HJ: Your higher self is your most direct connection to source — to the creator — to the universe… whatever you want to call it.  In every moment it makes available to you vital information and guidance designed to lead you down the path of your highest fulfillment and growth.  So heed it’s advice wisely and closely and watch your life turn into the most amazing, exciting, prosperous journey you could ever have imagined and then some…

– Truth

3 Signs Your Higher Self Gives You Every Day

By Steven Bancarz | Spirit Science and Metaphysics


Who and what are you?  When you talk about “yourself”, who are you really talking about?  The mind-identified self that daydreams and thinks all day? The body-identified self that associates itself as being this flesh blog vehicle?

We live our lives as these thinking bodies that travel through space, and sometimes don’t step to question what this “I” really is.  We react, we speak, we do what we need to do, all as a mind-body.  We get so comfortable with how it feels to be a mind-body that we forget about a 3rd aspect of our being.  The soul.  The soul is not separate from you.  It is not some abstract thing that you have.  It’s what you are.  But in our society it’s so easy to feel disconnect from our TRUE self (the soul), that we often times mistake it for being the voice of God or a Higher Self that exists in some other plane of existence.

Your Higher Self is actually you, beneath the egoic self that confuses its identity with the thinker and the body.  Some people believe the Higher Self to be the part of you that exists in the ether, and this may be true, but wouldn’t the soul exist within the ether as well? After all, it’s non-physical and most exist on some level of reality.

This Higher Self is morally perfect, wise, and is guiding you through this journey as you pretend to be a human being for a little while.  It is constantly sending us signs that will point us in the direct of evolution, love, and truth.  These are signs that are from You beneath the conscious level, to you at the conscious level.  Here are 3 signs that your Higher Self has been giving you:

1) Synchronicities

You may notice that there are some coincidences that are happening in your life that just CAN’T be attributed to chance.  Looking at the clock and seeing numbers repeat over and over again is a very common sign people experience as they begin to get in touch with the deeper aspects of themselves.  This is always a sign that you are on the right track.  Maybe your friend calls you right after you were thinking about them, or you get a new job oppurtunity right when you were thinking about quitting your job.

More important than individual cases of synchronicities is the general vibe that life seems to be working with you for a change.  OR, the general vibe that things aren’t ever working for you.  One is a sign from your Higher Self to continue on doing what you are doing, and one is a sign that you need to stop, reflect, and get centered.  I personally stub my toe and break stuff a lot when I am trapped in my head entertaining angry or resentful thoughts.  It’s so uncanny.  I will be arguing with someone and coming from an unconscious space and will start stumbling over my words or will trip on something.

Maybe you have been complaining all day, and keep noticing misfortunes keep happening over and over the more you complain.  Pay attention to little things like this.  Our Higher Selves are always in our corner trying to direct us with little signs like these back to a state of higher consciousness.

2) Intuitive Feelings

This is the most subtle yet powerful sign of all.  You know when you get a “gut feeling” about something for absolutely no reason?  I’m not talking about seeing a guy with a black trench coat on with an upside down cross drawn in between his eyes and feeling like you should stay away.  Nor am I talking about a girl with snakes in her hair and wreaks of beer who rubs you the wrong way for some reason… I’m talking about someone with a clean respectable appearance who still gives you this feeling inside like you need to stay away, and later on you find out they have a history of domestic abuse or drug addiction.  Please pay attention to this feeling, and MAKE SURE it’s actually your intuition and you actually aren’t just thinking about things.

Learning how to listen to this kind of intuition about people and opportunities will save you a boatload of hardships and headaches.  It’s your Higher Self’s way of letting you know about something that you wouldn’t be able to know through reason and experience.  It’s giving you knowledge that you couldn’t have gotten on your own. This intuition comes in another form as well, which is just as subtle and just as important.  It’s a deep, quiet feeling you get inside from the way you behave and think.

It could be as simple as the quiet sense of sadness you might get if you are too sharp or stern with somebody, or the feeling of nausea you might get if you did something behind someone’s back that you know would have hurt them.  Maybe you feel dirty inside after having a heated argument with a loved one, or feel polluted after filling yourself with certain kinds of entertainment.  These are all your Higher Self’s way of telling you that you NEED to stop and listen to what it is saying.  Your soul is literally screaming at you to look inside yourself and pay attention to what that feeling is trying to teach you about yourself and the situation.

The next time you get a feeling like this after performing an action or behaving a certain way, don’t resist it.  Sometimes, the ego won’t want to surrender to that feeling because it would then have to admit defeat.  But life is so short.  Don’t let the ego trick you into slowing down your evolution so your shortcomings don’t have to be exposed.  Listen to your intuition.  It’s the GPS system of your soul.  The voices in your head will lead you all over the place, but the voice of your soul will never lead you off the path.

3) Your Passion/Calling

You may find that you are discontent with your life situation.  Most people are, and not everybody will have the opportunity to live the life of their dreams.  But everybody has a chance to try, and NOBODY has an excuse not to follow the little voice inside them that is pulling them towards what they truly desire to do.  Take a moment to ask yourself these questions.  What am I good at, and how can my skills/talents benefit the lives of others?  What am I passionate about?  What REALLY interests me?  If you notice the answer to these questions yet don’t follow up with them, your Higher Self will attempt to snap you out of it in several different ways.

1) Inside, you will feel empty.  When you neglect your calling, how can your soul not suffer at least a little bit?  Don’t fill yourself with more entertainment and comfort, go inside yourself and actually explore why it is you feel that way.  What can you start doing each day to make your dreams a reality and express your passions?

2) You will feel bored, or dead before you die.  It doesn’t matter if you have all the money and toys in the world, you will feel like something is missing in your life.  You aren’t missing more ‘things’ or even people.  You are missing fire in your life.  We need you and your passion to bring this world alive.

3) You will feel guilty for not pursuing what you really love and for living your life for somebody else.  This guilt is present to propel you into action to do what satisfies your soul and your intellect.  Every soul that lives on this planet came here with a purpose, and some came here with a purpose to fulfill a mission of serving humanity and the planet.  Those who came here on a mission will possess certain gifts and an undeniable passion for certain things which can be used for the greater good.  If you choose to live their lives to impress your parents and your peers, you will feel a deep-rooted guilt.  It may be inexplicable to you because you haven’t done anything you need to be guilty of.  But when it comes to your Higher Self, guilt is more often present for what you DON’T do.

This doesn’t mean you need to quit your job and change your whole life, but you need to nurture your passions and skills just as you need to water a flower.

These are 3 common ways that our Higher Self will try to guide us through our daily lives.  It’s nothing too mystical or complicated.  All it requires from us is that we look for signs in our life and learn to detect and follow the inner guidance system it is piloting for us.

Meditate. Get still. Allow yourself to become a vessel for what you already know.

Steven Bancarz is the creator of ‘Spirit Science and Metaphysics’.  Thank you for reading this article! Within the next month, I plan to have my first YouTube video out called “How To Meditate”, and I am also currently building an online conscious forum to bring truth-seekers together to connect and share advice with one another.  If you are interested in staying connected, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter HERE.

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