How to Overcome the 4 Biggest Hurdles to Successfully Manifesting Your Desires

HJ: One of the biggest misconceptions that exist regarding successfully manifesting your desires is that you simply need to shift your thoughts and then everything you want will simply appear in your life.  This is a gross oversimplification of the process and is the reason why many people give up trying or stop believing that it works.  Manifesting is an art and one that takes a bit of skill, practice and ultimately (and most importantly) a dedication to doing the internal work necessary to liberate our full potential.  Learning how to begin consciously manifesting is part of the process of the development of consciousness and the healing of the self and requires us to examine the contents of our own minds — our beliefs, our inner dialogue, our habitual patterns and any other aspect of ourselves which in some way influences the process.

In this regard, Donna Labermeier offers her insights on 4 of the biggest hurdles keeping people from manifesting at their full potential.  These are often overlooked, yet extremely important factors to consider when ‘troubleshooting’ your manifestation process.  Manifestation is all about focus and vibration and so examining those things within our minds which influence them is essential to begin consciously and successfully working with the law of attraction.

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Is It My Turn Yet? 4 Reasons Your Dreams Haven’t Manifested

By Donna Labermeier | Huffington PostDonna Labermeier

When you feel you’ve done everything you can think of — you’ve planted all the seeds necessary — but are still waiting around to reap the harvest, it’s hard not to get discouraged. Here are four reasons why your dreams still haven’t manifested and how you can kick them into high gear!

1) Release the Fear

Fear of failure, success, change, and the unknown are all common emotions to experience when we try to let go of what is familiar to us. Taking a leap of faith and reaching beyond our comfort zones can create a major tug-o-war between the safety of a predictable life and complete uncertainty. We feel out of control, like we’re falling off a cliff, and that is a scary situation.

In order to go beyond the fear, you have to shift your perception. Figure out what you’re really afraid of: your kids might feel neglected, you’re not as smart or as skilled as people think you are, your friends won’t understand, etc. Then stop and think whether or not these excuses are really true. What would actually be much worse is realizing at the end of your life that you sacrificed fulfilling your life’s purpose because of fear. Fear has no power; it isn’t something tangible that you can hold in your hand. Fear only exists in one’s mind.

So don’t put yourself in a position of regret, wondering what could have been, wondering how your life could have been different, or how you might have been able to change the lives of others in some positive and profound way. Instead, choose to see your life as an exciting adventure in which you are always protected!

2) Pull the Weeds

You must remove the weeds in your garden to make room for the flowers to grow and bloom. These weeds are obstacles in the form of limiting beliefs and emotions that have to be cleared away. Any baggage you’ve been carrying around with you, any deep-seated subconscious beliefs and emotions that are of the negative variety, need to be dealt with. Just like in school, there are prerequisites that need to be satisfied before you can graduate to the next level. For instance, if you are still harboring anger against someone from many years ago, even if it’s yourself, that anger is blocking your abundance. Let it go. Forgive, in your mind, everyone who has ever hurt you. It is not for them; it is for you. This will open up a gateway connecting you to the bounty of your harvest.

As you work hard in this way to increase your vibration, each of the issues and emotions that no longer resonates with that higher frequency must come to the surface where you can become conscious of them. At that point, you begin seeing them manifest in your conscious reality. These beliefs surface in layers, like peeling away an onion. If they surfaced all at once, we would not be able to handle it — it would be too much of a challenge.

When limiting beliefs manifest as experiences, it is not a punishment or a setback, but an opportunity to deal with something that has been preventing you from manifesting your desires. Once you are aware, you can change that belief. Acknowledge your success and progress. Weeding is just as important as planting and watering the seeds. Keep in mind that each challenge brings you closer to your goals!

3) Trust the Universe

You very well may be right on the verge of realizing your dreams when doubt, worry, disappointment, and resentment set in, and you start to give up. However, things don’t happen in the physical until they first manifest in the spiritual through thought and emotion, then, they take form. Divine Timing requires patience and faith. All will take place at the exact perfect time… not your time. So when your dream does manifest, it is better than you could ever have imagined!

When things look bleak, and something you wanted to happen doesn’t, it’s always because it wasn’t a good enough or big enough vision for your life. That makes “disappointments” very exciting! It’s often said that in the chaos, the angels are doing their best work. Stay positive and you’ll get closer and closer…

4) Get Out of the Way

Stop trying to make things happen — stop seeking, searching, and forcing — and get out of your own way! If you do, synchronicities will begin to occur: a complete stranger who is an expert in your field of study will start talking to you while you’re waiting in line at a store, then a friend you haven’t thought of in months will call you with an opportunity… that is how it will happen. People will come out of the woodwork and find you!

It feels completely different from what you’re used to experiencing… Naturally, you stop pushing so hard, and end up getting a lot more accomplished, as everything easily falls into place; you allow the chips to fall where they may, for a change. When you feel peaceful, calm, and happy — not fearful, desperate, frantic, tired, or focused on lack — is when things start happening! Realize that a shift in your energy of 180 degrees is required, and the way you’ve always done things in the past is not going to work anymore.

Quit needing to control the process and the outcome. Accept that you are not in control, and be thankful for that, because a much higher, much more powerful force is. People feel they have to control everything, but the truth is, things get done if they’re supposed to get done. If something doesn’t get done, or something doesn’t happen, it wasn’t meant to be… everything works out for the best! When you let life flow and unfold in its own way, and become open to any process and any result, life becomes much, much easier.

You can’t fully understand this until you’ve felt and experienced how this works. Just try it and see how your life begins to change. However, you have to trust that your Higher Self, Higher Power, Universe, Angels, or whomever you believe in, knows more than you do and can make things happen for you a whole lot easier and faster and better than you ever could in your three-dimensional, physical body. Don’t assume that things take a long time to manifest, either, as this belief will also delay the materialization of your dreams.

If you feel like you’ve been waiting around forever, and life doesn’t seem to be going the way you had hoped, stop and consider whether you are doing all you can to be open to the power of possibility. Acknowledge that none of us can foresee the endless combinations of ways in which our lives will unfold. Let go of the “only way this could happen” theory, feel centered in the knowingness that you are loved and that peace is everywhere, and make room for unexpected, exciting, unimaginable events to come in for you with light speed!

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