July 2014 Horoscope – Astrological Psychology

By Dr. Ron Holman | Discerning Wisdom

Written in Twilight Language which Incorporates Spelling & Other Grammatical Intentions

Aries – 3/21 – 4/19

By hanging on to what is present the Totality of all that is being reached for is held back. So in order to connect with the next step you must ‘Let GO’!!! You already know that some of what you are hanging onto is Sorrow from the Past. Now there is an Opening behind you and it is the Innocence and a childlike wonder that can facilitate and has facilitated your progress in letting go. Congrats!! While you have some sense of the Master within Knowing the Master within is barely the beginning of the manifestation of that Master Energy into the Life.  As you travel on the path of your life, being Alone and the true deeper meaning of Aloneness has escaped your consummation! Merge into that with Faith and Trust in the Divine, Now!

Fortunately for you and due to the good works you have already accomplished the playful and celebratory dance, in the life, is the greatest support for you right now! Dance like you have never danced before, Celebrate Celebrate Celebrate, and you will sneak up on a greater ‘Letting Go’ when you are not looking or trying to figure out how to let go! In the Future you will have let go of burdens that carried you faithfully for some time; so be grateful for the loyalty of those burdens. The Sweet sounds of a flute signify your Angel like Nature and the Rebel within coming to terms and falling in love with each other. You will have to step out of you the celebration mode you know and learn to Play in a Whole New Way. What Fun for You!

Taurus – 4/20 – 5/20

In order to get to the Conditioning you have covering your freedom notice the Healing that Is taking place right now. The more you can see and agree with the Healing the more likely you are to release the bindings that hold the conditioning of childhood all around you!

Take heed that there is way more Abundance for you! Abundance is available to you way more than you any idea about; even though you clearly are blessed! It is the Harmony that is inwardly generated and that Is tapped into what is known to you to be important that you are hanging on to. As you reach toward the Totality of All that Is Was and Will Be you are tapping into the Flow, by Letting Go Go Go!!

Gemini – 5/21 – 6/20

In order to prepare yourself to notice that the path you are following is fine, your way more comfortable seeking something that is way out in front of you rather than simply turning around taking a few steps and arriving. Having a long ways to go and a lot of work to do is more comfortable due to the Conditioning you Carry. You know that Guilt is big for you leaving you ashamed, feeling picked on and afraid! Now though you are ready to lift yourself out of the cage that is holding you; so you think? The door is OPEN and many are waiting for you to simply lift off and fly! The piece that is ready to be connected to is an easy launch. Your flight begins by letting your Heart Share. The wealth of what is INN your heart is Rich Fuel!

Inn Silence you rise above what is Known and Break Free. Spend time INN Silence to Break free of the Conditioning. As you have Broken through many bindings already your Courage is well seasoned. Proceed in Like Manner Inn Silence.

Cancer – 6/21 – 7/22

Inside is always the Innocence of a Child. Know It and allow that curious innocence to express itself Inn Consciousness. It is your commitment to diving into the depths of Consciousness that carries you. There is an Energizing what is beyond Illusion that causes the emergence of Fruit from the Depths. Hidden yet very ready to be seen more so than ever, is the Light through the auspices of mother Gaia! It is the Stars Inn your Past that Create the New Expression of What Must Be.

Rising above the muck and mire of the Past provides you with the Opportunity that ONLY your specific past can afford you! Embrace all of that. The Sweetness is heard as you Breakthrough what Is Inn a Familiar way! However, you can learn to receive the Gifts from Compromise which means some of what you think you want/need is gained! Begin to know that that thinking is the biggest hurdle! Consciously Being the Source of all that Is, Was and Will/Can Be is your Future!

Leo – 7/23 – 8/22

A Completion is coming your way during July, so buckle up and prepare to Be Still and Receive! It is your good efforts that have prepared you to Receive. Continue to sit on top of all that you know, as a child, curious and open to the Great Unfolding that is going on all around you. The piece that will fit into place is an Ordinariness which is such a Gift. This Gift will prepare you to Receive Soooooooooooooo much more! Being Ordinary is allowing all the Gifts that have come your way to Be Viewed Unexceptional to the Ego! This then turns what is truly Remarkable into a Knew Normal; Wow!! It is your Maturity that holds and supports you during your current completion. Grace and Poise abounds due to your hard work and Grace! All of this leads to an unfolding of No-Thingness the depths and fullness of which is unknown to you. Be patient and kind to yourself as you experience this for settling into what Is speeds the Awareness and the Awakening!

Virgo – 8/23 – 9/22

The Creator within and without is Awaiting your participation in a more comprehensive Loving way! Your capacity to Love is the Key and the content of your success and your journey! All circumstances Inn the Life are riddled with opportunities to increase your Capacity to Love; Wow!! Currently your Awareness sees through the Veils of Reality, however all the Veils whether you see through them or not are All riddled with Opportunities to Love. Your experiencing of Life includes, will include, may include, must include some of many psychic abilities which support the Awareness Inn the Layers of Reality. However, within is where you Must, Want, May, Can Goooo to Find the Experience of Love and the Lovers you so desperately seek outside yourself. A Soul Mate is and can be a great teaching and when it is all said, done and experienced you will Have to Walk alone to the degree that you have yet to embrace the Lovers Within your very Own Self.

You are well prepared at this point due to the energy you know as The Fool! The Fool, moves off solid ground with a Deep Experience, Belief and Faith that the normal ways that things work are rewritten. Doors Open, a Calm Peace of Mind Comes, Intuitive Knowing provides the direction and all is Normal. Others wonder in Silence; Be the Fool and Smile for Know good reason!

Libra – 9/23 – 10/22

Celebrate like you never celebrated before. Celebrate the Immense Experience of Life and Celebrate the Supernatural Experience Inn Life. Celebrate by Letting Go of all Expectations and Desires of Psychic abilities. Celebrate Inn the Simplicity of What Is and Celebrate the Courage that is there as you ‘Let Go’ and accept the most inauspicious appearing of people, atmospheres and circumstances. Celebrate because all that you think you know is Useless in determining where your next step Is! Celebrate the Courage to step forward without knowing. Do all this and Inn a short while there will be a Huge Healing.

Scorpio – 10/23 – 11/21

The Present Circumstances are sooo very Ripe that the Fruit of your life long hard labor is Now falling into your lap; effortlessly. So, it is way time to let go of any Old Sorrows and allow the Fruit to Fall which will allow you to Go with the Flow of ‘What Is’ which will lift you off the dime and into action. During this time it will be very helpful to your process to Step into a state of Playfulness. Just do it whether you understand or knot!

You have allowed yourself to live by a rigid code of Morality which is a double edged Sword! The good news is that you have come to know the God within which you feel and which has been a reliable guide. At the same time your code of morality has caused you to judge the very ground that God has given you to stand upon. You have lived in judgment about the fittingness of that ground, circumstances and people in your life. It takes real Courage to just embrace ‘What Is’. Embracing ‘What Is’ produces a sprouting from the most inauspicious set of circumstances imaginable. All of this prepares you to move beyond being stretched. You will be able to let go of the need to perceive yourself as Lonely and know Aloneness which is different and which is also Fullness of Spirit. The Creator within will Awakens your perceptual experience and your Awareness of Being!

Sagittarius – 11/22 – 12/21

Celebrate Celebrate Celebrate, just do it and you’ll See Why! You remember the Dream you had as a child, Right!! Think about it and know that That is part of what you have been aware of as a Dream is actually for you! Celebrating that Dreamer and the Dream has been part of your guidance. Now especially is the time to patiently allow your Celebrating to be absorbed and infused into the depths of your Being. Celebrating is the easiest and most pain free way to touch that part of you that Needs to Be Touched. The Need to Be in Control has prevented you Celebrating and now the Innocence within Is Ready to Be Seen. It is way time to let go of pointing the finger somewhere else because where ever you point to there are three fingers pointing right back at YOU! Embrace all this and a Much Deeper and Sweeter Guiding Light Comes YOUR Way in the Near Future. Remember Celebrate ‘What Is’.

Capricorn – 12/22 – 1/19 

There is a Flowering happening Lighting Up All around your presence. There Is an Arborous of Light there revealing even the Light Inn the Darkness; Wow, What a Blessing. It is your experience of the Emptiness of Consciousness that delivers the Awareness of the Fullness and Inn that Fullness, Preside there Inn Friendliness and a rooting and intertwinement Inn Spirit Is there! You will have to notice first and then let go of the Need to Be Inn Control Inn Order to Experience the Bliss of Being That! The Adventure is coming into View as you proceed take baby steps into the Light. The Change is happening just outside your experiential awareness but never mind all that; just keep on taking baby steps. Living Inn the Silence has afforded you the stamina to continue and Inn that Continuation of Change you’re very Presence ‘Sits On a High Plane of Existence’ beyond Illusion, Naked and all Alone yet connected to All that Is. Enjoy, Now!!

Aquarius – 1/20 – 2/18

It is the Childlike Innocence that is the catapult that launches you! Notice the simplicity of the Complicity Inn Mother Nature for your Inspiration. You have already benefited from the Knowledge from the Experience Inn the Void, so count on continued benefiting! As Sweet and Romantic as she seems Inn the Dream, she is all alone on top of all that is sought! She sits in Wonder and Gratitude! Get to know her! She is Ready to Be Known beyond your Current Knowing!

It is Only by slowing down can you notice the blessings that abound, as you emerge from deep Covering Up of your vulnerability which is an illusion that you know, yet you persist Inn acting afraid. All of this prepares you to deal with Guilt in a Way that Offers You soooo much Freedom. It is your Courage that allows you to Grow in-between the most inauspicious circumstances. So, who is to really say what circumstances are best for you anyways! It is you Courage that carries you into the abyss of Aloneness that is also the Fullness. Get on board with the idea that being Alone and being lonely have nothing to do with each other. Being with someone and Being Alone is also there. There is something more that you will know as you treed into the Unknown with Trust and Faith.

Pisces – 2/19 – 3/20

Due to the mechanical nature of certain aspects of your life you are close to Exhaustion. The One thing that is keeping you afloat is the Innocence Inn your Heart. Your child like wonder connects you and recharges you, keep plugged into Mother Nature. You know your nemesis is Being a Control freak.  While you have made great progress Inn letting go, there is way more that can be done! Being alone causes you to go into Ice-Olation which causes you pain, because of your tendency Inn postponing taking the action which is right in front of you. Take Courage and just let the circumstances Be as they are and stop waiting for the ‘perfect’ set of circumstances to show up. You know how to Trust in so many regards so Trust that where you are is actually Perfect. Do this and a rich Flowering begins; believe it and begin to dance and play as you dig Inn to exactly where you are, right now!

Being Ordinary is a blessing, please see it that way, and know that Ordinariness is Humility in Action. With this Inn hand you have a Huge Sweet Surprising Transformation waiting for you. Do the same and the same is what you get! Trust and get into action where you are, Now!!

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