HJ: February is shaping up to be quite an interesting month.  Dr. Holman’s always insightful guidance will help those open to receiving deep spiritual wisdom successfully navigate their own inner waters as well as the collective seas in which we all swim, speaking metaphorically.  His February 2014 horoscope, is, as always, an interesting and thought-provoking read…

– Truth

February 2014 Horoscope – Astrological Psychology

By Dr. Ron Holman | Discerning Wisdom

Aries – 3/21 – 4/19

It is Time to live in your ability to Enjoy your Friendliness Inn a much greater way. This energy is Golden and in that state, it is True Guidance that comes to you; get it while the getting is Good. Please stay tuned Inn deeply and be on the lookout for a subtle desire to ‘wait’ to ‘Postpone’ taking actions. When you notice this subtlety also tune into the deep part of your very self that could be called the ‘Lovers’. Be Fearless in the Face of that Love because it is way more than Romantic Love and is most likely separate from what you are inclined to ‘wait’ on! In Silence you will know what and who to do what with. Go for it, that is Go into ‘Silence’ and Know!

The field of all possibilities is directly connected to you being Friendly. This is because of the depth and warmth of your Heart that fuels those possibilities to come into manifestation. Know that and participate with more willing awareness.

The Future brings even more in terms of Possibilities and in the Silence Inn the Void unbelievable possibilities become known.

Taurus – 4/20 – 5/20

In deep meditation the essence of Fire is there. Let the Fire Be and all that falls off, all that falls apart, all aspects that die are merely a cleansing. Eventually it will happen anyways. Become able to welcome what Is and the transformation happens with less pain and the possibility of actual Joy. You are set to have an Adventure with the Fire, this is due to the good work you have done and your ability to show up with curiosity and in a childlike manner; keep it up. The degree and extent of the Change afoot is way beyond your imagination. It is good that you keep it simple.

While you have a left over bent to be in Control, it is your understanding of Control that allows you to open the Door to the ‘Beyond’. As you lift off, Now, a Completion Is there.

In the Future you will near the end of the need to Compare your insides to someone else’s outsides. You will find a great Celebration happening all around you from others that know, trust and Love you. You Success will pivot upon you Accepting your internal state for what it is, in it’s perfection. This sparks a deeper and sweeter Maturity for you along your path.

Gemini – 5/21 – 6/20

It is time to examine the armor you are carrying and the ghosts from the past that cause you to have a need to armor yourself; what is the need for protection, life, the unknown, someone specific! Or, are you holding on to what you have for fear of losing it! All in All there is a big healing available to you right now! Whether you think you need a healing or not, welcoming a healing is just smart! It is your Mind that is on Fire and that Fire is the Need to Be in Control; it is Wearing You Out?? While this is going on the Healing that is ready to come is in the form of a Flowering of New Skills and Abilities, Wow!! Pretty Cool!! It is the Rebel within that can get you past the need to be in control and settle your mind down so you can receive the Abundance that is beyond your imagination. The Experiencing of Life is geared for you to ONLY see/experience what you have patterns available to compare to and or to recognize! There are way more Experiences yet to be seen, especially as you settle your Mind and release the need for Control.

Transformation is afoot supporting your surrendering. You will have to do double time to actualize all the blessings available to you so you receive as many of them as possible without Suppressing what, right now,  you don’t understand. Stay Open and you will See in Your Beingness many Wonders.

Cancer – 6/21 – 7/22

You are in the Air now, mostly above the Ordinary hustle and bustle of life. Trust that what is going on is perfect and see deeper into the various aspects of Life. Knowing that being above is in fact just a new Ordinariness that is part of how and why you are flying high. Lurking behind the scenes is deeper levels of comparative analysis and bigger challenges and bigger opportunities for blessings as you begin to Compromise as a Concept in Abundance. How, Why, What…. Look into all that in Silence, for it is within the Circumstances of your life!

It is your Patience that has supported you in rising above the Ordinary into the ‘Knew’ Normal of Ordinariness. Patience is to be practiced continually and in refined ways. Go for it!! In the Future ‘Going with the Flow’ will be much easier and natural. Swimming alone or with others is all the same!!

Leo – 7/23 – 8/22

Right now your inner Guidance is coming through like never before; are you ready to receive! It is your conditioning that has benefited you and has covered up some opportunities; all at the same time. So, be in gratitude for the benefits and set in place clear intentions/prayers to let go of ‘ALL’ that is holding you back. You arrived with deep genetic loading to include physical, emotional and spiritual; believe it! Rising above that genetic loading or rather rising up into that loading is a key! Welcome what you sense coming from your deep inner heart! Be as patient as being pregnant! You may want the outcome NOW, yet you will wait many months for the baby to arrive being ready to come out! Patience, Patience, Patience!! In Patience you will accrue blessings when you are not looking and then be amazed when you notice; Let Go and Let It Be!

The Art of Compromise is way undervalued. You get some of what you want NOW and give up some of what you want for Now! Either way, you win something NoW!! Get going in accepting a Compromise as a Win and the Source within will Shine Big into that space that Opens as you Compromise.

Virgo – 8/23 – 9/22

The Rebel in you breaks through the chains that bind your creativity and blazing your own trail in Life. While others may criticize you ways, you hold the Light that illumines your way, even if it includes going from teacher to teacher or from job to job! While you feel some Guilt when you depart from the tribal norms, you know from your past lives that those norms must be changed as humanity evolves. You also know that your participation must be fully engaged yet you are barely engaged in a participatory manner that is available to you. While you tend to Project onto others and on to circumstances what belongs to you, you may now be ready to know that all projections are you rejecting yourself!

It is your Maturity that supports the Rebel in you and please trust that a Mature Rebel is Wisdom in Action; believe that! In the Future the only thing for you is Success and more Success as you give up the Guilt and brave participating as you Must!

Libra – 9/23 – 10/22

Conditioning Conditioning Conditioning holds all of the Keys to how you are the way you are! Dig into that Conditioning and find a doorway to uncharted territory, if you dare! It is your participation in the life that has positioned you for exploration and finding harmony! However, you have a deep need to be in Control. You know this in how you have a need to hang on; hanging on to money, position, friends, knowledge etc. At the same time there is an even quieter place within that yearns for Adventure; in Silence you will know it!

It is your ability to Integrate your Conditioning that has prepared you to move beyond that Conditioning. As you take that leap out of what is known and comfortable you discover Ordinariness of a Higher Order; you are Lucky!

Scorpio – 10/23 – 11/21

Being Beyond Illusion is Inn the Present and Is Presently available to you! The Outer coverings are thin and see through, please notice. Letting go of what you know is how you are able to perceive/experience what is Beyond Illusion! And, in the depth of what Is, that depth can appear to be emptiness beyond emptiness! Take courage as your companion and nest in that emptiness to discover the subtle Intensity of the Fire within. Fueled by that Fire your traveling shoes are on the move, with you in it!

The very essence of the purpose of your life is all around you. Sitting naked on top of a lotus there is just you and ALL else! Merge into the Oneness within and the Future Produces an Unfolding a Flowering, more than you have seen, that is Bountiful, Mystical and Sensual!

Sagittarius – 11/22 – 12/21

Experiencing the world and life in it, is an evolving situation. We are wired to recognize what we know, Only! You are ready to Complete a phase by which your recognition receives an upgrade! It is a Breakthrough that will open you up to what is next! That Breakthrough comes from beyond what you know and yet as you Experience the Completion you will know it when you see/experience it!

You are ready for all this because of your commitment to what is True, Truth and the Reality that is Beyond Illusion. Seeking the Truth, in this life and past lives has prepared you! In the Future your Receptivity escalates and it escalates Only as fast as you are ready to receive, integrate and to process! You might be stretched a little though!

Capricorn – 12/22 – 1/19

Without regard, without thought, without consideration Love Is a Powerful Guiding Force within you, especially right now! So, how to utilize this Power, that comes without thought? It is found in Deep Meditation and Prayer! Go for it! It is your Experiencing of the World that will continue to evolve, while in ordinary circumstances much will remain the Same! Your Experience will be lifted to new heights! You will have to Share what you have to keep receiving and for the exceptional unfolding to continue! You may think you are already doing just that! Well if you do good, and put it into high gear to blow the doors off the experiences from behind the veil!

You Maturity is what will hold you stable as the extraordinary becomes Ordinary, more than you can imagine! All feelings of being outside the ‘norm’ will all be clear. In fact, your need to compare yourself to someone else in any regard will dissolve into the Rainbow Light of Your Success!

Aquarius – 1/20 – 2/18

In the middle of the night a Breakthrough happens. This suggests that you are ripe, so ripe that all you have to do is relax to achieve! You are essentially a Friendly soul and stepping into a happy friendly space has and will serve you well right now! There is so much more going on and it is time for you to stop suppressing! Get curious about what is buried that you have ignored or pushed back into a hole for a future meal!

It is the Creator within that energizes your success. Truly it is a blessing from hard work that is supporting a Breakthrough! Now comes the work! Moving past the need to be ready to Fight is the Change that will be coming your way. From the Past, you have been afraid to sit in the depth of being alone because being alone and being lonely is muddled. Sit in it with an open heart and notice! You will emerge with a blessing to Share with others; it is insight and understanding! Besides all that, more work revolves around the Burden you carry! Knowing the Burden is there, is the first step in letting it Go! Your inner Guidance is there and ready to support your Letting Go!…

Pisces – 2/19 – 3/20

An explosion of white light is coming your way, breaking through what is currently known. It is the Abundance of your knowing that makes the leap into the unknown from a knowing abundance! And as your process expands, please know that there will be a new normal; an ordinariness of a higher order. It is important to rest in Being Ordinary. Guilt will stop holding your back as your conscious decision to participate gain strength and momentum. You MUST slow down and proceed from behind cover into the Light! You will become more visible, get ready.

Your Success will surround you and those that know you will also be surrounded with Success. Allow yourself to Ride High and remember it is a new ‘Ordinary’ a new ‘Normal’.

Dr. Ron Holman has traveled the world for over 30 years studying the healing practices of indigenous peoples researching the phenomenon of spontaneous remission of disease. He has studied with many many teachers, learned many healing techniques, sat with world famous healers, miracle men, a few charlatans, two black magicians, and well-meaning yet inept teachers before he was gifted from the Lord the ability to see what is behind a person; in other words where they get their juice. In 2010 Dr. Ron went to India where he has been many times to study with Ma Gyaana Suvera who has been teaching Tarot for 40 years. After the first day Ma said to Swaha, ‘you are as good as my students that have been reading for 20 years’. After the second day Ma said, ‘you are as good as me’ and asked Swaha for a reading. It seems that Swaha awakened to 1,000 years of Tarot Wisdom in two days.  Visit his website: www.Discerning-Wisdom.com | Swaha@Discerning-Wisdom.Com | 818-298-6100

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