September 2014 Horoscope – Astrological Psychology

By Dr. Ron Holman | Discerning Wisdom


Written in Twilight Language which Incorporates Spelling & Other Grammatical Intentions

Aries – 3/21 – 4/19

Get into a state of Receptivity, on a Worldly Level Now! All you have to do is to Break Free of the Need to Keep to yourself. You will have to face many demons from the Past and yet what you will find is an Aloneness Inn the Light that Is Full and Beyond your Imagination! Holding on to the mechanical means of doing a life has almost drained All your Resources and Explains why you want to keep to yourself. However, the Politics of Modern life interests you and it is Easy for you to discover what is behind a Mask! You See Right through the Presentation and thus you discover what Is Behind a Persons Mask. This siddhi is One of Abundance that comes from a different quarter, normally and naturally without any effort. A Mechanical method of approaching God/Spirit worked for you up to a ‘Point’ and then there is Guidance of another Order. The True Source of All that Is, Was and Will Be is Reachable through a Doorway within! Setting an intention to Find and Go through that Doorway Is what Causes you to Be Receptive to Wonders of a High Magnitude.

Taurus – 4/20 – 5/20

Abundance is the Order of the Day for you Taurus; Wow!! What Kind of Abundance Is Eminent! Well One kind is from Deep Peace Thunder Arises and Eliminates Temptations of the Flesh clearing a pathway up your Central Channel. However, Only when you go deep With-Inn will you be able to surmise how you run from Politics! The two faced mask you see Inn others is bring up the hypocritical unexplored in your very own self! You will discover, if you want to see, that your conditioning keeps you safe and keeps you blind to most everything outside the structure you grew up Inn? The very thought of breaking through the barriers of that Conditioning is stressful. Once you notice the Stress you are half way there! You will soon be able to notice how busy you keep yourself to distract yourself from sitting Inn the Silence of your Mind/Heart! Inn that Aloneness you can, will, must Discover All that is beyond Conditioning! Wow !!! Go for It and you can Arrive at a Place where the Extraordinary and the Supernatural Become the Ordinary!

Gemini – 5/21 – 6/20

Breaking through from the known to the unknown calls for a re-birth of Sorts! Arising from trudging in darkness without direction or purpose begets fierce anger which is now ready to evolve into a Light Sweetness! Attend to the distractions you keep yourself busy with and the Innocence deep within is Revealed in Light Sweetness.

The Guilt you hide behind is over rated? Begin Sharing what you know and what you have and the Guilt goes away and a Sweet Intensity within becomes the driving force into the Light! Thus you Now are Ready to Experience the Divine Feminine Inside Harmony! Step by Step and All of this can be, will be, must be Revealed to you! Being Alone becomes a Way of Being Inn the Light which is Way Different from Loneliness!

Cancer – 6/21 – 7/22

Now is the time for Harmony which allows mental activity to pass by without getting involved! ANY Examination of Mental Activity results in a Postponement of the Blessings that are Accruable! The Fool moves forward Inn Love going beyond solid footing, support and familiarity. Be the Fool and the Divine Mother Connects your Heart to the Mystic Powers as you Surrender to what is!

Success Beyond what Is Imaginable is Looming Big! Ride the Wave of Love over the Edge! Go Beyond what is Known, Go Beyond What Is Suspected and Go Beyond What Is promised! Know that the Celebration at Hand is a Recognition of the Deepest Responsibility Possible! You are Gliding Inn Wardly and Gliding Outwardly; there is a Moment to Moment Harmony with your circumstances way more that before! The ONLY thing that can happen in the Future is that the Source that is Known within Is also Known to Be the Source without!

Leo – 7/23 – 8/22

Only because the time has arrived for you to benefit from examining Morality does the Opportunity Present itself. Deep Examination and deep Exploration of the Guiding Subtle Principles CASUE you to embark on an Adventure that is ONLY afforded you at this time! Wow!!! Move forward with this Examination of the Subtle Guiding Moral Principles and an Avalanche of Abundance Ensues!! Proceed with a the Confidence found in the Ordinary Part of your Life. Proceed in this manner and the veils part even more! Your Awareness to Discern Subtle Influences comes clearer & easier to you and in that is the Avalanche!

Begin to Celebrate Immediately with great Enthusiasm in a quiet sort of way and remember you are ready to have revealed to you some of the subtle aspects of your Moral Principles!! While Sex is usually one of the first things that comes to mind when we talk about Moral principles, this quest is way way more and can include intimate physical relations. Proceed with an Innocent Curiosity and you acquire a Receptivity for Awareness of the Divine! Proceed and the Divine Mother Is There!

Virgo – 8/23 – 9/22

Giving Giving Giving Is Called for and while Giving you Must Celebrate, Dance and Sing as you Give. While you know how to Give and Celebrate It is Especially Important to Keep it Up with added Vigor because there is a Completion Coming your Way. It is the Love and Joy that you experience Inn the giving and Celebrating that Fits Inn to the Place Inn a time when you are Ready to Uncover the Hidden that Has Always Been there. You will Inn this time Understand and Inn that Understanding you Will Lift Upward in Wonder!

Libra – 9/23 – 10/22

Beyond Illusion is God’s Presence, the Spirit of All Creation, the Infinite Joy and Peace, the Power Expressed Inn Intuitive Right Action! Bask Inn It Presently and your ability to Experience Spirit Deepens and Sweetens. Inn the midst of Sweet Quititude lives an Intensity that has little familiarity to Humans because to most Intensity means force! Yet, it is you the Creator that is Already in the Midst of Participating and is poised to Participate way more without trying without any effort. Allowing is the Key and you are soooo ready to ‘Let It Be’!

Moving forward you will learn to Compromise in ways that seem deplorable, unfair, undesirable, unjust etc. etc. etc. This is a test for all results all circumstances both sides of a compromise are ALWAYS Inn Divine Right Order. Learn to Be happy with what Is and Compromising can be Understood as God’s plan.

Scorpio – 10/23 – 11/21

You Scorpio’s find yourself in a current of Divine Receptivity in spite of the Continuous Habit of Suppressing your Humanity. Wow, What Does that Mean? Our Species know that the Lovers within is where it begins! Embrace the Lovers within, and the stage is set for Loving Relationships with others; both physically intimate and intimate non-physical. Love is the Key Ingredient for making progress on this Planet! Be Aware that you Are Aware! Seeing through the Veils gives you a Great Opportunity to Tune Into that Loving Center Inn Your Heart! Be Alone and Allow yourself to Experience that Center of Love. Be Deeply Committed to Sit in the Void and Sink Deeper and Deeper Knowing that Inn Duality All Polar Opposites Exist in Union! Inn that Center is Union; Experience That!

Sagittarius – 11/22 – 12/21

This month’s situation for you Sagittarius is a bit harsh and yet straight to the Point. You have too much Awareness to be sitting back hoarding what you think you have and what you think you know! Bread held onto for weeks gets stale; do you want to become stale? Find the area of your life that you have been putting off doing what you know should be done! Take action now, take action by taking a bite out of what you have been postponing. You will find great support more than you think possible once you get up off your duff! Actually before you are half way through you will be having an Adventure where before it was drudgery; that you avoided at all cost! Some would call you Lazy because of all the talent you have. You might say life is Good and ‘I’ enjoy doing what ‘I’ do and what I can do? Take what is said here to heart and avoid becoming a dried up prune of a Miser.

Capricorn – 12/22 – 1/19

There is a lot of Prosperity Energy available Inn the Month of September for you Capricorn, Wow!! One of the Keys is to retreat from feeling, thinking you have a lot already and view all the blessings you currently have as just plain Ordinary. Once you achieve Ordinariness, Inn the Current, there Is Space for Additional! Think about it; how much can you put in a Full Glass? No-thing!! In addition Letting Go of the Need to Hold On to What you have Sooo tightly also provides an Opportunity to Receive More! This you already know and MUST redouble your efforts to Actualize what you know!

Now, for the Hidden Treasures: Slowing Down is required to Receive. Getting out from Cover allows you to Receive from unseen – and – unknown Quarters. A little Risky in terms of Vulnerability, however ‘Who Is Vulnerable Anyways?’

You have put into practice quite well a ‘Going w the Flow of What Is’! Keep It Up and as you let go and become Vulnerable your long practiced ability to Go w the Flow will carry you to fertile grounds where unknown Seeds will Grow and Blossom.

Aquarius – 1/20 – 2/18

What is Stress to you in Light of the Depth of your Potential. Stress simply keeps you busy which gives the Impression you are busy but actually is a self-imposed Distraction! Fear is behind Stress. You think you are pulling all the strings and you think you are keeping all the Balls Inn the Air. Even the Drama is an Illusion that is Inn your Mind! While having a highly developed Mind is the way we are taught to Be Inn the West, Being Ordinary and Realizing our Ordinariness prepares us to receive more and to be received & understood easier by those we would speak to! Inn Ordinariness there is Soooo much Abundance, you have no Idea, but trust me about the Value of Stepping Willingly into Being just plain ‘Ordinary’. In Ordinariness the Field of All Possibilities Opens because of a vantage point ONLY available to you once you are Inside experiencing Ordinariness! It is your Awareness that makes it easy for you to Keep up the Show, I wonder what your Awareness Would, Could, Must Reveal inside Ordinariness!!!  Wow, Can You Feel It!! It is a Huge Healing that Comes; the healing is Automatic from ‘Being’ Inside Ordinariness!

Pisces – 2/19 – 3/20

The Source of All that Is, Was and Will Be has, is, has been and will Be Supporting you! This Support is Born out of you Being sooo Receptive. However, because of the awesome and immense current flowing around you Pisces right Now, Turning Inn Ward is Particularly Important. Take One day a Week during this Moon Cycle and spend that day Inn-Wardly Present Inn the Deep Awareness that has come to you already. Do this and you will break through a very old and subtle Guilt that has been robbing you from the Opportunities that are outside your Consideration! You will discover, please keep notes, that some Conditioning from your childhood(s) has left you operating on a third rail that is depleting power rather than providing power! To you it is normal because of the long standing habit! This habit has been acquired inadvertently because those that love you soooo much carried it and you have agreed to carry ‘That’ out of Love! Now is the time to uncover, integrate what is causing the drain and clear the Entire Ancestral Line. You have the stones to Patiently allow the details to come to the surface. Once on the surface all you have to do is witness without doing anything; so exercise that commitment patiently at least one day a week!

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