The 3 Biggest Obstacles to Manifesting Your Dreams (and How to Overcome Them)

HJ: Before we realize and begin to tap into the full power of our mind, we typically live in a state filled with limiting beliefs and abundance blocks. In order to start manifesting your dreams, you need to first work through these obstacles.  Until you do so, your results will be haphazard at best, leading to ongoing frustration and at worst, the belief that manifesting is some new age ‘woo-woo’.  It’s always sad to see people end up believing that because it’s so easily preventable!  If someone had shown them what is about to be revealed below, it could very well have permanently saved them from a lifetime of untapped potential.

The biggest mistake we see people making when they first discover their manifestation abilities is not doing to the inner work to clear out the blockages that prevent them from creating their dreams and desires.  It’s like trying to drive a car with the parking break on — sure it goes, but not without great struggle and effort.  Manifesting your dreams works much in the same way.  As soon as you remove the ‘parking break’ (i.e. limiting beliefs and abundance blocks), the need for struggle and effort in your life simply disappear.

The method for removing your inner blockages is pretty simple and straightforward and important aspects of it are outlined below.  If you need more information on how to clear our your limiting beliefs and internal blocks, read the in-depth article on it here.

– Truth

The 3 Biggest Manifesting Challenges

By Paul Bauer | Dreams Alive

If you’ve ever felt frustrated in trying to manifest what you want, you’re not alone. Every one of us faces obstacles and blocks before what we want actually “shows up”.

Lets review the main challenges we all face when it comes to manifesting (and what you can do about each one of them).

(Each of these challenges are little lessons that can teach us valuable insights about ourselves.)

The 3 Biggest Challenges

1. When is what I want going to manifest?

This is the classic one.  Our minds have been trained in a “get it now” kind of reality.

Since we were very young, we often got instant gratification for many of our core needs.  And depending on how our parents or caregivers responded to our needs, we learned an unconscious pattern of wanting/getting that reinforced the behavior that we felt at that young age.

Some of that behavior was appropriate then, but may no longer serve you any longer as an adult. It takes a bit of discipline and letting go to detach from old emotions and patterns so you can be fully present and make new choices that help you evolve and grow.

An old proverb says:

“There is a season for everything”

It may be frustrating for the mind to admit, but the universe doesn’t always bend to our will. But, when you set your Heart and mind to creating what you want, and you follow that intent with love and passion, it WILL manifest – in its own time.

We all plant many seeds, but the KEY is to nurture those seeds with proper love and nutrients.

One of my mentors once told me:

“Whatever you set your Heart to, is already on its way…” So, its really already here – but the mind can’t see it yet.

The key is letting go of the “when” and staying in touch with the essence of already having it. In other words the deep faith, the *knowing* that’s its real right now – and all that’s really required is to “see with new eyes” as Blake once wrote.

The next biggest manifesting challenge…

2. Thinking that getting what you want will make the pain of “not having it” go away

This one’s a bit hidden from our conscious awareness. But if you can delve deeper than just needing something and shift to being ok whether it shows up or not, you’re accessing  a level of mastery that few humans ever reach.

Most get stuck at the “I feel pain/I need relief” level and never understand the essence of creation itself.

But when you shift your intent from “needing something to show up” to being able to let go of having it, you activate a higher intelligence within you.

This intelligence then becomes your core guide and is there to help you in literally any situation in your life. The gifts this connection will bring you are greater than all the “getting” or “having” will ever give you.

The faith and knowing that what you want is already manifested (and the patience that it takes to “wait” for it to “show up”) is the key.

Here’s a couple questions to help you in this 2nd major manifesting challenge:

Is my Heart really in this?

Do I love this path?

What would I love to create most?

Ponder these whenever you face obstacles and breathe into each of them as you listen and feel for the answer…

Here’s the 3rd challenge…

3. Am I doing something wrong?

If you ever hear or sense this message, you KNOW it’s the ego trying to pull you off your path.  Thinking you’re doing something “wrong” prevents you from seeing the truth in your life.

Disappointment, fear, anger, envy are some of the feelings you may feel when what you want hasn’t shown up yet.

But each of these emotions are hiding the real issue.


Yes – the real cause of frustration or feeling stuck is judgment.  And it’s ourselves who we’re really judging.

Maybe you’re not doing anything “wrong”.  Maybe your Higher Self is guiding you to a simpler way of being.

And “having” then is easy – when you are already be-ing.

Make sense?

If you think of the things you want most, why do you want them?

In other words, what if you already had them already?

How would you feel?

Isn’t that what you really want?

The feeling?

Manifesting gets easier when we step out of the way and let go. Take time each day my friend to check in with your Heart and your Higher Self – and let yourself manifest from your Heart.

And So It Is…

Watch for my next message on manifesting…

Until then,

Blessings of Abundance to you,

Paul Bauer

Paul Bauer, sometimes called “Joe-Dreamer”, is a humorous and inspirational trainer, speaker and author who loves helping people find their Life’s Dreams and re-claim their Spirit. His seminars are attended by people across the world as they learn to re-discover their natural strengths and talents and how to use them for more clarity, happiness and deeper fulfillment.  To find out more about how Paul can help you manifest your dreams, visit his website here: Manifest Your Dreams

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