7 Powerful Ways to Unlock Your Full Potential and Live an Amazing Life

HJ: We all have the potential to create whatever kind of life we want for ourselves, however, in order to do that we must first get out of our own way.  This, in its essence is unlocking your full potential.  Always remember — you are perfect and whole beneath all the false things you have been taught to believe about yourself and the world at large.  Tapping into your full potential is the act of removing everything that is not you and revealing the divinity at your core.

As an aspect of the divine you have the ability to create and live like the divine.  This is your birthright.

As many wise Shaman’s have said, wisdom is the unlearning of that which is not true.  You are a sculptor and your life is the block of marble.  What will you create?

– Truth

7 Ways To Unlock Your Human Potential

By Brooke Alendra | Brooke Alexandra


We are Spiritual Beings having a human experience, and while our Spiritual practice is undoubtedly important, so many of us neglect how Human we are! We are living here, on this Earth, in these human bodies for a reason. We came down here purposefully and it’s time to make the most of it. It’s time to build real mastery in our bodies, minds and lives.

We are given just one body in this life as our vehicle to navigate this fascinating planet. Just as you would treat your dream car, and take extra special care of it, we must properly maintain our bodies, minds and goals for optimal performance. Would you let your dream car turn into a junker or take care of it so it becomes a classic?

So, here’s 7 Ways to Unlock Your Human Potential

1) Self Love, Self Love, Self Love!

Self Love starts with making you your best friend. Treating yourself with the loving kindness and consideration that you would to someone who means a lot to you. It also means mastering the critical voice in our heads, and not letting it have control over our emotions.

Your thoughts actually create your emotions, so if you can learn to stop negative thoughts in their tracks, the second they enter into your brain, you can stop them from making you feel a negative emotion. This takes practice, but as you learn to become the mediator between you and your thoughts, you can start to gain more emotional mastery and this turns into greater self love. It’s only when you let in thoughts that create positive emotions, that you can you have a more positive outlook on life and yourself.

2) Self Care

Are you running on empty or do you have a full tank?

When we don’t take time for personal self care, we can get low on our energy reserves that allow us to give our best to life. When we go too long without proper self care; our mind, body and spirit suffer, as well as our relationships and even our careers.

When we have nothing left to give, we can become rundown, irritable and begin living a half-mast existence, as if that is the norm. Take a look at what areas of self care need your attention:

  • What is it that fills you up?
  • Do you need time alone?
  • A dinner party with friends?
  • Do you need time to read a good book?
  • When was the last time you went to watch a sunset or sunrise?
  • Do you need a massage?
  • Special time with your romantic partner?

We all have different ways to fill up our tanks so we can be living every day at our full human potential. Finding the right combination of self care practices that make you feel full, and being  sure to continue attending to your personal needs on a regular basis is a priority.

3) Self Discipline

As much as we would like to wave a magic wand and have life the exact way we want it, the reality is we have to put in some work. The things we desire for our lives requires taking action steps towards our goals everyday, and this requires self discipline.

Now, self discipline is something you can build and grow, just like a muscle. Just as you wouldn’t get fit overnight, it takes time to build up your self discipline to where it’s working for you, instead of you having to put so much effort into creating it. Trust me, it does get easier. It’s all about repetition.

Doing things over and over again makes them easier and soon it becomes second nature, then you can direct your self discipline to another area to master!

4) Mastering the Body

This is the only body we get this time around in life. Our body is our temple and it should be treated as such. So, why is our physical health so often put on the back burner?

We can choose to live a life of abundant health and wellness.

  • Get your body moving! We require physical movement to keep a healthy weight, release toxins and keep our bodies mobile and limber.
  • Always remember to drink plenty of fresh water, this too allows the toxic buildup to be eliminated, allows our cells to renew and keeps our body functioning at optimal health.
  • Eat fresh foods! Go to your local Farmer’s Markets and if you’re shopping at grocery stores, check out the labels. Remember, if you can’t read it, don’t eat it!
  • Pay close attention to your body, it will speak to you. So many of us have “mysterious” health issues. In reality these symptoms are our bodies cry for help. Many ailments can be cured through a proper diet. Those nagging stomach pains that won’t go away, the acne on your face and body, migraines…these are diet related. Try a process of elimination diet. Take out one thing at a time for a few weeks and see if your symptoms lessen. You can find the answer with a little work and attention. Try cutting out the major culprits, dairy, eggs, gluten and sugar. It may seem like a big sacrifice, but in the long term, isn’t it better to live happily and comfortably in your body?

5) Tap into Your Intuition

There is a quiet voice deep within us working like a tuning rod for our lives. It is called our Intuition. This can be quite a magical relationship when we cultivate it properly. It is our internal navigator and it it is always right. The problem is, it’s quiet and the ego mind is LOUD!

Imagine your mind as a news reporter. It’s job is to constantly assess, right, wrong, good, bad, up, down, safe, unsafe. It has a very necessary job, but it likes to take over, and many times we don’t even realize it until it’s in total control!

This is not how we are meant to function. The mind is supposed to be our faithful servant, protecting us from harm while the intuition is meant to be the Master. When we become aware of this, with practice, we can learn to calm the mind and start listening for the intuition. It may come as a gut feeling, an inner knowing or a quiet voice in our heads. When we allow this quiet tuning rod to guide us, our lives become magical and things start to become easier, more in flow and our lives take a turn for the positive.

6) Being in Service to the World

Find your unique offering of how you can be of service to the world. This is the ultimate expression of what we’re all here to do. If we all are on a mission to help each other out, the world will be a much better place and we can all live up to our full human potential.

This could be your career or something you do in your spare time. Don’t think it has to be something monumental for it to be effective to the collective consciousness. It can be your humor, helping out the elderly, teaching another how to do something, listening to a friend, writing blogs, truly loving someone, or doing your self work. All of these are ways to be in service to the world.

Just simply do something that brings you joy and makes the world a better place and you’ve got it! For some people, their service will be the same thing all the time and for others it can be in a constant state of flux. As long as it’s creating a better world in some way, it is helpful and ever so needed.

Let’s all do our part and create a better world to unlock our human potential.

7) Re-Calibrate Your Abundance Meter

Do you actually believe you can have your deepest desires and wishes fulfilled? If you answered no, that is the first problem. Re-calibrating your abundance meter starts with belief.

You can train your mind to start believing you can have what you want, even if you have to fake it till you make it. Again, repetition will help here. Tell yourself you can have what you want, better yet, imagine already having it! Doing visualizations really helps to create the reality you desire.

Imagine what is it you are looking to create in your life. Is it a new living situation? A dream relationship? Your “perfect” body? Greater feelings of self-worth or self-empowerment?

Now, see yourself already having it. Dream into it, imagine what you see, how you feel and what you’re doing in the vision. Take actions toward making the imagination real and it will be.

When we experience emotions, the mind can’t tell the difference if they’re in this reality or not, it just sends the signals to your body to feel them. You can recalibrate your Abundance meter by cultivating these beliefs that you can have the life you want. Once you’ve cultivated these feelings, send them out into the Universe with a calm knowing and a sense of detachment. And remember, always be taking conscious steps towards your goals and desires and the Universe will start opening doorways you never could have imagined.

Now get on it, your full human potential is waiting!

Brooke Alexandra is a Lifestylist and Conscious Chef. Her mission is to help people to create sustainable Healthy Daily Routines to upgrade their lifestyle, health, prosperity and happiness. You can watch new videos every week on living a Purposeful Lifestyle & get saucy with her in the kitchen at BrookeAlexandra.TV.

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