HJ: Expanding your consciousness is not so much about trying as it is about opening up to what’s already there.  All the answers you seek are within should you know how to look.  All the wisdom you need you already have should you know how to listen. And to make it really simple, the answer to those riddles is intuition.  Develop that and you tap into the realm of infinite possibility and unlimited abundance.

– Truth

Expanding Our Consciousness (means waking up!)

By John Lamb | Curiositive


“Human life is an optical illusion of consciousness” ~Albert Einstein

What is consciousness? Consciousness is perception; what you are aware of. Both imagination and reality depend on where you allow consciousness to dwell.

Why does the expression ‘expanded consciousness’ seem a bit eerie and why is it often treated as taboo? Because a) people who think of it as eerie have little idea of what it is, and b) some folk mess with drugs to expand their consciousness too quickly.

The consciousness of each person is expanding naturally all the time, albeit very slowly indeed for most of us.

Is it good to expand one’s consciousness? Yes, indeed it is. We have billions of brain cells, yet mostly we use only a few million of them. That’s far less than 1% of what’s available.

Because we use so little of our potential brain power, we become convinced that what we see and hear around us is the be-all-and-end-all of our existence. Using a bit more consciousness enables us to know more of what we are. That’s going to be much more useful – and satisfying – than running around in circles, blind to reality, failing to understand the process we’re undergoing by living in human form.

By restricting ourselves to limited consciousness, we generally go no further in life than giving ourselves repeated little treats, in order to get a bit of temporary stimulus in our pool of (largely) ignorance. The outcome of this constriction is that we experience life as nothing more than a journey into a cul-de-sac, never experiencing the open road.

All that’s needed, to start on the expansive route, is to invite a few minutes of calming stillness into daily life. Stillness interrupts the vortex of (99% unnecessary) thoughts, allowing one to experience a greater reality. Whole consciousness (of multi dimensions) is present continuously within the cognizance of each of us, but we need to subdue the constant kerfuffle in the sense-orientated mind, which forms a barrier to reality.

We are – in actuality – unlimited consciousness but we use (what we call) three dimensions of it, accessing only a tiny fraction of awareness, compared to that of the eleven dimensions we are now certain exist, in us and all that surrounds us. Hence we suffer all our problems. We can’t steer everything into the permanent order we want because the nature of the three dimensional sphere is continuous change. It’s impossible for anything, or any set of circumstances, to stay the same for more than a few micro-seconds. In fact, not even that; everything changes continuously in the sphere of awareness restricted to the lower dimensions.

Let’s look at how we drag our feet, deploying limited consciousness in this world. Just 200 years ago, consciousness dictated the shifting of coal by shovel and carrying it by horse and cart. The internal combustion engine was yet to revolutionise work. Contemplation of ‘all possibilities’ was necessary to bring about its invention despite the idea being heretical to most folk at that time because of their attachment to physical work. Today our expanded consciousness, in this regard, accepts technological advancement as good and necessary. All we’ve done is allowed our mind to accept what is now commonplace. It was the same with humans getting used to the idea that the Earth is a ball and not a flat plate.

In a nutshell, expanded consciousness took place by allowing what was once potential – and possibly sounded a bit crazy – to become the accepted norm.

Similarly, unlimited consciousness may sound a bit scary right now, compared to the restrictions of consciousness we live under. But it’s the pit of ignorance we’re involved in that causes the fear. By erecting barriers to higher (more whole) consciousness, we continue trying to avoid what’s natural – change. Therefore we project that an unreachable ‘once happy, change nothing’ stance is our goal.

To prove that expanding consciousness isn’t scary, simply allow it to happen. By accepting that change is inevitable, one can start introducing more realness into life. It’s feasible to realise all consciousness within a few years of giving up the ‘impossible dream’ (that things can stay the same for a long time).

Once (re)cognised, whole consciousness seems so normal you’d wonder why you’d previously stuck your head in the sand. And, by such awakening, you’d immediately put into place how restricted consciousness causes our life to be illusory – like Albert Einstein so cleverly detected.

How can we convince ourselves that the ‘little self’ we experience here on Earth is an illusory fragment of reality? Whether we restrict our consciousness or not, physicists have established all the (11) dimensions are here and now and not somewhere else, as had previously been thought. It’s only our resistance to waking up a few more brain cells that keep us in ignorance of our whole make-up, which is multi-dimensional consciousness.

What are the benefits of allowing our consciousness to expand?

Restricted consciousness keeps us on the merry-go-round of life – up to the point of our demise when we acknowledge we actually got nowhere in the decades we were here. By focusing on life’s end – at the end – many folk start to reason out that everything here is based entirely on what our senses perceive in the three dimensional realm, which is only a tiny part of it all. There are numerous accounts of the 15 minutes before death being the period in which everything fits perfectly into the dying person’s consciousness – because they simply let go. They overcome the mind!

Most of us don’t stop very often to just be, which is completely natural and most fulfilling (when we allow ourselves to get used to it). We mostly fill in the moments, sometimes by performing trivial tasks, journeys, etc. but, more applicably, by projecting images of the past or the future, which are not real. In doing so, we fail to get beyond the 3 dimensional perspective. Thus we feed a mind-ego, which tries to insist absolute stillness is not worth a lot. We’re looking at solid stuff for complete satisfaction, which never works. All the chucking around of thoughts, in the locked-in mind mechanism, completely blocks off what is there to be known – and enjoyed.

Stillness isn’t death! It’s sublime, continuous and permanent, and, as those who experience stillness regularly will tell you, your life and your evolution open up to new vistas of contentment – even bliss – by allowing nature to come through instead of blocking it. Stillness allows all consciousness and all knowledge to come in. It’s a natural refining process by which we remove our fears and dissatisfactions. Consequently, it’s a mechanism for producing a much better experience of life.

The nub of it all is that we don’t need to do anything to expand our consciousness. We only need to locate it. It’s already fully developed, available unendingly. We’re operating our whole consciousness all the time but we block out most of it as if we’re a remote loner out in the prairie, barricading ourselves against an onslaught of marauding warlords.
As mentioned previously, our fears cause all this scurrying around. One tiny glimpse – even a hint – of more consciousness arrests this needless hiatus.

Contemplate our whole consciousness

If you want to start understanding our whole consciousness, rather than surrendering to the deceit of untruth, it’s not necessary to sit in contemplation hour after hour. Contemplation is a fabulous tool but it can be done as a rationalising exercise during daily life. If you prefer quiet reflection, especially after meditation, that’s helpful too of course.

Either way, I recommend reflecting on truth in order to dispel untruth. Greater (i.e. expanded) consciousness depends on how much truth we allow in.

This is where we depend on discrimination. Discrimination is an inherent power in us all, rarely used properly. We mistakenly use it to judge right and wrong, to judge people and to engender ideas regarding how we fit into the scheme of things. All three of these uses are processes which prevent expansion of consciousness by forming more barriers to the actual truth.

We should use discrimination for one main purpose; to discriminate between truth and untruth. If we do this, we leap suddenly into the arena of true knowledge and limitless potential.

An invaluable aid is using the adage “Don’t ignore; explore”. New discoveries supersede what was previously ‘known’; greater truth is discovered continuously. Discrimination helps us to accept new truth, avoiding being stuck in redundant ways of thinking. Attachment to our diffuse past prevents expansion of consciousness.

Understanding the real you

Waking up to reality, instead of living and dying in ignorance, will be made easier if you first accept the recent ineffable truths uncovered by scientific examination. They are two of the most far-reaching and significant discoveries ever and, up to the time of writing, seem to be largely overlooked by the unthinking masses.

We are now certain that what looks like solid matter is not solid at all. The invisible particles (currently called bosons) that give matter mass are the fourth dimension. They are the presence of a thick fog but not perceived by our senses. They are a more real form of actuality than what appears to be the solid, three-dimensional sphere. To help appreciate the non-reality of solid matter, touch the surface of a table and you will consider the surface to be two-dimensional. But there’s no such thing as two-dimensional because thickness is needed to make anything perceptible. So, what we think of as two dimensions is only an ethereal component of a greater reality. It’s the same with three dimensions (we think exists). Solid matter is only an ethereal component of a greater reality – the sphere of bosons.

Space-time is not real either. Einstein proposed this certitude. Subsequently physics proved it as fact. As solid matter, and bosons, are looked beyond, even more subtle (more powerful) energies exist in a yet higher dimension (5th or 6th), that are not measured in distance or time. Everything becomes ONE. That’s why the finest energy is often called ‘almighty’. It’s one, therefore it’s everything. And it’s omnipresent too. The finest energy is in every nanoparticle in every cell of matter. Yes, we have proved that ‘god’ – the finest almightily powerful energy – is us, not some separate entity controlling everything, as was previously thought of as viable reasoning, in times when more true knowledge was lacking. The non-space, non-time particles are a greater reality than the bosons.

Bosons are not a stand-alone reality any more than solid matter (appears to be). Bosons are only a component of the fifth-dimensional energy. The fifth are only a component of the sixth – etcetera – up to the 11* known dimensions, which is pure consciousness. Everything is consciousness – and the 11th (finest, most subtle) dimension is absolute consciousness, absolute truth; awareness that all is one, without beginning and without end; without solid matter or time – the sublime condition.

The answer to life is to experience whole consciousness because it’s what we are. You cannot find a solution to life if you don’t.

Soon, everyone will come to terms with the fact that looking at matter as solid is an illusion. It takes a while – the same as changing from the illusion that Earth is a flat plate. But we have the advantage right now, being gifted with discoveries that allow us to think and perceive like humans will do a couple of hundred years hence. Those forebears will look back on us as idiots because we purposely blocked out real consciousness. Exploring your real nature now will release you from this sweep of ignorance.

In practising stillness, there’s no need to worry about exploration of consciousness causing you to lose anything – your body or your mind, for instance. Stillness is just putting the (unreal) mind aside for a while; letting go of the imagined 3-dimensional ‘little me’ to reveal the whole ‘real I’, which is all encompassing. Don’t you want to know yourself?

Dimensions are an earthly counting mechanism, invented because of the constraints of solid matter. In fact there are not specific numbers of dimensions, just degrees of greater truth. The ‘highest’ consciousness is consciousness of all dimensions – often referred to as whole consciousness, pure consciousness or oneness.

John Lamb operates the website Curiositive.com during his retirement from a full business life. He lives in Cornwall UK with his wife, writes books and blogs and keeps fit, in his 70’s, using yogic stretching, playing golf and sailing a small cruising boat. He has more than 50 years experience of practicing meditation.

Books by John Lamb – Discover Your Subtle Self (paperback); Melting Into Meditation,Guarantee to Make The Law of Attraction Work, Gems of the Heart, Quantum Aspects of Self Realisation, (eBooks).  Website: http://www.curiositive.com  Twitter: @johnlambtweets

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