November 2014 Horoscope – Astrological Psychology

By Dr. Ron Holman | Discerning Wisdom

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Written in Twilight Language which Incorporates Spelling & Other Grammatical Intentions

Aries – 3/21 – 4/19

The active energy of this month for you Aries is Support for Change. Change is usually scary and upsetting while change from a place of deep balance is of a natural nature like starting to grow new teeth after the baby teeth fall out! Naturally and easy the ‘knew’ comes Inn! You know that it is your Creativity that supports your processes, so sit with and Inn that Creativity as the change happens! Witnessing Change gives you multiple opportunities to ‘Let Go’ of what is being upgraded. Witnessing is Easier on the Mind and Kinder for the Mind because there is an Allowing of the Knew to Be Seen and Experienced without a collision.

There is a great Flowering of the Seeds you have Gathered. You have been allowing that Flowering to happen for some time which is how and why there is so much deep balance. Those parts that wobble a little at times are naturally coming into balance without effort as your ability to Witness Evolves.

At some point in the Future you will have to decide to stop with the show for others that is designed to show them how talented you are! The time and energy required for the ‘show’ can be better spent which will Dawn upon you soon!

Taurus – 4/20 – 5/20

From what appears to be far away there is actually a real Ripeness happening Inn and Around you. This is due to your Being Receptive which means that you have practiced being able or inclined to receive; especially open and responsive to ideas, impressions, or suggestions. Being fit to receive and transmit energy is the Key. What is holding you back is some antiquated Political Beliefs about how to Be Inn the: Office, Neighbors, Sexual Orientation, and just toward those Living in Ignorance. You know from your side it is your Creativity that carries you around the noticeable blocks and yet your Awareness of how others are caught up in situations where you flow, throws you off balance.

You have made major progress in the Life given that you have a Major need to Be Inn Control; Really?? While you know you are a Control freak, you are working your way out of the dark and trudging in the wrong direction with the sweet sounds of the Angels Music. Keep it Up and eventually you will be shown how to use the Thunderbolt as precisely as a watch makers touch. It is obvious to you that you are making great Change and what you do not know is that the Transformation utilizes all of the circumstances present to facilitate that Change. Embrace what Is and Nest Inn It.

As the Future is an ever Present Presence just know that the Creator with Inn is, must, can smile upon you with Benevolent Grace.

Gemini – 5/21 – 6/20

Inn Order to get to the Point where your ability to Trust literally causes you to Fly you must Embrace what Is. Today you are faced with a part of the Life that causes you to withdraw as a Natural reaction to withdrawing your hand from a flame. The Creator with Inn is calling to you to take contrary action and Nest rather than withdraw. Easier said than done, however with a willingness the Receptivity Can, Must, May rise from the depth of your Heart.

Much of what you are facing while appearing to be present life orientated, trust me, it is mostly from the past! Knowing that offers little relief, but just know for it is the present life that is pushing your buttons acquired Inn the Past. One more time, it is Important to turn Inn Ward; dive into Silence and the ghosts from the Past will Dissolve.

Approach every event, approach every moment as if it is the first and only moment that there Is! Let go of ALL expectations and you will Become One with the Creator.

Cancer – 6/21 – 7/22

Conditioning, Conditioning Conditioning is what has happened and Conditioning is continuing to influence if not run the show! Conditioning is a simple form of learning involving the formation, strengthening, or weakening of an association between a stimulus and a response acquired before the age of Reason. It is way worthwhile to Journal about your Conditioning. The place to start is the need to participate in Comparative Analysis; your outsides to other outsides and your insides to others insides and your insides to others outsides. At this time bear Inn Mind that what you find from this life time’s conditioning is indicative of ALL past lives. What Is Cleared Inn this life Dominoes backward through All lives. Hidden from you is the closeness of touching the Totality of All that Is, Was and Can/Will Be! Inn fact you are already touching that Energy and all you have to ‘Do’ is ‘Notice’. It is Courage that supports you in the Present Circumstances, has fueled your pursuit of what Is Known to Be Important and has produces New Growth from Inn the most unlikely of places! Digg It!!

The Future is All net! Success Beyond your Comprehension and Inn fact beyond your Concept of what Is Possible! Surrendering is the Key and Inn that Space of Surrender What Is revealed Is God; the Gold!

Leo – 7/23 – 8/22

It takes a lot of Courage to do what you do in the Face of the Intensity of the Habit of Needing to be in Control. Congratulations and as you can, focusing on the Flowering of that Courage results Inn a Rooting of Deeper Balance becoming Deeper and Stronger Inn the hardest of Circumstances. Your ability to notice when you are Projecting onto others what is your, is heightened. The Flowering is akin to your ability to Experience the Mystical and Magical. Soon you will be able to Nest Inn the Depth of Despair and Experience the Light; that is also their! Wow, Can you Believe It?

It is Due to your ability to operate with a New Vision that the habit of the Need to Be Inn Control, has allowed you to Flower in sooo many Beautiful ways. Nurture that Siddhi by thanking God/Spirit.

Please Know that regardless of what has been done to you, regardless of what you have done in this life or any of your past lives there is an Innocence at the Core of Your Being!

Virgo – 8/23 – 9/22

So you have a need to Be Inn Control! Feeling pretty ‘Tight’ these days? Take a load off the only way you ‘know how’! Connect with the Existence of All that Is, Was and Will Be! Taking Refuge in that Place has Served you well; keep it up! Please know that a lot of the ‘Tightness’ and the Need to Be Inn Control comes from the Past rather than the present life! It is your Being Receptive that you have made so much progress Inn the Life in spite of the Need to Be Inn Control. However, your needs have caused you to Suppress some of the obvious and they are corded to you which suppresses your ability to utilize all your gifts.

While you continue to ‘have to’ run old programs of Comparative Analysis It is your continual ‘turning Inn Ward’ that keeps the ghosts of the past away; go deep enough and they go. It is ONLY in Silence that That which is ultimately Important Is Revealed; Go for It and the Prize that is Beyond Illusion Comes Into your Hand Willingly, Gracefully and Easily!

Libra – 9/23 – 10/22

It is a time that is calling for you Libra to Share the Blessings you have Received, joyfully and with all those that come to you for help. Share with Joy, Love and the Excitement of a little Kid and you will Be Preparing yourself to Be able to ‘Let Go’ at a time when It will we way important.

What is Passing through your energy field Is manifesting Inn a New Expression from a corner with Inn that has been shrouded Inn Ignorance. Being Alone is different than being Lonely; No the difference. It is your allowing yourself to Be Friendly and approachable that turns the tide in your favor; just do it! Just Do it and the habit of being Lazy and sitting back on your accomplishments will evaporate. More can go into an Empty cup than a full cup!

Being Friendly elevates you Inn to a state of Being Ordinary, Common and One of the Masses. Unless you want to keep yourself separated from your brethren, Be Friendly and Embrace Being Ordinary. This Is a Heart Strategy that Awakens an Extra-Ordinary Capacity to Love.

Scorpio – 10/23 – 11/21

It is time to allow the Intensity with Inn to become a larger part of your process. Intensity is an Asset, a very powerful Asset. Awareness of the Impact of that Intensity is the starting place for some and for others an unleashing is Being Called for. Due to the past you Scorpio’s are backed up and ready to unload. You have worked hard to package up for unloading when you thought you were done with that ‘issue’. The Creator with Inn is the Key. Direct your Intensity Inn ward Inn daily Sadhna (prayer & meditation). Set an Intention to connect with, awaken with Inn the Ultimate Creator Energy. Set an Intention and focus your Intensity and you will be Amazed before you are half way through; for you will Intuitively Know how to handle situations that formerly used to baffle you.

Your Intensity comes from the Source of all that is, all that was and all that can Be and Is actually that Source. The Source is your Intensity and your intensity is the Source; Know that and act Accordingly. All this leads you to a depth of Courage you will need and welcome at some point. Relax for Now and Awaken the Creator with Inn with Directed Intensity.

Sagittarius – 11/22 – 12/21 

The Times are calling for you Sagittarius to set aside all of your knowledge, all that you have accomplished and all you Wisdom. Set it ALL aside and Inn Silence you rise up to Receive, Naked and Alone. Clinging to the Past Is what you are doing and at the same time you are ready to Let It All Go; Congratulations. How to let it All Go, you might ask? Begin in facing the Sorrow you carry, surrender and make peace with what Is, make Peace with What has Gone and What Might Never Be! The Rebellious Spirit with Inn Objects and yet It Is clear that you are Ready to Compromise with the Rebel Inn order to get moving.

Now Celebrate what Is coming, Celebrate what has left, Celebrate What Can/Must/May Be! Just Celebrate Inn Silence and Divine Right Order will Unfold and You will See and Accept your Circumstances as they Are!

One Thing that is Coming is a Challenge and a blessing at the Same time. You will Be Able to take Responsibility Like you have Never Been Able to Take Responsibility Before!

Capricorn – 12/22 – 1/19

Being Is ‘Beyond Illusion’! Glimpses Come at First, then standing Inn That that is Glimpsed prepares you to eventually Being able to Nest Inn that Place that Is ‘Beyond Illusion’. Being Inn the Source, Being the Activated Source and Operating as the Source Is Known to You. The fly Inn the Ointment is the Burden you carry. That Burden Is a Stress that is an accumulation of Past Bad Information, Hopes and Dreams. You are tired of putting on a ‘Show’ and know it! There is a subtle sense of an Adventure that Is at Hand.

That Burden carries the patterns of Fighting, Being Ready to Fight, Needing to Be Ready to Fight etc. This is very tiring and with just a little more Patience you will Give Birth to Mastery that You have Heard About! Your Past Lives will Continue to Provide you with Challenges and Blessings. The Master with Inn Gives You a New Level of Inner Guidance that makes more sense out of what is worthwhile and what can be ‘let go’ and pass by.

Aquarius – 1/20 – 2/18

The Miser holds onto what has been accumulated as if there is nothing more coming, out of Fear. It is time to examine Being Miserly; look high and low with curiosity because what you find, even a few crumbs, gives you the opportunity to excel! Your Dream as a child Is Still Possible! Even though many have forgotten their Childhood Dreams those Dreams Are a Peek at an element helpful Inn achieving your Life Purpose! While the Past has brought you a Burden to Carry Now you are actually rising above the ‘muck and myer’ through Sound & Music. Your access to tools and information you need has been Suppressed! Clear all cords Now!

Your New Vision Is Allowing You to Rise Up in Spite of the Fear you have that you will Lose! It is your Courage that moves you forward Inn the Face of Fear. Try to Focus on the New Vision rather than the Fear. Inn Time the Fear will dissipate; especially after clearing cords. The Future brings much from the past that will be of Assistance and Blessings. Always View the Circumstances that way; that the circumstances are for Assistance and Blessings even if you have a hard time seeing the Assistance and Blessings Inn the Present.

Pisces – 2/19 – 3/20

With Inn you will find the two Lovers Merging Inn One, as you Slow Down on the Need to Be Inn Control. Let It Go Please, Just Let Go and allow what Is to Be Perfect. At lease know that and work toward emotionally accepting that regardless of how the circumstances appear! Your ally, right now, is your Maturity. Sit Inn That Maturity and work with your Mind to Accept what Is. There is more help and assistance from Turning Inn-ward than you realize. Yes, you will have to go through a layer of ‘ghosts’ from the Past; So What!! Just Do It, Turn Inn-Ward! Do It and you will definitely gain a New Way of Seeing; that is for sure! You are slowed down in making progress by holding onto what you have, as if there is nothing more! Hey, What Is with All that? If you want to Merge Inn the Lovers with Inn Open Up to Being a Giver, make a commitment to retiring from Controlling and allow yourself to Turn Inn Ward to go beyond the Ghosts of the Past.

Dr. Ron Holman has traveled the world for over 30 years studying the healing practices of indigenous peoples researching the phenomenon of spontaneous remission of disease. He has studied with many many teachers, learned many healing techniques, sat with world famous healers, miracle men, a few charlatans, two black magicians, and well-meaning yet inept teachers before he was gifted from the Lord the ability to see what is behind a person; in other words where they get their juice. In 2010 Dr. Ron went to India where he has been many times to study with Ma Gyaana Suvera who has been teaching Tarot for 40 years. After the first day Ma said to Swaha, ‘you are as good as my students that have been reading for 20 years’. After the second day Ma said, ‘you are as good as me’ and asked Swaha for a reading. It seems that Swaha awakened to 1,000 years of Tarot Wisdom in two days.  Visit his website: | | 818-298-6100

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