Awakening to Your Purpose: The 3 Keys To Living From Your Soul

HJ: As we evolve spiritually, we begin living less from a mental framework and more from the intuitional soul level.  The soul speaks to us subtly at first and can be difficult to hear above the comparative roar of the intellectual mind, but it is there nonetheless.  When we learn to reign in our thoughts and subdue their unruly nature, the voice of the soul is strengthened and we can begin to tap into its wisdom as a more central driving force in our life.

This may seem like a poetic description of what it means to live from the soul, but it is actually quite straightforward.  Awakening to our purpose is more about trust and less about calculation and logic.  In fact, our soul is constantly giving us guidance and direction through our intuition, but we have been taught to ignore and discount our inner experience.  We live in a world dominated by science and little value is given to our unique subjective experience, which is, ironically, the realm of our intuition and the voice of our soul.  Is it any wonder, then, that we live in a time where so many feel lost and confused?

Neale Donald Walsch, in the article below, offers what his experience has taught him are the 3 keys to awakening to your purpose and living from the soul.  These are timeless pieces of advice that have the ability to kindle spontaneous insight and awakening for individuals who are ripe for these types of things.

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Living From the Soul

Originally ran on Elevated Existence Magazine website

In a recent interview with bestselling author Arielle Ford for Evolving Wisdom, an e-learning community specializing in transformational education, Neale Donald Walsch, bestselling author of the “Conversations With God,” series talked about living on purpose or living in connection with our soul, and how this can make the difference between a peaceful and joyful life, and one of chaos and frustration.

“Everyone has at some point or another experienced profound connection with who they really are,” said Walsch. “But the frustration for me, and for many people, is these moments don’t last. We often wind up sidetracked, pouring our energy into more superficial goals – the better job, the better partner, the better car – whatever it is that is going to make us feel better about life, and none of which really gets us there.”

However, many people begin to sense life is passing them by and long for more. The problem is most people have no idea how to get what are longing for – or even what is missing in the first place, he explained.

Even those who long for a more sacred and spiritual life find themselves derailed by daily life and the frustrations that go along with it. Whether they are struggling with money, career, parenting or any other issues, they become distracted by these issues and find themselves lost with no direction of how to solve their problems.

“The great secret – the incredible journey of understanding is – when we begin to approach life for the real reason we are here, all of these other things take care of themselves,” said Walsch. “The parenting suddenly goes smoothly. The career suddenly blossoms. The financial situation suddenly clears up. The relationship becomes the most glorious and blissful experience we could ever have imagined.”

This does not occur because we begin to solve the problems – they can’t be solved at the level they exist, according to Walsch. It’s because we begin to live from the level of our soul – our true reason for existing in human form – and the problems begin to fall away.

“The secret to life has nothing to do with the exterior events and circumstances of one’s day to day experience,” he noted. “The secret is you need to create a life which expresses your truest self, which is your soul.”

Here are the steps he recommends for doing so:

Step 1: You need to become aware of who you are, and you do that by discovering you have a soul, and the function of the soul. “Every human being has to make a fundamental decision of ‘who am I? Am I a biological creature? Am I simply an expression of a chemical compound … like a dolphin or a tree? Or am I a spirit or a soul having this physical expression – a body and mind – for a particular reason or purpose?’”

Step 2: You need to know why you’re here and what your life is about. That means connecting with the soul and learning what its agenda is. “Is it possible the body and mind are merely tools to move forward the agenda of the soul?” asked Walsch. “If that’s possible – and by the way that’s exactly what it is – then we need to know the agenda of the soul.”

Step 3: You need to live from your soul’s agenda in order to express and experience why you’re here and your reason for being here. “When we live from the agenda of the soul, all these other things resolve themselves automatically,” said Walsch. “For example, no one who lives from the agenda of the soul has relationship difficulties.” This doesn’t mean people don’t break up or get divorced. It just means these things are no longer difficult for them, he noted. “It will be in no way problematical. The same is true for your financial experience or employment. They may change, but they will no longer be problematical.”

When we live from the agenda of the soul in our everyday life, we begin to move through and experience life in a different way, and this causes the issues and problems we perceived to disappear, Walsh said in the interview.

“When we look over our shoulder at our past, not only do those problematical conditions begin to dissolve themselves … but the illusion that they are problematical to begin with is dissolved,” he explained. “And we realize we can manifest and bring into reality all the things we longed for and hoped for, or thought that life was going to bring us. Suddenly these things show up in our lives – not because we are trying to get life to bring them to us, but because we decided what we are really doing on the planet and that automatically brings these things to us.”

Awakening to the Soul

Of the body, mind and soul, the soul is the most important part of our being, according to Walsch, and we need to become more aware of it within us. We need to understand it exists, what it is, and how it functions in our daily lives. The process to do this requires:

  1. A deep level of willingness and acknowledgement that there is something we don’t know
  2. A deep level of courage
  3. A deep level of determination

“First you discover you have [a soul], then you connect to it, and then you begin to live from it,” he said. “To do this you must realize and demonstrate a complete reflection of who you really are. It’s one thing to know you are patient, and another thing to express it. It’s one thing to know you are compassionate, and it’s another thing to express it.”

So what is our individual purpose for being on this plant? Walsch offered the following:

“Our purpose for being on the earth is to express and experience every aspect of divinity flowing through us, and to do so in such a way that everyone whose life we touch is offered an opportunity to do the same thing – that is to give people back to themselves.”

Whether a person works as a box boy at the supermarket, a lawyer or a plumber, when living life from the agenda of the soul, they will experience the best life has to offer, he said.

“The box boy will wind up being the manager, the lawyer will wind up being the head of his firm, the plumber will have a huge nationwide chain … there will be word of mouth so great the phones will be ringing off the hook,” Walsch explained.

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