and without comparing what you have or haven’t got with that of others. Be Thankful to friends and family that truly care for you, and try your best to show it in return – who cares if it’s slightly awkward! Feel the appreciation and Express it sincerely. Be glad for your good health. Be grateful for the easy access to things in your life. And then of course, the Law of Attraction [5] then comes in to play and joins in with the fun too – adding to that cycle of things to be grateful for!

– Remember: “Life wants to Support you, but first, you must be Open to Life” ~ Eckhart Tolle

2. Meditation and Breathwork

Some might think of meditation as some “airy fairy” nonsense that Buddhists and hippies participate in. This is inaccurate. In fact, Meditation [6] is almost considered the new ‘trend’ sweeping the world right now. It is not just for those who are considered spiritual. The resounding multifaceted benefits of Conscious Deep Breathing [7] and Meditation are becoming more well-known, and with more studies being carried out, the list just keeps growing longer!

Basic advantages are that of improved focus and creativity, and reduced stress and distraction levels. Anyone can meditate, anywhere, at any time.

A simple trial, wherever you are, is to simply stop what you are doing if only for a moment – or as long as needed – and (preferably with your eyes closed) take a few long slooowww, deeeep breaths. Watch the breath come all the way in through your airways, gently filling your lungs and spreading throughout your body; and then watch it softly sweep out again as you slowly release it from within, easing out of your lungs through your airways all the way to the very end. Repeat this at your own comfortable pace, as deeply as you can manage. Can you feel the Powerful ‘aliveness’ pumping through your whole body as you continue to breathe slowly and deeply – all those intelligent systems of the human organism working so seamlessly together?

Without thinking about anything else, can you focus your attention on that feeling, and on the rising and falling of the breath in your abdomen and lungs? Can you relax your shoulders, and feel the tension in your body lighten and release on the out-breath?

That awareness of your Breath is the gateway to stillness. Breath is a vital connection between our inner and outer worlds, and everything breathes. (Not yet to explore what it represents on a deeper, more esoteric dimension). As you continue to breathe deeply and gently at all times, you are restoring and maintaining balance throughout – yourself and everything around you.

It is the ability to manage your own State of Being, i.e. well, balanced. This is the ability to quiet the mind and to find your own calm Centre. It also strengthens the lungs. And if you find that your mind is still busy thinking unnecessary thoughts, do your best to observe them ‘from a distance’ without judgement, as a silent witness to the mind, as you continue your Conscious Deep Breathing (CDB).

Soon, you will feel the subtle yet powerful inner changes generated through CDB, that will allow you to regain and maintain control of your life and situations. It is an especially useful technique in busy environments if (like me) you are sensitive to people and crowds.  Then of course, there’s the Law of Correspondence; meaning you will also be contributing to maintaining balance in our entire outer world.

Meditation helps you to ripen your focus, be mindful in your actions, relieve anxiety and worry, and learn a deep state of inner peaceful calmness to help you cope with anything that comes your way. I recommend trying a few of the abundant guided meditations available for free online (via youtube etc.) as a start, and then find which method is best for you, possibly even a movement meditation such as Yoga or Tai Chi. Why not – what have you got to lose? We all have plenty to gain and expand into. Have an open mind and Discover your own Awakening Self. The benefits for us all are immeasurable.

– Remember: “Mastering others is Strength. Mastering yourself is True Power” ~ Lao Tzu

3. Physical Health and Well-Being

The body and mind are undeniably connected and the more we care for and attend to our body, the more optimistic and constructive our mind will be. The better we feel physically, the more our mind will follow and progress along with the positive feelings. The benefits of proper nutrition (the right foods – not less food) and regular exercise (of both body and mind) are so well-known that I won’t go too deeply into it here.

What I will advise you to do is to find that motivation and self-encouragement from within your own Self and mind to work them both (nutrition and exercises) into your lifestyle in a way that suits you, so that you can make it a permanent change to live with comfortably. This is one of the best decisive and powerful actions that you can implement for your Health on all levels.

I recommend eating lots of natural foods – fruits, veg, nuts, seeds, all the earth stuff and organic where possible – and trying out different types of exercise. Body movements do a world of good for your health and well-being. Examples include meditative and strength-building practices like Yoga, Tai Chi or Pilates, and expressive movements such as dancing, stretching or any outdoor form of sport or activity, such as cycling, hiking or even a refreshing walk in the park.

Mix and match to your own flexibility. Make sure to drink plenty of clean water – it is vitally important and your body will thank you! Be firm with yourself but try not to be too strict with diet and exercise in order to keep it maintainable. Also relax at times, and give it time to build up. As mentioned before, find your own preferences. Just focus your will-power to make that start (probably the most difficult part) and keep your motivation focused on maintaining it regularly, and you will very soon be feeling more driven, healthy, upbeat and just great in general!

– Remember: “It is Health that is real Wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

4. Nature

I can’t express how much I love being with Nature, whether it be sitting amongst flowers, hiking up a mountain, walking through and climbing trees, watching gentle waves created in water by a serene wind, laying on the grass, walking barefoot on the beach, listening to the sea, watching a beautiful waterfall or simply bathing in the sun. And I’m not the only one! The reason we love it so much is because it is true medicine and is deeply therapeutic. As we feel the breath of Nature in the form of a fresh mountain breeze or the ocean air, hear the soothing sounds of nature, see the wondrous sights she has to offer, it works wonders for our Health – inner and outer.

Cities are man-made environments, built over the real and perfect environment of Earth, which cluster so many people close together with not much space to breathe in fresh air, take in open sights, clear the mind and maintain balance and focus. So take the time to do that – Be with Nature and feel the tranquility she exudes. Be open to the harmonious intelligence that allows everything to ‘be’ and continue to be. Appreciate beauty. Allow Nature to teach you to be still and feel the healing energy.

Humbly take a walk anywhere nearby where there is Nature – trees, flowers or a lake – or take a trip to the park or the beach or hike it up a mountain. Make it a regular thing, a meditation or a therapeutic habit. Have a picnic or two somewhere nice and relaxing. Unplug from technology and admire the natural ‘technology’ of Earth. It will surely help provide you with peace of mind and give you some perspective. And when you’re not in a ‘natural environment’ – look up often.

Outdoors, see the beauty of nature that is above us in the sky – always there, always expansive and deep and forever – the outer space that is. Take a deep breath and balance it all with your inner space. Listen to the sound of the rain and the wind, the rustling trees. Watch the birds as they glide overhead with the wings nature has granted them. Appreciate appealing clouds in the sunlight and feel the Sun’s warmth and light on your skin, i.e. the central energy of our solar system. Appreciate the world and the Universe for what it is. Allow nature to gratify your needs and re-charge your batteries, and if you can meditate in nature, even better!

– Remember: “I go to Nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order” ~ John Burroughs

5. Turn off the Propaganda

I’d say turn off the television altogether, but if the addiction is too strong at the moment, then it is important to know what you are watching, and the energy behind it. It is becoming more and more necessary for everyone to stop watching ‘trash TV’ – it’s called trash for a reason. It is literally programming those who watch it to exist in a lower vibrational frequency of folly and tediousness, and it does absolutely nothing at all for your own personal growth, health and well-being.

Change the channel or turn it off altogether. Even more pressingly, stop watching mainstream news. Not only is “The News” a projector of condensed negative energy, but it is also highly controlled and manipulated, designed to keep you hearing of, talking about and feeling a sense of separation, fear, dreary cynicism and unaware of actual truth. As it feeds the ‘viewers’ the stories the elite decide to employ, it is, at best, not entirely accurate, and certainly not a true representation of the world.

You can learn about events happening around the globe from more accurate and truthful sources, without allowing it to influence you as mainstream news would. The internet is a gift to be utilised, hosting a plethora of alternative media sources and journalism. Use it well and get your information from more trustworthy agents and, most importantly, use your own personal discernment when processing that information (as you should with any media).

Watching TV (except for a select few programmes) doesn’t provide you with the ability to think deeply or evaluate what you hear, as it aims to keep you in a trivial state of mindlessness.

Here’s what you do: use your technology for good, read books and acquire real information from real sources; watch some of the truly interesting, thought-provoking and intelligent material available; read positive stories about peaceful activism – these will assist, guide and inspire you. Try not to get caught up with politics. In politics, everyone has an opinion to express, but does any ‘opinion’ really ever manifest good in the world?

Instead, participate in peaceful activism where you feel a draw. It can be uplifting and inspiring to hear and read more about the amazing and beautiful unfoldment of love, peace and right action that is being carried out on the planet at this time. This is a time of true and actual unity as we all wake up to the truth of our interconnectedness,and turn away from anything that states otherwise.

So unplug from the mainstream crap and get in the REAL loop!

– Remember: “If you’re not Careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who arebeing oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing” ~ Malcolm X

6. Love

As you turn off the TV, use that time to spend real quality time with your loved ones – friends, family and especially children. It can be difficult for a lot of people to show affection for those they love and care for, and it may be done in strange ways, but any display of love is better than none at all.

What you can do is try your best to show your appreciation for all of the little things, and you’ll soon see that it will begin to flow more naturally from you – honest thankfulness. It is also wise to see love from others, beneath the words expressed. For example, if your parents nag at you, it’s usually because they want the best for you, but they may also be caught up in their own issues and perhaps on a different energetic level than you are, and so express it in a way that may be difficult to receive. Nevertheless, the loving intentions are there. So show them appreciation.

We were born full of innocence in love and joy and wonder – bring that back into your everyday life. Do not be afraid to feel and show your love deeply, and for all things. Let it move you. Laugh with people – hard, and often – it’s intensely healing.  Forgive easily – let go of any grudges or resentment as it only makes yourself uncomfortable. Forgiveness makes us lighter. Forgive if you have been hurt. Forgive yourself for any way you have wronged yourself or others. We all make mistakes – it teaches us lessons and enhances our growth.

Apologise if you feel the need. Let go of any unnecessary ‘baggage’. LOVE the Beauty all around you. Love the simplicity and innocence of others. Love and care for nature as well as animals and humans. Help anyone wherever and whenever you can. Be gentle with children and encourage them to love as much as they can, and to explore their own Infinite Potential. Promote the things you love and love will return to you. It’s all purely energetic.

It is also important to love yourself. The ego sees itself as being superior (or inferior) to others, but one can have a healthy self-esteem while remaining humble – a dignified humility, if you will. Personal integrity is key. Get to know and care for yourself more intimately. Self-love and care will help alleviate that inner hunger for peace.

All of these suggestions are methods of supporting your own Self-Nurturing. It’s about having fun and feeling comfortable being you, while you continue your on-going journey of growth and self-improvement. Live gracefully. Focus on the joys of life. Be respectful to all of life. Smile at the world and allow it to smile back. Live from the heart and allow your love to guide you. It is a deeply intelligent ‘Agent of Transformation’ [8] and it is our compass on the great journey ofAwakening to Oneness.

– Remember: “Love is the Light that dissolves all walls between Souls” ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

7. Passion

In living from your heart and re-learning to have a healthy love of oneself, it is worthwhile to find any passions that you have – and pursue them. Even if it means thinking way back to what you enjoyed most as a child, before society swept you up in its ways. Consider your interests and how you can go further with them. What is it that makes you feel happy and content or excited? What is it that you know you are good at, and wish you could spend more time doing?

My advice is – do it!  We are given a life to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be, and to sincerely explore our potential. Don’t let society drain your energy and make you feel insignificant. Don’t keep putting it off. Do more of what truly makes you feel good, what gets you motivated and makes you feel eager for more. And don’t be afraid to give it all you’ve got. Make a career out of it if you can – it could unlock a deeper purpose to your life.

Won’t it be amazing to live in a world where your passion and life’s work are one and the same thing? Make real use of your talents and it will ignite you. Live a life worth living, knowing that you are making the most of it. It can also be a form of inspired meditation if you find peace in creative expression. Just follow that good feeling and give it time and space to expand and to bring more peace, love and joy to your world.

– Remember: “I would rather die of passion than of boredom” ~ Vincent Van Gogh

8. Intuition

Discover and develop your intuition – also known as that gut instinct – the feeling you get that you just know to trust. Your intuition is that Inner Voice that may not always be a voice. It could be a feeling or a sudden inspiration and it will not steer you wrongly when you act on it. Think of it as communication from your Higher Self, as it’s basically what it is.

Try not to overlook all of the little messages the Universe provides for you and coincidences (‘coinciding incidences’), which are also known as Synchronicity [9], in your life. Notice them all and follow where they may lead you. Allow your intuition to encourage you to carry out certain actions which you may have been hesitant to act on before. When you stop ignoring the signs and the more you act on that gut feeling of your intuition, the more it will help and guide you on your path. It is an extremely valuable tool with which we are all born and is well worth developing further.

– Remember: “The Intuitive Mind is a Sacred Gift and the rational mind is a Faithful servant” ~ Albert Einstein

9. Self-Education and Personal Research

Don’t just take my word for your own Truth. Carry out your own research on – well, anything and everything. Our education doesn’t end at a specific time in life, i.e. once we graduate or leave formal, institutionalised education.

In reality, we are continuously learning and expanding our knowledge and skills throughout the entirety of life. Every experience we have is a learning experience. Also, here in our time we have this old thing called the internet which provides us with vast amounts of free information and opportunities to learn and share what we know. You can teach yourself how to cultivate new abilities as well as improving your already existing skills, or seek methods of pursuing your passion.

You can educate yourself on any subject, be it Law, Science, Philosophy, or you can simply explore all of the information available to us in your own search for Truth. Countless articles and videos are out there just waiting for you to come across them. Learn more about what intrigues you. Why not try a little bit of everything?

Find out more about the benefits of meditation, the positive effects of love and gratitude, the correlation between health and being in nature. Learn more about the controlled media, corporations and the so-called government. Understand the development of intuition further. Look into the true nature of our reality, from science to spirituality, vibrational frequencies and the concept of the Holographic Universe.

Connect with others who share your passions and interests, and learn from them too! Find your calling in the world. Take your personal growth into your own hands and at your own pace. ALWAYS have an open mind, no matter what the subject, and remember that wisdom comes from experience.

– Remember: “All the world is my school and all humanity is my Teacher” ~ George Whitman

10. What is Truly Important?

Prioritise your life correctly. What really matters in life are those things which may be easily taken for granted: Family; Friends; Laughter and Joy; Passionate Purpose; Health; the Spirit of Adventure; Expansion; Self-Development; the Environment; True Education and Experience; Wisdom; Beauty; Humility; Wonder; Peace; Respect; Truth and Love. All the right stuff!

There is no denying it – the best things in life are free. Who really gives a damn about material possessions and monetary wealth when one is truly happy deep down within themselves? Who has the energy to judge others when one is busy working on the self? Why care about what others think of you when you know you are being genuine and true to yourself, and doing that which makes you happy?

Take what you need from the world with a thankful heart, and be on your way. Stop and absorb the intricate beauty of a flower. Look up at the sky and contemplate how far out our Universe expands – and allow yourself to wonder – into what, exactly?.. Realize that no one has all the answers to everything – there are still things to explore in our imaginations and Creativity – and you control your own imagination, creativity, and your perceptions of the world.

Appreciate your loving family and the friends who stick by you through the hardships. Live light and be playful. Teach children about their deeper nature (not to blindly follow rules), how to expand their imagination, and expand your own!

Respect the elderly – they’ve lived long lives and they have a lot of experience of the world. Travel often. Maintain good health. Relax. Nurture and nourish relationships. Live without expectations. Be kind always. Be patient and gentle, especially when things are difficult. Explore your inner and outer space. Learn true peace and deep rest.

Continue learning and growing. Be humble – everyone is on their own unique journey, fighting their own battles and learning their own lessons. We are each as unique and as worthwhile as every other. Why not be respectful to everyone? Believe in your own greatness, but do not rank yourself as “better” than others. Learn from mistakes and grow from them. Seek, not just knowledge, but also understanding. Remain balanced. BREATHE DEEPLY. Feel the Love as it awakens from your Heart and flows through you into the world of Manifestation. Awaken all of yourself to the majesty and the curiosity of life. Try not to take it too seriously as we are simply here to enjoy the ride!

My message, in short, is this: Be the very best version of yourself, keep growing, love.


“… today a young man on acid realised that all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration; that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively. There is no such thing as death. Life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves… Here’s Tom with the weather.” ~ Bill Hicks
(excerpt from stand-up routine about positive effects of drugs and the news).

Peace, love, and light to each and every one of you – to the whole, one self.


Áine Sands (pen name) seeks to explore the experience of life and to use the tools of knowledge and understanding for healing and the conscious evolution of heart, mind, body and soul. She has a passion for writing as a means of expanding creative expression and serving a deeper purpose in the world. Áine finds wisdom on the path of loving with an open heart, awakening to the pure truth of ‘reality’, and learning to consciously create the world around us. She knows the value of connection, trust, compassion, justice and unity.

As a mother, Áine understands the importance of children as the next generation, and our current, co-creative generation’s respectful duty to honor and follow through on right action. Teaching from the heart and allowing consciousness to flourish through the creative and intelligent imagination of life, her intentions are simple: to embody love and peace; to heal and expand; to lead by example; to be at One.

You can connect with Áine on her Facebook page here.

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