HJ: We often hear spiritual teachers telling us that the world is but an illusion — what they mean is that the illusion is that anything exists independent of the contents of our own mind — that anything actually exists outside of ourselves which is separate from us.  It is a profound shift and one that is very hard for many people to make as they identify very strongly with the world from the perspective that they are interacting with it and at the behest of it instead of creating it themselves.  This is the ‘default’ view that we is blindly taught to us by the world at large, who are largely unaware of this truth.

As one of our readers commented recently, “the universe is a cosmic mirror”.  I have thought about this metaphor often and it is very true — the universe reflects back to us what we believe and so if one is not yet ready to question what they believe, the universe and the reality that they create will continue to reinforce their powerlessness and they will hence be ‘lost in the illusion’.

This is also why we are so focused on this site with helping people overcome and examine their beliefs, because if they decide to do so with honesty and candor, they will essentially liberate themselves from the illusion.  It is at this point that true freedom can be attained and one can begin to create their reality.  The article below is a playful but also very powerful essay on some of the key points to be aware of when going about creating your own reality.  It is approached from the perspective of someone who may be new to this concept, but there are still many important ideas and perspectives in there even for those who have already made the shift.

– Truth

Create Your Reality!

By Paramahamsa Nithyananda | Nithyananda Times

Srishti-Drishti or Drishti-Srishti?

In Sanskrit there are two beautiful phrases – “srishti-drishti” and “drishti-srishti”– either you cognize that you are ‘seeing what exists’ or you cognize that you are ‘creating what you want to see’.

Most of us feel that the reality or the world is as it is, and we are just seeing it, this is called srishti-drishti. Because of this we feel powerless to do anything. We put all the blame on what is. Please understand, when you cognize, ‘It is there! I am seeing it!’, you have already lost the game. You are starting a losing battle! The moment you cognize what ‘is’ is perceived by me, the possibility for transformation is closed. The possibility for enlightenment is closed.

The truth is, the space we carry inside directly affects the reality which we and the people around us experience. This is drishti-srishti. In your mind how you feel things are going to be, the words you give to yourself about the future, that is what I mean by the words ‘the space you create inside’. If you already believe that no matter what you do, it is not going to work out, it is not going to be successful, then you have already dictated the plan to the cosmos! You have told the cosmos, ‘I want my life like this only – as a big failure. Please give it to me!’ The cosmos will stitch it and give it to you.


Your Inner Space is an Order to the Cosmos!

Please understand, the space you carry inside is not the result of your life’s happenings – it is the order you are giving to the cosmos. You may blame the external situations for your low mood, you may say ‘So many continuous failures happened in my life. You don’t know! Only if you are in my shoes you will understand why I am like this!’ You may give any number of reasons for the space you are in, but you need to understand the seriousness it carries. The space you are in is the direct order you are giving to the cosmos to prepare your future!

Whatever you carry in your inner space is a possibility. If you are carrying sadness, you are ordering the cosmos for a bigger sadness to come in your life. If you are carrying joy, you are waiting for a bigger joy to come in your life. If you are carrying fulfillment inside you, a feeling of completion in you, you are ordering the cosmos to bring bigger completions in your life. So understand, anything you carry inside is replicated outside. If you feel powerless and don’t know how to change the inner space you are carrying, even then, you are ordering the cosmos to give you more powerlessness.


Transform Now!

You are a human being. You can’t afford to say, ‘Yes, I have problems. But I don’t know how to transform!’ No! You have to transform. You can’t afford to say, ‘I am hungry but I don’t know how to get food!’ You can’t afford to give up on you. You can’t afford to be powerless. You have to stand up. You have to find the method. You have to transform. That is the only way in which life is possible!

The space you carry inside you has to be changed. One good news is that you can change it this moment, because space is not something gross. Gross things takes time to clean. Subtle things can be cleaned immediately. Your inner space is such a subtle thing, just one right declaration and you are free! One completion is enough to bring you out of that low mood you are carrying! One right declaration is enough to get out of that deep negative cognition you are carrying!


Just Declare your Completion

Only one thought of fear can make you unsettled.
Only one thought of lust can make you excited.
Only one thought of your enemy can aggravate anger in you. If this is the case, only one thought of completion can purify your inner space!

Somehow, you don’t believe that last statement. You think ‘Everything else looks logical, I have experienced it. But the last statement – is it really true?’ Then you say, ‘You are an enlightened being. May be for you it is possible; not for us normal people.’ Whenever you feel you are now cornered to transform, you immediately push me aside with the statement. But you need to know that the inner space can be transformed with just one right declaration.


You are Responsible for Everything!

Now please understand, can somebody else can be responsible for what you feel inside you? No! It is your boundary! Your inner space is your boundary! Nobody else can be responsible for it. It is only you who can be responsible for it. Even if you feel that somebody else is the reason for your suffering – that person is not suffering! Suffering is to whom? To you! So when something is affecting you, whether you are the reason or not, you are only responsible. The person who is the reason for the mess will not always take the responsibility. So many times when you are the reason for the mess in others’ life, you don’t take the responsibility. Now it is time to take the responsibility for whatever is happening in your inner space, whether you are reason or not.


Take Control of your Inner Space

The moment you decide you are responsible for the inner space you are carrying, you know you have to change it. Your inner space is nothing but the words you repeat, again and again, within you. Am I right? Is there anything else? So, now decide consciously you will repeat the right words. You say, ‘No, no! I tried this, but I failed!’, you forget and go back to the same old wrong words. How many times have you tried? Ten thousand times you have repeated negative words. So, now try at least ten times to repeat the right words. You may fail ten times. Nothing wrong! Because of the pattern built by you, you are failing. Now try ten times. Bring awareness. Decide, you are the reason, you are responsible, and you have to change it because it is affecting you. Your wrong inner space is directly affecting you. So, naturally you only have to change it. You are responsible.

The inner space you carry has to be transformed, because based on the inner space only you take your decisions. If you are in a peaceful and relaxed mood, even in the big risks, dangers, difficulties of life you will take the right decision with so much of patience, that even those situations will expand you. If you are in an agitated, frustrated mood you won’t be able to handle even small problems and will throw a tantrum. Just because of the wrong inner space, you often miss business deals, mess up relationships, and stop your expansion in so many dimensions.


You are God!

Now I want you to understand, whether you believe it or not, whether you accept it or not, understand it or not, you are God! Your inner space is all-powerful! It carries the DNA of ‘Aham Brahmasmi’! No matter how many arguments you give, the constitution cannot be changed. In the same way, no matter how many arguments you give that you are not God and you are not divine and you are not all-powerful, this is the truth. You may say “How can I be all-knowing, all-powerful? I don’t even know what is happening in the next person’s mind, in my spouse’s mind”. You have very silly reasons to deny the possibility of your inner space. You have never tried to explore your inner space. How can you deny it before even trying?


What you Resist, Persists!

It is just your decision to stand up in your inner space! But the fears you carry look so real that you don’t want to transform. You are ready to anything else, except what needs to be done. Actually, what you don’t want to do is exactly what you have to do! You should be made to do that! Forcibly! Because that is where your inauthenticity is hiding! Please understand, what you resist only persists in your life! It is just pattern! You need to look in, what is the pattern you resist strongly in your life? What is it that you feel you can’t do, you can’t manage? If you look deeper, that will be the exact thing which stops you, binds you and keeps you in life imprisonment! If you look inside, the reason for your powerless inner space will be some root-pattern. Break that pattern! Reclaim your freedom! Declare your freedom!

Please understand, when Shwethakethu, an Upanishadic character, was initiated by his Guru, his Guru said only nine times “Tat Tvam Asi! Tat Tvam Asi! Tat Tvam Asi!”. Shwethakethu became enlightened! Then why, even if you listen 9,000 times “Tat Tvam Asi”, you don’t become enlightened? It is just because of the inner space.


Even your Failures are Success!

On a rock, seed cannot sprout as a tree. The seed can become a tree only in the right fertile ground. Only, in the right inner space teachings can become a reality. Decide to start playing with your inner space to gather courage. Tell yourself, ‘Yes, with the inner space of completion, I am declaring, I am in the space for my spouse listening to me!’ You will see miracles will happen! He or she will simply listen to you! When you approach your boss, declare “I am in the space for my boss granting me vacation!” Actually, only when you play with this truth and see miracles happening you will understand the power of your inner space. Don’t go with the idea “I will be a failure!” Then naturally you will be a failure. That itself is the miracle! The failure itself is a success of your inner space!

Understand, the inner space you carry is such powerful inner space! It is the Hiranya Garbha! It is where worlds get created! Your inner space is so powerful that worlds can be created or destroyed by your inner space! You may be an individual, but your inner space is not individual; it is well-connected with the whole Universe! So, anything you decide in your inner space becomes a reality in the Cosmos, a reality in life, a reality in Existence!

Taken from Nithyananda’s Daily Discourses on the subject of reality delivered in April, 2013 in Bidadi Ashram, Bangalore, India

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  1. I’m very much enjoying your articles since discovering your site last week. Would you considering posting an image with the posts so that when I share them on Facebook they come with a nice pretty picture?

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