HJ: If you have been on the spiritual path for any length of time it is highly likely that you have heard some ‘guru’ or so-called expert telling you that you need to get rid of your ego.  First, this is not possible.  You were born with exactly what you need to thrive, grow and ultimately reach enlightened states of consciousness (if you choose that path) and the ego is no exception to that rule.  Your ego is not only necessary, but it can be an incredible tool for growth when properly understood and controlled.  This article aims to give you that understanding and control.

Where problems typically arise is when things are the other way around — when the ego is controlling you instead of vice versa.  This is the state in which most people operate on a day to day basis and is in large part responsible for many of the worlds problems.  This is because the ego typically operates as a defense mechanism, meaning it is constantly reacting to perceived threats to ones self image, which is not a state in alignment with the natural impetus of the soul.  We live in a society which creates the perception that a strong ego is needed in order to survive and thrive and in fact because our societal norms are so highly distorted, many with large egos do more than just survive but in fact become highly successful and famous — even glorified in a very dysfunctional way.  However, always remember that the more dominant your ego is in your life and perception of self, the less you will be living from your authentic, spiritual state and hence, deeply suffering despite outward appearances.

Bringing the ego under your control does not mean sacrificing your unique identity or individuality and becoming some stereotypical ‘new age/spiritual’ persona — it simply means learning to create your self image in the likeness of your true self — stepping into and embracing your individuality exactly for what it is — unabashed and without need to project a false self image to cover up your perceived inadequacies, which are just that — perceptions and little else.  Taming the ego means stepping into your own power and embracing it — living it — without the need to project a false sense of power (ego) to cover up your own inherent greatness. 

– Truth

Ego is Not a Dirty Word!

By Dean Noblett | Heartlight.ca

Many have the notion that the ego is bad, or we need to push the ego away to become more spiritual. For all of the ego bashing that goes on out there, that is the ego sitting in judgement of itself in order to distract you from what is true. Very clever if you think about it, as the truth is that ego is not a dirty word!

It’s neither good nor bad, right or wrong…the ego is only the personality aspect of us caught in its own confusion and separation. It is desperately trying to validate its own identity from our stories and what has happened to us through our lives. Then through comparison to other people’s stories, the ego will look for how it can feel better about itself from the misfortunes of others.

There’s no doubt that our stories have been real experiences and important for our learning and growth. That is why we are not to judge them, for they have served a very important purpose in our awakening. And the ego has played its part in that process…all for our highest good!

So the ego, like the distracted child for instance, or the child with the label ADHD, is not bad, or wrong…it’s more a condition that needs managing! We don’t condemn the child with ADHD, instead we nurture and guide them so they may better understand themselves. We help them realize that their condition is not who they are!

To take the next evolutionary step in our lives, it is critical to move out of our confined and limited ways of thinking, which is mostly thinking from the ego’s perspective. And when we are expressing from the ego self, we are usually not aware we are coming from that place. It’s like we react instinctively from what we believe about our past stories and then get caught up in the actual story itself.

We already know that the ego mostly relates to fear-based thought patterns and generally will support its own personal agendas. Its ideals and perceptions are usually quite fixed from our life experiences and social programming.

Therefore, the ego will resist seeing any other viewpoints with a desire to distinguish what the actual truth is in order to validate itself. Because of this behaviour, it is very difficult to perceive life differently and to see beyond that limiting and often deceptive level of consciousness.

The challenge is and always has been to understand ourselves at the deepest level and come to know that part of us that is beyond words. The ego is not who we truly are! It is only interested in its own identity and self-image.

It identifies with the social mask we put on only to seek approval and feel in control. And because it is driven by fear its main sustenance is one of power and control in order for it to feel good about itself. And control is a form of power in any situation: from governments to relationships.

Again, this is not bad or wrong, but rather represents our journey into the depths of Middle Earth, from which we eventually return to the light of truth. It is the nature of the “hero’s journey” as described by Joseph Campbell. Living from the ego disconnects us from our true selves and each other, as our whole identity is caught up in our stories and the roles we play in our day to day lives. It is the nature of the journey which gives us the opportunity to discover who we really are. Then we have the opportunity to share this with others and help them find their way home.

Many of us feel things may seem to be moving at a slow pace when we look at the world as a whole. With our patience being tested we must remain steadfast knowing that the majority of the people in the world are still locked into a confined and limited mind set which keeps them distracted and therefore disconnected from the only place where the truth has always been. Without the awareness that each and every one of us on the planet is a soul experiencing this life for a greater purpose, it is difficult to discern the difference between truth and illusion.

We are so much more than meets the eye. Our true essence is so much more than we can comprehend at this level. As our awareness expands, so does the realization that we are constantly being guided along our path and in the process, we learn to completely trust and surrender to our Higher Selves. Through our practice we find that all is shown to us when needed, and always at the appropriate time. Only when the time is right will the information and ideas stream through to our consciousness and we will know without a doubt what to do in that moment. No one outside ourselves can give us that information.

Our role as way showers has never been so important than now. We must continue to embrace all aspects of ourselves, including the ego and everything we dislike or have disowned about our stories…as tough as they may have been. We are able to generate more light when we no longer identify with our stories and our roles, making way for the true I AM presence within to shine unimpeded. And this aspect of who we truly are loves us and everything we have ever done unconditionally…the good, the bad and the ugly!

When we are able to overcome the grip our ego has on us and guide it gently back to the truth and merge our consciousness with our soul essence, then love is all that is present. This love is an all-encompassing love that is accepting, forgiving and at peace with the mistakes we have made, knowing any blame, guilt and remorse does not serve the world.

We have reached a point in time where we must live from the heart which is the only remedy for violence, greed, separation and so on. We know that love is the most powerful energy in the universe and it is the stuff of which we are made. So we must love every part of our journey, for it has been our own…unique and adventurous in every way.

What a gift life has been and continues to be. Instead of trying to hide from our past, it is time to embrace the aliveness of our Being and honor the ego for what it has taught us, for without it we could not know the truth. When we can do this in alignment with our soul, then miracles occur and life unfolds effortlessly. This generates a ripple effect which is so under rated that impacts all other lives and increases the light quotient in our own lives and the entire planet. What greater service is there?

When we are aligned to our soul, then life flows. We are able to allow all that is to be, to unfold for our highest good and to do so without resistance, without judgment and without attachments. This is freedom and this will bring a sense of peace to life and the world like we have not felt since before we came here. Yes…some are seemingly stuck in the old way, but our job as way showers is exactly that…to continue to light the way for others to see and live by example. They will come to see in their timing (not ours) and that we must trust unfailingly!

To help us strengthen our connection to the light and exercise our alignment to our soul essence within, there is a complementary audio meditation below to help maintain the highest frequency of light. When we disconnect from our inner source, rejoice in the fact that it has been recognized so a re-alignment can be done. Awareness is the key!

Be who you are and let all unfold through you…blessings!

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