5 Ways To Cleanse and Detoxify Your Lungs

HJ: You can live for a long time without food.  You can live for a few days or so without water.  But you can only live for a few minutes without breath.  And the health of your lungs dictate the quality of your breath.  Immensely important, no need to extrapolate.

– Truth

5 Ways To Cleanse and Detox The Lungs

By Arny Bustamante | Prevent Disease


The lungs bring oxygen into the cells, help detox the body and they can heal you when functioning correctly. To cleanse the lungs means to eliminate toxins in the body that could be affecting the function of the organ and body itself.

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Is a detox really necessary? In short, yes. The large number of pollutants we encounter every day complicate the body’s detoxification efforts, which in turn leave the body more vulnerable to illnesses and disease, not to mention hormonal imbalances.

Regardless of their source, all toxins must be processed through the body via the detoxification pathways in our liver, which is why it gets the bulk of our attention during any detox program. But supporting the lungs improves the results of any liver detox and in turn reap the benefits of better health.

1) Grape Cleanse

In the book, “Staying Healthy with the Seasons,” author Elson M. Hass, M.D., recommends a grape cleanse to clean out the lungs. Drink freshly squeezed grape juice for five to seven days, or eating only grapes work. You may drink a glass of lemonade each day to balance the flavors if the grape taste becomes too sweet. Also take 1 tbsp. olive oil twice daily and drink a laxative tea morning and night to keep the intestines moving. The grape juice acts as a tonic for the lungs and will help detoxify them.

2) Herbs for Lung Health

Herbal remedies not only boost lung health, but they can heal infections, detox and even repair lung damage. Coltsfoot, thyme, lobelia, elecampane, sage are among 15 of the most powerful herbs which act as expectorants and promote healthy functioning of the lungs. Brew a strong pot of tea for any of these herbs or place them in a vaporizer for maximum effect.

3) Detox by Breathing

According to B.K.S. Iyengar, pranayama, or breathing exercises, help keep the lungs pure by increasing the flow of fresh blood. He also says that pranayama trains the lungs, providing better lung health and a better life. He recommends exercises that involve retention of the breath saying they are specifically good for the lungs. Try ujjayi pranayama by simply taking a complete inhale, holding the breath for two or three seconds, and then fully exhaling. Allow your diaphragm to descend by keeping your abdominal muscles relaxed. Your abdomen will expand as your diaphragm descends, making more room around your lungs, and allowing them to fill with air. Repeat eight times.

4) Exercise
Cardiovascular exercise gets your respiratory system working, which promotes detoxification. This will remove unhealthy layers of mucous lining the lungs causing toxicity. Cardiovascular exercise doesn’t actually detoxify the lungs but it improves the health of the lungs by making them function more efficiently. Go for a hike, a bike ride, a swim, anything that gets your heart pumping, and enjoy the benefits.

5) Oil Pulling 
Oil pulling can heal a variety of ailments including headaches, bronchitis, thrombosis, ulcers, intestinal diseases and even encephalitis. Symptoms of chronic blood diseases can be dramatically reduced or cured through the direct action oil pulling has on the lungs.

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