How to Shift Your Consciousness and Raise Your Spiritual Awareness

HJ: Life is a journey of evolving consciousness, of continual spiritual growth and development.  This happens through our experiences.  Each is an opportunity to evolve and grow, should we understand the lesson contained therein.  Everything happens for a reason.  Everything you experience is designed to help you grow.  There is no such thing as failure — only feedback on your progress.  On the effectiveness of your mindset.  This is the key to peace and happiness in life.  When you are able to let go of how you think things should be and embrace how they are.  It is surrender, as the mystics so often speak, to the wisdom of the universe.

Below you will find sage advice on shifting your consciousness into this state, which is a giant step towards liberation of the mind and freedom of the soul.

– Truth

A How-To Guide To Your Consciousness Shift

By Brandon West | Project Global Awakening

This consciousness shift that we are experiencing is the result of an increase in energy in our world. This is the fundamental type of change that is the source of all other change on the planet because an increase in energy creates a consciousness shift because consciousness is energy.

Indeed, everything is energy, and this new energy enables us to access higher levels of consciousness and thus become aware of higher levels of ourselves, of truth, of the universe, and of our potential. This phenomena called by some consciousness evolution, but more traditionally called a spiritual awakening, is the source fueling all other change on the planet.

From a greater perspective, this the most important type of change to acknowledge, accept, understand, and ultimately learn how to master. In fact it is the only change that we can master. The first thing to understand about this consciousness shift is that it is not something that we can control nor is it something that we work towards.

All we have to do is surrender to it.

Trying to surrender to this energetic consciousness shift without letting go of our ego is exactly like an eagle trying to hatch … without getting out of its shell. Our ego is our shell. It is our only limitation. All you have to do is surrender to the consciousness shift, and allow yourself to change.

Surrendering can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Surrendering is the process of learning to trust the universe and ourselves, and learning how to live from a different place within ourselves, and act from a different place and with different intentions. The ego acts for recognition, fame, and fortune. But the universe, and our higher selves act for love, peace, generosity, and prosperity.

These are the universal principles which define the nature of our source, if we were to put them into human terms and perceptions. Are you willing to make this shift? Are you willing to commit yourself to following your passions, maybe for a couple of years, before you even consider earning a living from them?

Are you willing to choose peace instead of arguing over some petty difference? Or are you willing to be of service to others instead of always trying to take things back to “Now how can I profit from this?” And most importantly, are you willing to change your beliefs and accept that maybe you do not know who you are, or what you want, so that you can create some room for yourself to grow?

This is what a consciousness shift is all about. because when we change our perspective on reality, reality changes. In the words of Wayne Dyer:

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

It is important to acknowledge that all change is good, and is ultimately for our own personal development and evolution. As soon as we can accept that fact and begin to trust the natural process of evolution we are all going through, surrender will be easy.

In the same way that we trusted our parents to catch us as children, which made the process of jumping off of something high and surrendering to gravity an experience where conviction of the outcome overcame all fear and trepidation. What if we could learn to trust the universe like this? What if all of your life experiences have a specific purpose, and are in fact teaching you to grow?

Developing Our Spiritual Awareness

To learn to ‘flow’ with this radical transformation, it is important that we begin to recognize the significance and the necessity of adopting a new lifestyle. This is done by creating new habits for ourselves. Our habits dictate the quality of life that we lead. They are responsible for our health, our happiness, our productivity, our freedom, our growth, and pretty much everything else.

In order to grow most fluidly and become the magnificent beings of infinite potential that we are, it is important to adopt habits and practices in our lives that not only support and reflect that infinite nature, but cultivate it as well. Practices that I will recommend (in this article and pretty much in every other article possible because they have transformed me so radically, and brought so much more to my life than I ever thought was possible) are meditation and yoga.

The reason I recommend these practices is because they specifically focus on cultivating & balancing energy, increasing our energy levels, releasing old energetic blockages, and developing attention and awareness.

Each of these practices are healing practices and will drastically improve you and your life, but whatever your goals are, learning how to meditate is key and it should be the essential thing you practice if nothing else.

Our whole lives we have been trained to look outwards. But that is also the reason why we have become disconnected spiritually from our source, from nature, and from who we are individually, and culturally as well. This consciousness shift that is occurring is occurring within us all, but the shift in our thoughts and thinking is only a byproduct, and it is not the source.

For the source of this consciousness shift and all personal growth we must look to the silent awareness within us which is our true nature, which is why I highly recommend yoga and meditation. Our thoughts are a product of who we thought we were, but as soon as we begin to go within ourselves and in between our thoughts we will discover who we really are.

We will experience truth of ourselves and the universe, but in won’t be in words and in ideas, but in experience and in energy. As soon as we suspend our thoughts we suspend all of our preconceptions and limiting beliefs, and we also cease resisting the flow of universal consciousness through us.

And as it flows through us anew through the gaps between our thoughts, our consciousness will expand, we will experience a consciousness shift, and we will be animated by the higher energies of love, inspiration, and bliss which will guide our lives from then on.

The Principle Of Inertia

As we are growing, there is an inevitable point where the old life (and our old selves) begins to collapse. This is when things are most tumultuous both internally and externally as well. This is where it is important to focus on identifying with the silent observer within you so that you can detach from the changing world, and instead identify with this flow of higher energy and consciousness coming through you.

There is a principle in physics called inertia which states that an object will remain at rest until an external force is imposed upon it. In other words, in order to get it to move (transform), you have to first overcome the force that is holding it in place. In our lives the force that is holding us in place is our energetic state, which is a combination of ourcurrent thinking patterns, emotional states, and our habits. All of those form the specific energetic state that you operate at.

To overcome the energy of inertia you have to successfully implement higher energy habits into your life that will help you to increase your levels of energy and maintain them. Then as you are able to increase and maintain higher levels of energy (and thus a higher level of consciousness), eventually you will get to a point that your new level of energy successfully overcomes the force of inertia and you will change states permanently.

To get to that point you are going to experience some oscillation between the new and old levels of consciousness. This may be characterized by a few days of focused effort towards your new self, and then probably a day or two where you slide back into old habits. Then a few more days of focused and purposeful living, and a day or two back into old habits, and so on until eventually you don’t slip back nearly as far and you just keep on growing instead. These are natural life cycles.

It will be frustrating, but if you go easy on yourself and expect that there will be some procrastination and relapses (most dramatically especially at the beginning), then it will be much less stressful and maybe even effortless.

Don’t become frustrated and down on yourself when you slip. It happens to absolutely everyone in some form or another. The aim is to learn to maintain a balanced and positive internal state even while things don’t seem to be going in your favor. Each slip into old habits and limiting thoughts is an opportunity for you to transcend them.

Each step you take towards your new life and a new you, you are energetically severing the bonds which connected you to your old life, and in time you will overcome the force of inertia and you will take off into new levels of consciousness and into a whole new experience of reality.

Never underestimate the importance and the power of persistence and determination. These are the your most important tools. It doesn’t matter if you don’tthink you are strong enough, or have enough willpower, or have enough intelligence, or energy; none of that matters if you have persistence.

If you have persistence, even the weakest aspects of yourself will become strong eventually. Even if you continually doubt yourself, if you can persist with your passions and in the direction of your dreams, eventually you will cultivate belief in yourself. If you persist, you will transform in ways you never could have imagined, and become a person you never thought it was possible for you to be.

The Biggest Mistake

The biggest mistake that people make is that they try to do too much. It is the ego which thinks that it is unworthy and limited, and by trying to work extra hard in order to become more and experience a consciousness shift you are actually resisting your consciousness shift and counteracting it.

This consciousness shift that we are experiencing on Earth is a natural process. It is as natural as the flowers blooming in spring, only what is blooming now is human potential. You do not have to work in order to experience a consciousness shift, and you do not have to do more in order to awaken to your potential and your spiritual nature, you need to do less.

Infinite consciousness is always expressing itself through us, but we resist that natural expression by thinking too much and by doing too much. All you have to do is become receptive. Become silent and alert internally so that you can become aware of the little promptings of the universe within you which are guiding you on your path.

These promptings are little flashes of inspiration, excitement, enthusiasm, or love … at first. The are only small at first because the space between our thoughts is generally small and thus that is all the energy that could fit through. But as your mind becomes quiet, everything will become clear to you.

Inspiration will flash like a blinding light in your imagination which will light you afire with enthusiasm, passion, and love. And that new energy will transport us to new levels of awareness, of living, and of being, and your consciousness shift will be perpetual as we learn more each day to stay in alignment with these new energies of creation.

“Do less, achieve more.”
– Lao Tzu

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