HJ: Quite simply, embracing diversity expands your possibilities in life — the possibility of living your dreams, the possibility of becoming successful, the possibility of meeting your soul mate… you name it.  When we stick to what is familiar and ‘safe’, we inherently limit our life experience because we are partially cutting ourselves off from the opportunities that embracing that which is unfamiliar holds.

Safety is an illusion — we are only ever truly ‘safe’ when we are fully embracing the unknown.  In very real terms, this encompasses embracing diversity– and is not just limited to racial diversity, but also worldview diversity, religious diversity, lifestyle diversity, and so on.  Most people have strong preconceived notions about those different from themselves that are not entirely accurate and end up limiting their life experience by keeping them from connecting with individuals who would likely challenge them to think and see things in new ways.  Looking at oneself and the world from a fresh perspective is one of the surest paths to personal growth and transformation and experiences such as these are typically had only when we step out of our comfort zone.

As my mentor wisely said to me early on in our relationship, “When I leave my comfort zone, I know a miracle is about to happen.”

To put it simply, those interested in living the greatest, happiest and most fulfilling life possible would be wise to embrace diversity and see it for what it really is — an opportunity to grow and evolve disguised for some as a challenge and for others as an adventure.

– Truth

Diversity Creates A Beautiful Mosaic

By David Barnes | Peace of Mind Overtures

The path to peace of mind is a journey of self discovery to understand the internal conflict that perpetuates chaos within. Only when we can relieve this internal conflict will we begin to experience peace of mind. Fortunately, we all have everyday teachers in our communities that perfectly reflect our unique individual curriculum. People whose ideas and ways of living that really annoy us provide insights to our own intolerance. As the Dalai Lama says, “In the practice of tolerance, one’s enemy is the best teacher.”

Diversity Is A Strength

Each person’s path of discovery is inherently unique.There is comfort in being with others of like mind. However, our communities can at times limit our self-awareness. Without contrasting ideas and opinions unrevealed facets about ourselves remain dormant. How do you learn and grow if your community experience is limited? Think about a buffet. Isn’t a diverse choice of cuisine more delightful? How would you know what you like and don’t like if you can’t sample the flavors along the way? Isn’t it silly to think that since you don’t like asparagus, then nobody should be able to eat asparagus? This simplistic example is how we commonly think about other people’s choices we don’t understand. When we see that diversity is a strength and that all viewpoints are simply choices, then we can embrace the full potential of being in community.  The deeper we let go, the more we understand why variety is indeed the spice of life.

In the movie, Pleasantville (Gary Ross, 1998) two teenagers from the 1990s are transported back in time to the 1950s. David (Tobey Maguire) and Jennifer (Reese Witherspoon) find themselves the children on the television-perfect family sitcom called Pleasantville. Everything is tidy in this generic town and conditions never change. This fabricated world remains black and white until Jennifer and David bring their 1990s experiences to the ‘50s. As they introduce new ideas, books, art, and passion to this community Pleasantville’s perpetual black and white environment begins to dissipate. Color is revealed and the change stirs the community.

Pleasantville gently delivers the message why diversity is needed in community and should always be celebrated. Variety is the necessary component in nature and is equally essential in community. If you desire to become more tolerant of people and their choices, try remembering these three tips:

Stay In Your Business

Byron Katie says there are only three types of business in the Universe: mine, yours, and God’s. When we’re judging others for the choices they make, we forget that each of us are on our own life path curriculum. To think we know what is right for another is not our business. Intolerance can be guidance that you’re not minding your own business and that you’re squelching your own peace of mind.

Remain Open To All Opportunities

When we categorize people into belief segments we invariably miss opportunities for connections. Assuming that a person’s religion, sexual preference, political affiliation, or any other category accurately defines them, creates snap judgments that limit community. As a result, we miss opportunities to learn, grow, and experience new friendships. We miss out and don’t even know it.

Let Other Values Exist

When we just let go of thinking we know the right way to live, then other people’s values won’t upset us any longer. Fear has a way of tricking us into believing diversity is a problem. When you put down the fear and open your heart to all ways of being, love is revealed in unexpected ways.

The Top 8 Energetic Benefits From Watching Pleasantville AP session

  1. Releasing the belief that your ways of being are the only righteous ones.
  2. Letting go of thinking you have to fit in to be successful and loved in the world
  3. A deepening acceptance of all religions, political viewpoints and ways of being.
  4. Letting go of thinking that peace only comes when others conform to societal norms.
  5. An understanding that contrast helps create a diverse and evolving world for all to benefit.
  6. A realization that tolerance inspires others to be more tolerant.
  7. Less judgment and more acceptance of loving what is.
  8. An ability to genuinely celebrate diversity in all its forms.

The Steps To Energetically Benefit from This AP Session: 

  • If you haven’t done the Intention Session, then do this first and only once. Think of it as downloading an App on your smartphone. Once completed then you’re ready to benefit from any of our AP movies/TV shows.
  • Rent and watch the entire movie:  Pleasantville
  • If you notice relief in the subsequent days, please pass this blog to someone you know who might appreciate some assistance. If you’re so inspired to like us on our Facebook page or Google+ – we welcome the love!

David Barnes is co-founder of Peace of Mind Overtures with Sue-Anne MacGregor.  Together they have authored two books on human emotional patterns that are not to be missed. He currently lives in Plano, Texas with his wife Lura and their children Sarah, Michael and dog Murphy. Be sure to visit their website: Peace of Mind Overtures

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