HJ: The position of the stars and planets at the moment of your birth does not determine the course of your life.  That is up to you.  However, what it does do is bestow upon you the talents, dispositions and personality with which you will navigate your path.  And therefore it is hugely influential, but, as always, you have free will to decide what to do with what you have been given.

– Truth

October 2014 Horoscope – Astrological Psychology

By Dr. Ron Holman | Discerning Wisdom

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Written in Twilight Language which Incorporates Spelling & Other Grammatical Intentions

Aries – 3/21 – 4/19

There is a flowering that is happening for you Aries during the month of September. This Flowering of Prosperity has a sweetness and gentleness that rises to the surface. Surrounding the opportunity at hand is a continuous flow that is Supportive. Taking your time, even though your friends are calling you to lift off and the fly with them, you are guided by your own timing. From deep within lives an Intensity yet to Be recognized or utilized yet there is a  pushing, gentle as she is, through to the Light! There is a Gentleness to what feels, appears to be and is considered by Society to Be a Roughness!

While some may think you are lazy, others would say you are taking your time. Sitting back and enjoying where you are is always Important; smelling the Roses as they say. This strategy this way of doing life presents you with a Mastery that if continued, that is taking the actions that you are ready for, that Mastery will Continue and Expands.

Taurus – 4/20 – 5/20 

Let go of the need to compare your insides to others outsides. You are different than anyone one you compare yourself to. Be that Difference and Smile! While you are postponing taking action behind the scenes there is a fire brewing. It is the Fool within that moves forward without thought bringing Flowers to the Divine because that part of you that we are referring to as the Fool Knows! Your inner knowingness moves you sooner or later towards paying it forward. As you Know how to Be Playful you know you are supporting your life with Inspiration. Feeling drained of energy means you are suppressing the Obvious; what is the Elephant in the Living Room?. Commit to yourself that you are ready to See into the shadows of your life. Supporting your journey beyond the need to Compare yourself to anything or anybody is the Queen of Existence with Inn. Inn Silence you will know Her! Transformation comes as a result of moving past the need to Postpone and Compare; which also fills you with Energy

Gemini – 5/21 – 6/20

This is a time to do the work and return to a time of an Awakened Innocence. The Work calls for a deep Examination of the Decisions you make and the political pressures: at work, home, friendship circle etc. You have built up sufficient resources to take delivery on the Truth you Seek. You will feel, though, the weight of what you are about to let go of. You will also Discover that some of the Guidance you have relied upon is out lived! Being in a Moment to Moment State of the Flow without Thinking, Awakens the Rebel within. While this Rebel within has been suppressed by all the factors in a life that wants conformity, it is actually the Master with Inn coming to the Light of Your Awareness.

Cancer – 6/21 – 7/22

Settle Inn to Being Alone which is just Beingness Itself! While there is still some sense of Need, You are Well Established Inn That that you have Sought! The Creator with Inn is providing you Valuable Guidance and Knowingness which you already Know and are able to Recognize those Enhanced Experiences as you follow that Guidance; Wow!!! There Is Soo Much more Coming Your Way from the Source which of course is With Inn! Stay the Course You Are On and you will See that the Master within is just beginning to Be Engaged. You must let Go thought of All that you are holding on to. You must let go of All that is Perceived to be Necessary? You must completely Trust you are cared for and that your Journey is Being Taken Care of by All of the Higher Beings who are/is your very own Self! Signal with Inn your Heart to those that are holding onto you that it is OK for them to let go of you, a little! Inn the Light All are Connected, All are Supported All are Loved beyond Comprehension, Experience All of this Now!

Leo – 7/23 – 8/22

Playfulness is One Way for you Leo’s to take an easy step forward, especially Inn situations without risk! You just have to continue to Trust your Inner Guidance and add this new parameter. This Step Opens up the capacity to receive by allowing all the blessings and power to be self-perceived as Ordinary. Being Ordinary engenders humility which allows you to act with integrity in the face of conflicting Political circumstances in order to catch the ripe fruit as it falls from the tree. As you catch your breakthrough happens when you are not looking, Wow!! As you enter a deeper state of the ‘dark night’ you are fortified with an experiential knowingness to just Be rather than to back out, to run or to change anything! Inn the ‘Dark Night’ there is an Integration that you will recognize and will make you smile. This smile is a New Vision into the Nature and Secrets you have been seeking.

Virgo – 8/23 – 9/22

Inn all of Existence the Place you Find Is Naked and Alone, at Peace and Inn Communion with All that Is. It is the Place you sought as a Child – Remember, Now! Eventually you will Break-through the layers of acculturated ways of showing up to do life, to be safe, to make money to be popular etc. However, your deep inner self know how to Participate Inn a balanced heart felt way. Follow your heart and you will find yourself faced with more success than you can imagine. You will find yourself sitting back in the lap of luxury (in many regards) and you will one more time have to face the Void to Break Free!

Libra – 9/23 – 10/22

Now is the time for the past to pay dividends; as above so is below! Fighting is a lost endeavor, being prepared to fight is a lost endeavor and the memory of fighting is of lost value! Be Alone and settle into the ‘Fight’ energy to Experience the Other Side of It. It is a true ‘Re-Birth’ that you will find; believe It! The Conditioning that you carry will first be revealed then you can examine each layer of Conditioning and keep or discard the layers, as you please! One layer that is ready to go is that you are your conditioning! Once this layer is let go of, taking it off reveals an Intensity that is way time to come forth. The conditioning has kept the depth of fire Inn your heart buried, to be safe and in being safe you keep hidden the best parts! The New Vision comes to you from the Past and the New Vision is way more in the rhythm and flow of Life Giving and Life Receiving.

The Future brings a lot more Understanding that provides you the guts to take a chance even when you would rather hold back and be safe in the face of obvious evidence. Your need to hide Inn safety is gone, gone gone because you have come to a deeper surrender to follow your Highest Guidance Inn your heart!

Scorpio – 10/23 – 11/21

From the Past there is a blossoming the likes of which you have waited until Now to See! Wow!! It Is your Innocence that Inn your seeking you Find! Regardless of what you have done or what has been done to you, Inn the Depth of your Heart of Hearts Is Infinite Innocence. Let the Guilt Go as the Master within Supports your Being ‘Here and Now’ from a World Wide Perspective!

The Creator within is way more known to you than you accept! It is a dynamic energy, a clarity of Knowingness, a Discerning Wisdom that is Speaking to you Right Now! You efforts to Suppress your Guidance is what is draining you and the cause of Dis-Ease! Stop Suppressing and Embrace all that Is, All that You Are, and Especially All  that Can and Must Be!

Sagittarius – 11/22 – 12/21 

It is way time for you to deal with your old friend, CONTROL! This is not a new thing for you and you have put off taking the Spiritual action necessary long enough. The Creator within is just there waiting for you to NOTICE!! When the Student is Ready the MASTER has Appeared NOW and it is High Time for the REBEL with INN to Break through the chains of Control! Wow, Fighting and Fighting – What are you Fighting? This time you already know you are, can, must Rise above the Heaviness and Transcend the Bondages of the Past! It is your Inner Voice that you MUST choose and stop to Notice Inn order to Breakthrough that Bondage. Once you Breakthrough there will Be a steady stream of Energy carrying you and from with Inn you the Intensity needed to stop Comparing your insides to others Outsides ceases stops; for this comparing is ALWAYS a losing proposition. What you know and feel you have to do, go and get by travel a long distance is right behind you; stop take three paces back and SIT! There is an immensity of Success there for you; a ticker tape parade, actually. Follow through NOW and there is a lovely Transformation there for You! Believe it!

Capricorn – 12/22 – 1/19

There Is a  Creator with Inn Living Large Inn spite of the heavy Burden you carry. Most of the Burden is of the Past because there is an unreal sense to the Burden you carry; Notice that Now!. The Totality of ALL is ever present in your Awareness as you Reach the Light ‘Let Go’. You must learn that a Compromise is a Win for both parties, rather than a win for one and a loss for the other. Be Friendly and the Compromise goes down easier for the Other and Inn that Calm your Heart Opens; which is the Goal Anyways.

Stop Comparing yourself to what is Outside! That that is perceived to Be Outside Ultimately Is Discoverable on the Inside; Know This Now! From your Past there is Wisdom and Perceived Pain which comes from Desire for what is Outside Yourself! Taking Courage with what Is and Noticing that Exactly Where you Are is Sufficient for you to Blossom Inn Beauty and as a result of  your Maturing. Being Sufficient and Ordinary might feel like Less! Get Over Yourself and You Will Do Just Fine; Inn Fact Way More than Just Fine!

Aquarius – 1/20 – 2/18 

Begin to Know the Fool! For Inn Knowing that your actions are Inn Divine Right Order! Carry Offerings to the Divine! Let Go of the Need to feel Guilt for what you have done and or Inherited; for that is all locked Inn your Mind! Inn the Depth of your Heart you are way Ripe to eat the fruit of Trust Inn yourself like never before. Inn that Trust your Understanding lifts you from being  Stuck Inn Guilt to being ‘I’ can, may, must move On!

All is and can Be found Inn the Depth of Your Heart, All that you Seek! The Lovers with Inn Know each other to Be the One and Only! It is the Sorrow that you wallow Inn that keeps you Inn suspect of the Fool, yet Inn the Silence you have stuck your beak into tells you Better and prepares you for a Completion. That Completion takes you beyond feeling alone and isolated! Inn the depth of the Void and Inn total Despair you can, may must immerge Inn to the Thunder of an Experiential Knowing  that the Void is Also the Fullness which scares most off before the Fullness is Realized! Hint!!

Pisces – 2/19 – 3/20

Listen up to your Guidance, even if you are well tuned Inn! There are certain aspects of your ability to receive Guidance that are befuddled with the Energy of Fighting! This you know is from your Past and yet very Present Inn this Regard! It is high time for you to get up and to take action to Remedy this interference. Quietly with Inn you carry a Burden that has given your Guidance the Best Possible and yet, Now you Must Reach Out to the Planet Inn Order to clean up the Conditioning that is all around your ability to Be Seen for Who you Are and for What Your Life Purpose Is! It is Only after you Reach Out that You will Be Able to Notice the Conditioning that Is Ready to Be Removed and or Transformed.

You keep yourself very busy to Distract you from all this above. You are very skilled in putting on a Show and yet it Stresses you Out way beyond what standing in the Heart of you Life Purpose would. To Reduce Stress explore and examine the Conditioning and Habit of Fighting that is There. With all of this that has been said seriously bring from your Heart a Willing State of Readiness to Be Released and Transformed from the Need to Fight and an Immense Flowering Occurs. God Bless you and God Bless Us All. We All Need You to Step Up.

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