HJ: Whether you realize it or not, you are here on a mission.  Your soul choose it before birth and it is your destiny to live it out fully, should you choose to do so.  In this brilliant article, Ian Brown illuminated the finer points of how to discover and live that mission should you choose to do so. Enjoy.

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Your Mission – What Is It And How To Find It

By Ian Brown | Ian Brown


As part of one’s spiritual awakening, it is not uncommon to be driven to find one’s mission. Let’s look at what a mission is, how you know you’re on it, and how to find it.

A mission, or contract if you prefer that term, is simply a task or tasks that you have pre-arranged to do here on earth as part of the master plan. At this stage, we understand the master plan is to help in the awakening of humanity and assist dear Gaia and all her inhabitants to evolve/return to a higher dimension. With humanity, a lot of this work is the gradual awakening of the people through benevolent acts of love, forgiveness, healing, communication, holding the light, and guidance. Timing is critical and that is why the plan is reaching its climax right now; because as has been prophesised by so many ancient cultures, now is the time for this quantum leap in human evolutionary consciousness to occur. A very interesting time to be incarnate here on Gaia, is it not?

Am I on a Critical Mission?

Every mission is critical to your soul. No life – no matter how short or how insignificant it appears – is inconsequential. It is merely a judgement (and an incorrect one at that) if you view the life of yourself or that of another, as insignificant to the master plan.

You are a unique spark of God consciousness so your mission is critical by definition. Your mission has been tailor-made for you, and no-one else can complete your mission for your soul. You chose where you were born, when to be born, and who your parents or guardians would be, all to create the best situation for yourself to complete your mission.

If you are reading this and commenced the process of spiritual awakening ahead of the majority of humanity, it is because your mission involves assisting humanity to awaken and ascend by being the forerunners and changing the collective consciousness.

Let us not reduce our lives on earth to just a mission statement. Every time we incarnate into physicality, we do it also to experience the duality of separation and to take another step back to oneness with all that is. And let us not forget the sheer beauty of this planet which we have been birthed through Life is meant to be full of joy, and at the completion of the master plan, we will see the return of a world that allows this.

It is important not to judge others and speculate on their mission. Some souls incarnated here in the now are at vastly different stages of development and not yet ready to take the step to the next level of spiritual growth. They are here to just experience the changes and experience duality in this dimension.

I Don’t Think I’m On a Mission

A person can be on their mission without knowing it; without spiritual awakening for that matter. Missions of sacrifice are quite often like this – those that agree to undergo suffering so that others may heal or see the injustice in what has happened. Again, this is why it is important to concentrate on one’s own mission and not judge others – we never know if the person who causes us suffering has done this act from unconditional love to assist us and others in our spiritual growth.

Group Missions

Because the task is so great, some groups (of similar spiritual origins, and sometimes from diverse origins to provide complimentary skills and energies) incarnate at the same time to work on a single mission. You may feel you are searching for something or waiting for something or someone but do not know what. This is a period of collecting intel and integrating experience so you are ready for your mission when the wheels of the Universe rotate such that the others on the same mission find you and the time is right.

How Do I Find My Mission?

You find your mission by putting your ego aside and surrendering; allowing your soul or guides to lead you on your path. Know that your mission will come to you when you are ready. If you are on a path that is constantly being blocked, delayed, and so on, you can be reasonably sure this path does not lead you to your mission. Note that surrendering does not mean do nothing – it means do not force a situation. Your soul lives beyond this physicality and uses the flow of the Universe to manifest; so going with the flow is the soul’s method to leading you to your mission.

You may find that the Universe creates catalysts for you to make a course correction when you are not on your mission or heading in that direction. Conversely, the Universe has a habit of reinforcing when you are on your mission. This is all going with the flow.

Not Just What, But Where Also

Completing your mission does not just involve the ‘what’. It also involves the ‘where’ of your mission. Have you often felt that the current place you live is somehow holding you back? Maybe you are doing what you are doing, but you are not doing it in the right place. If this sounds like you, it may be best to contemplate this thought and see if you can visualise doing your mission somewhere else. Again, the Universe will give you clues. Not always a big neon sign but the gentle cues will be there if you look for them.

But I Don’t Want To Wait Anymore. What Can I Do To Speed It Up?

While everything happens in divine timing, you can tell the Universe you are ready for your mission. Before you do this though, make sure you have removed any fear. Otherwise you are just highlighting to the Universe you are not ready.

Daily affirmations can be very helpful in reinforcing your readiness and your request to find your mission. One of my favourite affirmations is from the channelled entity Kryon:

“Spirit, I ask and co-create a clear vision of what my path should be. Present the road signs so there will be no mistake.”

May you find and complete your mission with ease and grace.

Ian Brown is a Complimentary Therapist and Ascension Counsellor in Melbourne, Australia and is committed to helping people work through their spiritual awakening. He is Vegan and is passionate about the environment. You can connect with Ian at facebook.com/MotherEarthFatherSun.

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  1. Wow! Brilliant article. Resonated with me so so strongly! Thank you.

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